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  1. Great analysis However we must kick goals from our opportunities Its a major weakness Goal s from inside 50s
  2. Me to watched it yesterday afternoon few beers quiet wife and great game it was a great game to watch and showed how much horsepower we have
  3. And our back up ruck is ?? or wil be?
  4. Thanks again LH for your work on this I'm interested in the age profiles. We seem to be short of good players in the 23 to 26 age range ie Viney Hunter etc replacements long term
  5. Club members should be looked after first that all Im saying.So a Collingwood supporting non member gets a seat and I dont? Its a club right?
  6. should be no visitor tickets untll all MCC members have a seat Its a joke
  7. After 35years in the MCC unsuccessful for MCC tickets I will be watching from AFL members wing Thanks to friends You go week after week for the season in all weather and you join a conga line of competitors chasing tickets at the end of the year. Surely the MCC can do better than this system
  8. What's the consensus of where Max is in his career Nash? Any thoughts ? What's the succession plan now that Grundy isn't the short or medium term answer
  9. WE kicked 8:18 We smashed them in general Gotta take the opportunities and we will win this Go demons
  10. so name the revisionists
  11. agree re Tommo Salem still not right! Should have been rested Not sure he is 100%
  12. Wish Kozzie was a crumber and not an aerial specialist He would be twice as dangerous Also just love his rundown pressure seemingly comes from nowhere
  13. I wont be Never ever go Thursday night Its a nonsense Have a great game guys
  14. should have been rested when we had the chance as was called on here 4 weeks ago
  15. Tommo is clearly better than Turner at both VFL and AFL Look at the stats!! He may be the future but Tommo is the present
  16. I dont think he has proved this at AFL level where he is below average in key stats Tommo is average or above Still think its a risky move at this stage of the season
  17. Hope the Dees really compete tomorrow and thrash Sydney in the dead rubber Not the time to go easy We must make a statement and be a real contender
  18. Risky selection in my view Why make changes to a settled backline at this stage of the season Who will be the sub??
  19. Tommo is the best one on one back man we have rearely loses so again on what basis is he preferred? We have a defnesive system with Tommo which has worked well and frees up Lever also leads to more wins Why change it now ?? What is the reason?
  20. ON what basis was he preferred Cant see any thing in his stats that support that
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