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  1. Thanks appreciate your appreciation
  2. Please stop referring to the preseason It's tiresome
  3. Gee I wish he was playing as well as people on here think he can We have seen his best downhill beckons Was no where near it today
  4. Wow that's great news Come on down Harry I guess Adelaide weren't interested afterall The best news in a horrible day
  5. Have a look at footy show it's a 60s mudheap
  6. The ground surface is a disgrace what happened to all the money they were given Poor drainage and soft surface not suitable for footy
  7. I have a feeling the DEES are about to get on a roll 6 - 0 wins is more than possible and will give momentum we get past the Fockers and we could go all the way
  8. Same place the lovers go when we take a bath against the odds
  9. My main concern is whether Pettys' foot can stand up again It appears a somewhat conic injury
  10. Clearly they don't We did have an option the other all aust ruckman who we gave away and is now in great form
  11. Petty is too injured,distracted or not good enough in my view Team looks better without him He needs an attitude adjustment
  12. Gee I wish the dees could hang on like that Such a good game from the saints
  13. Can somebody get studded boots for Fritter Can somebody tell sparrow to play on and take some territory Moniz wake is a clanger king
  14. We need a 10 goal win to get in the 8 Come on Dees Make a statement and go on from here
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