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  1. In: Mark Williams (MFC debut) Out: Simon Goodwin (managed)
  2. Mick Malthouse complaining. What a surprise!
  3. 6. Gawn 5. Langdon 4. Lever 3. Oliver 2. TMac 1. Petracca
  4. On pure talent alone: 1. Robert Flower 2. David Schwarz 3. Allen Jakovich Others: Gary Hardeman (very under rated), David Neitz, Garry Lyon, Travis Johnstone
  5. Goals win games. Why wouldn’t a previous sharpshooter who had a great kicking technique be a top priority over summer. The kicking technique of some of today’s footballers is staggering.
  6. Tomlinson hasn’t done much to convince.
  7. Perhaps MFC could get a full interview with John to discuss his years at the club.
  8. 100%. He would be a valuable player. Who is the kicking coach? Same old issues year after year...MFC never learn.
  9. The number of set shots he has missed this year is ridiculous.
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