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  1. Nah, he is waiting till after the GF, and he is nominating us
  2. I would have thought that if Cerra wanted to go to Carlton he would have nominated them by now. Or am I being too logical
  3. Goody said in his press conference this morning that May would not be taking part in the match sim. He also said that with his rehab schedule planned for the week, he is certain to play in the GF
  4. I would think, as professional sportsmen, the 24 or 25 players in the mix to be in the 23 on the day, would be adopting this attitude anyway. The curfew is probably more directed at the 13 others. So the club wants everyone on the same wavelength. Totally committed to the cause is what I am taking out of this. The likes of the Caroline Wilson’s of this world, so want us to fail. Well, guess what Caro, start writing about horse racing.
  5. Charlie Watts was married for 57 years
  6. Agree. They will get the week off, which negates the finishing bottom half of the 8. Hope Port can come back from here, otherwise we have a hell of a fight on our hands.
  7. Fritter and Petracca should have kicked those goals. Game would have been almost over at half time. But now Geelong have a sniff. If we lose from here, no one to blame but ourselves. Having said that, I would take a 5 goal lead at half time on a prelim any day of the week. If our fitness is as good as we think it is, we power into a granny.
  8. Was going to post something very similar, don't have to now. Well said!
  9. When I read that, I wondered why an ex Eagles player would bring that up. Doing a bit of research gave me the answer. Grew up in Geelong
  10. Maybe Nathan wants to be part of it, in the team or not?
  11. I remember an accidental contact that broke Mays eye socket. With the amount of scrutiny that is on any physical contact these days, it would be foolhardy for anyone to go outside the rules in a prelim and potentially cost themselves a grand final berth. As I said, this ain’t the 80’s.
  12. Time to erase another one of those embarrassing records from our past, I say.
  13. Intimidate or crash how? This isn’t the 80 ‘s where the biff behind the play was rife. I am sure our key players are big and strong enough to endure the rigours of modern AFL football, especially anything thrown at them by Geelong, Port or the Bulldogs.
  14. There’s this bloke called Viney who may have a bit to say about that
  15. I remember the vision of him doing his knee rehab in the States, pulling a tyre through the snow. I thought then that this was one tough individual
  16. Particularly liked the one about the Willy wagtail
  17. The main training session is on Tuesday, so we will know then I suppose
  18. Happy to share my barcode, seeing as the Club have endorsed it.
  19. It’s not only the extra free kicks the Dogs get, it is also how quick the whistle goes whenever the umps see an opportunity to give them one. Has anyone else noticed this? Blatant.
  20. We would have to play a shocker, or Geelong a blinder, to lose this. They would be mentally scarred from coughing up a 7 goal lead two weeks ago. We get on top early and a belting follows
  21. Yeah, but Geelong kicked 8.17 and Greene kicked 4, Dangerfield had 3 possessions, that isn’t happening this week
  22. Would much rather play GWS, as I think Geelong will be fired up to play us again. I don’t buy this”they will be cooked” mentality. Just because they are on average older than us doesn’t mean they are less fit. They won half a game less than us over the year. Playing 20 minute quarters. They will be a formidable opponent in the Prelim, and if we can get over that one, I reckon the cup is ours.
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