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  1. How original Woweee somebody really went to town on artistic input
  2. Average 3 per year not sustainable will end up like GC just another expensive franchise team with few or no tassie players Another joke side in my view anyhow the state has to find the 200mill for stadium Good luck selling that to tas taxpayers
  3. Why wouldnt tyey be excited to have no 13 back in full training? Dont understand the comment!
  4. That's ok didn't shed any light on anything Looks like he is going through the motions to me
  5. Figures are Petraccas' over 8 years Just saying him moving forward as suggested elsewhere is not necessarily going to produce more goals this season
  6. Had the same problem at Adelaide by all reports I hope he takes his chances now at the DEES
  7. Agree in the main Macca bit CPs 170 G 152 BH over 8 years is not gonna save us this year Needs to really kick some bigger scores when and if he goes forward
  8. So what was the use of selecting him and then sacking him What actually happened as now we have no effective back up to Max when he is older and continually roughed up by the opposition I find it bizarre that the club haven't been transparent in this matter
  9. List spots are finite ? The club decides on the number There are two list spots that could have been available but the players concerned were on contracts a year longer tahn necessary in my opinion
  10. Yeah maybe we should have thought of that before
  11. Yes and our game plan relies on gawn We have learned nothing in two years so sad
  12. All very reasonable Macca But these two are now hanging around for year 3 Surely there is a limit
  13. Agreed what possible upside is there carrying to crocks when we could be developing for the future
  14. Off you go then names let's look at facts Criticism is healthy warranted or not
  15. Are the snakes in the past or future Picket?
  16. If Fullarton can play to his potential could surprise a few on here I know its a stretch His highlights show that he does possess the skill What is missing I don't know He would play an important back up role and impact when he comes on
  17. Even though the instructions may be suspect?
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