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  1. Peter Bell to North might shake things up a little bit.
  2. Mostly agree Grazman, but I reckon Aish has turned things around to be a fairly good player.
  3. If you're out then so am I. Trade pages without input from Ethan '#newsbreaker' Tremblay just doesn't make any sense.
  4. It might just be me, but is anyone else getting Dr.D vibes from OP?
  5. Jane Bunn is too busy carrying Livinia's bags to worry about what you think ern....
  6. Can confirm that the Hawks supporters in the standing areas of the Southern Stand are still a bunch of arrogant knobs. Yet they were fairly quiet towards the end.
  7. Hunt really struggled tonight, and I reckon it's time to bring the Weid in for T-mac.
  8. 6.Trac 5.Bowey 4.Nibbler 3. Jackson 2.Clarry 1.Brayshaw
  9. This bloke is going to be there (only if his mum says it ok).
  10. Thankyou very much WCW, you are a legend on Demonland.
  11. Hi all, just wondering where I would find the GF game day thread please??
  12. Who could of predicted what we did. It is still so exciting and captivating, this vision will live forever in all of us. Go 189227 you good thing. And come on the Mighty Dees. Giddy up.
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