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  1. Could not have said it better myself! It's a joke.
  2. All the best to Jayden. I think the club see him as a depth player going forward, and would think there is more upside in the likes of Bowey, Rivers, D.Smith and possibly even Joel Smith in that role. Hence the lower offer.
  3. We have a guy with a very similar name, who is way better. And would be earning half of what this bloke is. Move on.
  4. Maybe, but not going forward
  5. Hunt basically had Boweys spot in the last part of the year. Bowey is so far above Hunt in football nous. Hunt is, to quote someone else, all duck and no dinner. The fact that he has had 8 years in the system, and still not best 22, tells me all I need to know. Good luck Jayden at your new club.
  6. Exactly. Watching VFL is like watching suburban footy. Some good passages of play, but a lot of scrappy rubbish. Maybe the coaching group deliberately held back some players in the VFL for the bigger picture of their AFL careers. Cut Goody and co some slack guys and gals, they delivered us a flag last year, clearly this year they had a lot more to deal with
  7. The AFL must impose very heavy sanctions on those involved. Don't forget this came out of an external review commissioned by Hawthorn, the purpose of which was to ascertain the experiences of indigenous players, current and former, of the club. Three examples of that report have formed the basis of the ABC report. Rioli left the club on bad terms. Does anyone really think this is fabricated? One of the coaches named in the report has history. Remember the punched walls? The behaviour at junior football games?
  8. Don’t understand this thinking. This years premiers will be as deserving as anyone. We need to get our heads out of the sand with that view that our best is unbeatable. Well, guess what, we were very beatable this year. Geelong are strangling Brisbane, and I will guarantee you, they will not give Brisbane a sniff from here. Unlike us.
  9. And for once, I really hope the players are reading and listening to it all. File it away Dees
  10. Did you happen to notice his game against Geelong two weeks earlier? I think we are getting a little starstruck about Jackson’s game in the GF. That 3rd quarter burst was mostly due to Trac, Clarrie and JV
  11. Oh please.....so Max couldnt have spent that 15 minutes at the centre bounce against a geriatric Martin?
  12. Yeah right, except when we play Flogmantle. Go away Melissa, we don't need your patronisation.
  13. We would already have Young if we hadn't wasted pick 3 on this turkey
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