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  1. How much exactly do you know about the club staffing structure? Reads as you know every role in the place, so I’m just curious.
  2. There is considerable financial benefit - not my place to talk to the detail but can guarantee that the Club is much better off being a sporting section that not being one.
  3. None is drawn down at year end. Refer to Note 14 of the financial statements. There is $4.5m available for use, which is the total line of credit.
  4. Let me take the time to have a proper read. It was 2 years ago, so some will no doubt have gone towards debt.
  5. the full detail of the financials rather than the website summary does mention the investments were liquidated to get through the year from a cash flow perspective, and the rationale of that decision.
  6. Have had a quick look. The Leighoak was sold in 2018 and was settled even before last financial year, hence the non-mention given it happened all of two financial years ago. You will note some post sale expenses are reflected in the 2019 profit and loss statement.
  7. I haven’t looked at the financials yet, but wasnt the Leighoak sold in 2018 and wouldn’t be in this years result? These accounts would be for the year ended 31 October 2020, unless it didn’t settle until after 1 November 2019 which would be surprising?
  8. Don’t understand this emotional attachment. It is not the MCC’s fault we don’t have a training facility. No other MCG home club trains on it, so why should we. Romanticism aside. The worst decision the administration ever made was turning down the first right for the Collingwood home base.
  9. Have a feeling it’s both sides of the coin not having staff working after being stood down due to covid impacts. I for one know most of MFC admin are not working.
  10. People forget how good this kid is. We are no chance, but I would be having a crack.
  11. We are a sporting section again. Jimmy brought us back together. Hence the MCC logo on the back collar of the jumper
  12. Think you will find the contribution is on the rise for all clubs. None of us know what the revenue sharing model is, so what is a “just amount”. We shouldn’t be looking for handouts because of a historical connection with the MCC - let’s build our own revenue base, which we are. https://www.mcc.org.au/whats-on/latest-news/2018/april/mcc-afl-agreement
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