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  1. What I did learn today was that I have just wasted $459........again
  2. There was a lot of smoke about his tenure at the end of last season. Carlton were into him big time. He is out of contract at the end of this year. Do you honestly think that there will not be HUGE interest in him from most other clubs? His manager will be fielding massive offers. All footballers crave the ultimate success, a premiership. Can he get it with us? We have been dealt a massive hit with the loss of Brown and Weideman, and I just don’t think we can conjure a winning score without those two key forwards. Do you? So we will struggle to win games early to mid season, kiss finals goodby
  3. After another disappointing year by MFC he will seek success elsewhere
  4. Oliver will not be playing for MFC next year
  5. There will be no surprise packet. The whipping boy will be Goodwin when he his sacked mid season after we are zero wins from about round 9
  6. The fact the club are sending him to a top knee surgeon would tend to suggest otherwise. If it were just a case of some swelling from overuse I am sure the club physios could manage that
  7. Hmmm, don’t know about that. Before this season they were widely tipped to be top 4, fell into the finals, got pantsed by St Kilda in a deplorable game. Picked up Treloar, will he really make the difference? Dunkley does not want to be there, from what I understand due to serious culture issues. Don’t think they are that good.
  8. So it would appear that we need to clear Tom McDonalds contract in order to get Brown? If that is the case, and now GWS showing interest in Jesse Hogan, it seems that Ben Brown to Dees is not going to happen. Which probably means he will end up at Essendon
  9. Which won’t be us. We need to get TMac back to some level of fitness, whilst developing Jackson and Weideman.
  10. But that’s just it, I dont think they pay huge dollars. I suggested in another thread, and was promptly howled down, that Geelong have built such a winning culture that it is a great attraction for the top players to go there. And they probably forego a few extra dollars to be part of that. They went cold on Crouch due to his drug discretion, and the price he put on his head. They recruit very well, even though they have not had low draft picks for a number of years. They develop what they have. There is a reason they have been in finals now for a number of years, and tonight could win another
  11. Yep. I am on the Tigers now after being indifferent prior to this
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