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  1. Amen Ernest! Totally agree. Constant bellyaching is counterproductive.
  2. I think he was a tailor of some sort?
  3. My view on Oscar is that he offers a fair bit but is still a work in progress. The occasional spell in the twos won't do him any harm at all. The thing that keeps freaking me out is I can't stop likening him to Prince George from Blackadder when I see him running around on the field. I better check my medication!
  4. I think Dawes would be most under the spotlight. Seems a great bloke but just doesn't provide value for money. I disagree with many re Grimes. There would be plenty of others under the spotlight before him. I'm not sure where the "He doesn't read the play well" fantasies are coming from. He is one of the better 'sweepers' we have in the backline.I hope he remains a one club player because there is a lot to like about him. I want to see value in Spencer but I just need someone to convince me. I would rather have a competent/skilful backup ruckman than the 'wrecking ball' variety. I was surprised when they re contracted him. I must give him credit though for his pace, given his size and his tackling.
  5. Hey Demonlanders, Got asked this question at work but wasn't sure of the answer (mind you I'd had a couple at lunchtime). I know that someone on here will have the answer. What is the difference between the pre season draft and the rookie draft? The best I could offer was that the players picked in the PSD could play straight away and the rookies would have to wait for a promotion to the list via and injury to a listed player or otherwise? I don't really understand the pre season draft. Please enlighten me.
  6. We should be on the lookout for a backup ruckman that can go forward and kicks goals. Takes the pressure off Hogan a bit. Unfortunately Spencer doesn't offer this. He is more of a 'wrecking ball' type ruckman that is not a great kick and might take a mark once in a fortnight. We are a bit light on for a bit of quality in this department and I hope the club are addressing this. For those in the know, does King provide and option here? Is he coming along at all?
  7. You make a fair point Daisy. If only there was a way of locking in with the Melbourne CBD part of those boundaries ...............?
  8. Jumping topic , but still sticking with the next thing on the agenda: I think it would be huge if we could convince the Melbourne City Council to adopt the Red and Blue colours. Therefore when ever the Melbourne City Council's brand goes out into public it is accompanied with the Red and Blue colours. The hope would be that in time everybody (football people and non football people alike) would associate Melbourne the city with red and blue and recognise the tie in with the MFC. We could also help the city of Melbourne with a new logo as the current one (the one they use at the tennis and Grand Prix etc) is outdated and atrocious. I understand this would not be an easy thing to achieve(there may even be big hurdles in the way of it happening) but it could be a great branding idea. I have passed this idea on to the club and they have at least acknowledged my email. Just a thought. Who knows?
  9. Another clone of Brayshaw would be nice. Glad we've got that lad.
  10. Might be able to add Trengove to that list of new recruits. Fingers crossed.
  11. Petracca more likely to slot in the medium forwards group. Bit light on for the bigger guys imo if there are injuries (Dawes springs to mind). Hope they can fast track King.
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