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  1. its a con the afl are corrupt in my view and the umpires are complicit in ,managing outcomes I wish it wasnt so but thats the optics
  2. Bias is a conspiracy with out a doubt incompetence parading as competence is prta of a conspiracy
  3. Yep he has been practising that for years Coached by the best almost team in the league
  4. we have a huge hole developing in our age profile 23 to 27 The premier ship window is lower now than last year cant see us top 4 next year and thats when your age profile matters
  5. what the hell for pay him out its so hard to watch him trying
  6. surely thats why we recruited him Max didnt want to transition it seems to me one knee injury form disaster as you stated
  7. agree with this assessment Ralph average 1.4 goals a game. Also doesnt improve our age profile
  8. Finished 4th in B&F previously currently falling off cliff
  9. yes it will be run by Goodwin and Max no need for any other input Great year, many many learnings move on to 2024
  10. not robust enough to play a whole season looking at his history Wouldnt be relying on him to first KPF
  11. Team selection and player Thrashing was appalling all year Cooked again for finals
  12. still doesnt explain not subbing Schacke
  13. as if our preparation was perfect Far from it
  14. Surely not his choice he is contracted and plays if picked What's in it for the Dees not to play him Much bigger story in the back ground I think Hope this isn't some sort of personality clash
  15. Jefferson may not make it in my limited view unless he gets seriously stronger and more mobile
  16. Didnt they have big preseasons this year??
  17. "Of the 25 players that played finals, only 9 of them either matched (for the sake of this argument let's say they got to within 5% or better of their H&A season rating) or bettered their H&A Season Rating. The nine players were... Clarry +3.5%, May +32.6%, Gawn + 15.3%, Tomlinson +8%, Hunter -1.7%, Pickett +11.3%, Smith +6.7%, Spargo +3.4% and Hibberd +4.3%" Cannot win finals playing like this
  18. He is not healthy enough to play midfield at the moment Had a very ordinary year and perhaps should have been rested more
  19. All this should have happened last year and we chose Grundy Hmmmmmmmm??
  20. The way Max was attacked this season he may not have two good years left in him I would hate to roll the dice and not have a permanent back up
  21. What about winning the game Sure this BS comes later
  22. one of the worst Kicks in the league but he is a Demons superstar
  23. Quote" In an alarming reveal, statistics show the Demons have three of the worst rated kicks in the AFL – with captain Max Gawn officially ranked the worst of the competition. Jack Viney was named third worst while Clayton Oliver was seventh in the stat for players that have more than 200 kicks to their name this season. “They’ve got three of the seven worst kicks in the comp!” Jonathan Brown said. “Your best players are your worst kicks in the team! “To have three of the top worst seven … explains a bit,” Buckley added.
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