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  1. So don't play him whilst injured if that is the case He isn't capable of even trying at the moment. I will own up in the remote chance he comes good
  2. At the moment he isn't worth the burp in a coke Don't play him is the answer
  3. A shipload of money for the government selected business in California to build a QC in Queensland 1 billion dollars with no equity ahhhh what a gyp
  4. Oliver has fallen off a cliff What the hell has happened Cannot keep blaming a bad preseason Something else has transpired
  5. He looks completely disinterested to me
  6. Now that is a distraction The players arent as good as some believe and the coaching is crappo!
  7. Petty is not putting in its so obvious He looks to me like he doesnt give a S$%T
  8. Jack Billings Bailey Laurie Daniel Turner Ben Brown Gee that list is a surprise wouldn't have guessed any of them Desperation i guess
  9. gee what a surprise and not skinny either Well done Dees
  10. Rather have Melks for finals than McAdam Seen nothing yet other than late misstimed jumps at the ball
  11. Won't be greasy unless KFC for lunch
  12. A ready made big forward please who can hold his marks and kick goals.
  13. Weather Sunday 18 Max 3 Min 24% Not too slippery
  14. I don't really care what game plan as long as we get a good start in first quarter kick the goals when we get the opportunity and tackle the [censored] out of the opposition
  15. How positively convenient for you!
  16. So let us in to the secret and I will shut up
  17. Yes there is a guy up in Armidale apparently gets rid of bad sprits or so im am informed
  18. So smarty inform us all !😫
  19. So why start the process,why grab Grundy when we allegedly didnt need him It looks like a f&%$ up to me
  20. But Goody has allegedly delivered over the past 6 years so with the current challenges can he do it some more He is defence first coach and cannot change as the cattle are not right. It worked for a while but will always be tested by the offensive style of teams like Sydney and CW.
  21. Couldn't agree more
  22. Low iQ coach who has no offensive game plan Current Game plan is a shambles
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