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  1. long long time ago Nobody is questioning his status only his current form
  2. Averaging 1.4 goals a game Nothing special in his highlights a better mark than what we have currently not as good as Melks Who does he preplace given that Melks spent a lot of time in the VFL The club will probably do a Schacke or Dunstan on him
  3. Agree Mate was a star clearly injured or crook cant kick or turn premiership was a world back in the past
  4. Still hasn't fully recovered by the looks of it Way off and yet still gets important games
  5. SO what happens this weekend if there is a similar smother Open season i guess
  6. hopefully not Jordon He is a momentum killer with average skills in my view. Takes too long to execute He would make our system worse
  7. Laurie in my view is a long way from AFL standard very poor choice
  8. always looks like a bum when shown on tv doesn't seem to care much for his appearance Anyway he has time to go shopping now
  9. Just think what would happen if May cleaned up Daicos in a similar manner You would hear the screams form here! In fact if this is an example of a footy play there is nothing stopping it from becoming a regular feature in games Hope we play the pies again in the finals and put one of them in hospital while engaging in a football act The commentary around this has been appalling Tony Jones rebuked Goodwin for saying how it was at a press conference I have never seen the old boys club close ranks so quickly ever over any previous issue
  10. we know how it goes 2-3 weeks offered appealed nothing to see here Play on
  11. Yet he still gets games been saying the same for over 6 weeks He is injured in my view Groin coz he cannot kick hard nor turn DONT PLAY INJURED PLAYERS GOODY
  12. I for one am happy to flip my flops if this is possible 😁
  13. I would love to see Rivers take Brayshaws role
  14. True true dazzle I would have been happy if they had played him more games
  15. what about the new learnings?
  16. On the tram after the game full of black and White dogs for some reason over heard a number of conversations near to me Most agreed that Maynard tried to hurt Angus and should be rubbed our for 4 to 6 but the kicker was THAT THE AFL WONT DO THAT BECAUSE THEY LOOK AFTER BIG CLUBS the sheer arrogance is disturbing on many levels only made me angrier. Fortunately I got off that tram before I engaged verbally
  17. another 730 pm game very disappointed. I will watch from my couch this week. Sitting amongst CW morons on Thursday did me for the season I have never experienced such a bunch of loudmouthed idiots continuously for 3 hours
  18. MELBOURNE 1.0.6 3.3.21 6.6.42 8.8.56

 anybody remember how many Out of bounds Please tell me it was less than 8
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