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  1. Couldnt agree more Jnr The longer the season went on the worse our inside 50s got even though we got many more 2021 we played with dare and run; 2023 we were completely defensive in our attack Tells me the coach bottled it and coached not to lose rather than coaching to win In my view shouldn't have extended him during the season This guy will not win another premiership with this game plan
  2. would rather see him take full responsibility for the debacle
  3. I meant reflection on his own performance Totally oblivious to our problems and his roll in it
  4. Another complete fiasco by a club that has made many in the past its a circus sometimes no wonder the media are so negative about us we are experts at shots to the foot. BTW tried to watch a replay this morning in the cold light of day I found it unwatchable in the number of basic errors and slack playing that were in evidence The game plan doesnt stack up and we are far too defensive
  5. A little bit of self reflection would be ok in my view I agree that his motherhood statements are just hollow now needs to say it how it is If he is disappointed then he can say it
  6. How will we extract him from his perpetual moonboot
  7. insurance for what?? The end of the world? Its a nonsense
  8. His comments This morning were classic low brow hyperbole He thinks we are all stupid absolute [censored]
  9. Luck???? Give us a break Luck has Fall to do with it in my view
  10. Just cannot agree with that but thats my view
  11. TMAc had the worst stats on the field Embarrassing really
  12. we are no chance with the current Game plan
  13. I have but I have family there so if no game no problem
  14. yep playing injured and out of form stars is the go with this match committee Selection hasnt been great in my view all year But thats only me>
  15. should go well in our forward line competing with Tmac Fritta Kozie and Gawn
  16. some thing😉s will never change QD
  17. Me Too Roy I have no luck with these systems I may have AFL seat but like CW game would sit amongst the loud moth morons again Not sure Im up to it
  18. McAdam isn't as good and is already 29 Dont really know why we are interested
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