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  1. Agree. Now that Clarkson has gone Longmire is the best coach in the comp.
  2. The last time Melbourne and Geelong met in a Preliminary final was 1954. The Demons won 67 to 50. Let’s repeat that in 2021.
  3. No. Premierships are very hard to win. For us to be in this position and not go all the way would be a waste.
  4. 1. Round 22 1987 at Western Oval. 2. 1988 Prelim 3. 1988 Elimination Final 4. 2000 Qualifying Final 5. 1990 vs Essendon at Windy Hill 6. 2021 vs Geelong Rnd 23 7. 1987 Elimination Final 8. 2000 Preliminary Final 9. Against Geelong at Geelong around 2005 with Robby kicking 7
  5. 1987 final round. Carlton captain Stephen Kernahan kicks a goal in the last minute to win the match and secure top spot for Carlton. Carlton wins the flag. Well done Maxy!!
  6. In: Mark Williams (MFC debut) Out: Simon Goodwin (managed)
  7. Mick Malthouse complaining. What a surprise!
  8. 6. Gawn 5. Langdon 4. Lever 3. Oliver 2. TMac 1. Petracca
  9. On pure talent alone: 1. Robert Flower 2. David Schwarz 3. Allen Jakovich Others: Gary Hardeman (very under rated), David Neitz, Garry Lyon, Travis Johnstone
  10. Goals win games. Why wouldn’t a previous sharpshooter who had a great kicking technique be a top priority over summer. The kicking technique of some of today’s footballers is staggering.
  11. Tomlinson hasn’t done much to convince.
  12. Perhaps MFC could get a full interview with John to discuss his years at the club.
  13. 100%. He would be a valuable player. Who is the kicking coach? Same old issues year after year...MFC never learn.
  14. The number of set shots he has missed this year is ridiculous.
  15. Is there the remotest chance that Fritsch can actually convert set shots. If not, get him off.
  16. 6. Langdon 5. May 4. Petracca 3. Oliver 2. Rivers 1.Gawn
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