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  1. Petty is a long way off gun reliable forward Still not convinced
  2. A very fair reasonable and balanced review
  3. a combination of the above? !!!!!
  4. Stil think Salem is well below his best at the moment Perhaps if Bowey was fit Salem would be dropped
  5. Who is he replacing? Isnt he another vanilla HFF
  6. Concrete hands needs a mentor and a lot of work to fix He may be better playing a different role hard hands and small body can't work in contested situstions
  7. Can you get a bet on anywhere?
  8. Yes why don't they bid for the next commonwealth games for a start!
  9. Whats his price range? I can work out $per kick
  10. Oh yeah baby Lots of love for ANB Just love his game and style
  11. Yep to all of that AFL should fund the stadium. Lnng suffering taxpayers being done by pissant politicians who only see what's in it for them Go Jackie stick it up them
  12. What's happened to Rivers ? Stats are plummeting as above Is he injured?
  13. Should be a law against Kneeing a player in the ribs Not a good look and can cause real damage i have suffered one similar and it still is tender 50 years later
  14. Tex is cooked Had a shocker this week
  15. Tool of first order Way past his use by date a complete irrelevant dinosaur
  16. We had no passengers Great to watch Go Dees
  17. Who is the sub? I want them all to play
  18. I agree with Picket There is just no need to select him this week Would benefit from a game at VFL and ease him into Adelaide
  19. Thanks WCW we are involved with a corrupt organization in my view The commentators made no mention of the helmets I'm guessing they need their jobs
  20. Helmets were a great idea The tv coverage however failed ed to show them I guess its too controversial
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