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  1. Brilliant 58, what a memorable experience!! 👍👍
  2. Agreed Yokozuna, definitely hoping for a Bulldogs win on the weekend.🤞🤞 But if by chance the bombers happen to unexpectedly win a couple of finals, I would gladly welcome the chance and opportunity for the Melbourne Football Club to completely bastardise essendon during a preliminary final. Young and inexperienced team gets on a roll and wins a couple of finals, then gets rogered by the eventual premier on the penultimate day. Where have I heard that before🤔🤔🤔
  3. I'd get the Victa mower out and offer to cut Gosch's Paddock for the next year.
  4. Jack Riewoldt has been a "bad look for the game" tonight.
  5. On the money again Stone. For such a professional organisation, the umpire's chosen attire is regularly colour-blind.
  6. 6. Harmes 5. Nibbler 4. Jackson 3. Oliver 2. Brown 1. Petty
  7. When Natalie gets out of the shower and back into bed, I'll ask her Colin.
  8. You are not impartial, and you simply took a chance to pot a fellow poster who is just having a bit of fun and filling in the gaps between games.
  9. Agreed Onion. You just come across as such a sad miserable [censored] Dr. D. Keep up the good work Demonstone, and go Dees!!
  10. Hibberd in the last quarter, Petty in the first half and the ability of all the boys to turn a 50/50 off the half back into a genuine forward thrust, what a great performance. Go dees.
  11. Bird noise into the audio TV feed after every tigers goal?
  12. Thanks RnB realist, after giving up this morning I had another crack at it this arvo and got some tickets!!! I'm stoked and can't wait to get to the game on Saturday, go Dees.????
  13. I'll never forget Sean coming out to my primary school in Dingley to do a footy clinic. I was in grade 4 and was the only Dees supporter in my class, and it was just so exciting.
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