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  1. Been thinking strongly of picking Viney for Norm Smith. He has been great since he came back from suspension and prob played his best game of the season in the prelim. Paying $21 which I think is good value.
  2. Dunno but I’m nervous as all [censored]!!
  3. Still on a massive high. Just told my partner that I’m still drunk- she informed me that I didn’t have that much to drink so I guess I’m just high on last nights win. How good is this feeling?! The 10th of September should be forever remembered as Max Gawn day!! 5 goals!!! 5!!!
  4. I mean how good was that?!?! Words can’t describe how happy I am. Max Gawn you are my hero!!!!
  5. Just looking at big Maxxy during the anthem. Hard not to believe- we got this!! Go Dees❤️💙
  6. Couple of beers in and the balancing act between nervousness and excitement has finally swung in the right direction. Think we will get up by 3/4 goals tonight. Im tipping Tmac to regain his early season form and kick 3. Also think Jack Viney will have his best game of the season and put in tackles in the double figures. Trac to have a big game too. Go Dees
  7. Almost finished the longest day of work ever. Now to find some way of staying busy for next couple of hours. Gotta stay of the drink for a bit or I’ll be blind by half time.
  8. Yup I’m hoping he restricts Tuohys game this week. He had massive game fir them last week I thought.
  9. I’m sure if we are very keen on a player in the 20-30 pick range we could move up if we wanted too. We would prob have to lose a bit on draft point but I’m sure it could be done. Pies, Dogs, Suns and Richmond would be open to swaps for different reasons I think. If nothing else I’d like to get in front of the cats as they seem to target players that we are interested in.
  10. Only 9 points in it. The longer it stays close the more GWS will fancy their chances
  11. One on the recruiters on Cals road to the draft podcast also said there’s not a lot difference in players between picks 10/15 and 35. Given the high strike rate JT has is recent drafts he may well find a couple of gems in the second round. I wonder would it be smart not to trade for a player this year- try and improve our first 2 picks in the draft(prob take Tai Woewodin later) and leave our first rounder next year in case we need to make a move for a tall forward.
  12. I went same as most but it was a close call on both accounts. Think we should be able to get past both. I’m not across who GWS will bring in for the players they have out. Whoever they replace Tom Greene with might be as important as who replaces Toby. If they can bring in players with fresh legs who can get a bit of the footy then I think they are right in it.
  13. Single malt time. I’m going with Redbreast to celebrate this week. Cheers folks. Go dees
  14. Thought we had an aura of confidence about us tonight that I haven’t seen before. Looked like we thought “ we got this “ all game. When we lost the 3rd quarter at another time we might have panicked. Not this Melbourne team. Their confidence gives me confidence we will win flag.
  15. Great quarter lads, keep it up let’s put the foot on their throat this quarter. Oliver has been unreal. Hasn’t quiet clicked for Trac. I’m betting he turns it around and has a massive second half. Go dees
  16. What have we got to trade with? Our 3 picks in this years draft aren’t great already. If we trade next years first round does that mean we can’t trade any other picks from next year? Be great to bring in a player who can improve the side next year, but we have to give JT a fair crack at this years draft as well. He’s proved too good a selecting talent not to. It doesn’t seem that we have as much room to manoeuvre as in previous trade/ draft windows. To be expected I suppose when you are top of the table.
  17. Yeah even then it’s not easy or cheap. Have to go a day or two before and can’t get back for a couple of days either.
  18. Don’t think there is a direct flight Nasher. I can’t find one anyways😡
  19. Just wondering- could we already have the rising star, the Brownlow, the minor prem in the bag? With the Norm Smith and flag to come?! Could be an epic year
  20. Just starting to watch part of the replay. By chance I started it with seven minutes to go in the 3rd. Rowan just kicked a goal to put cats 44 ahead. Good viewing from here on in.
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