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  1. True. But just to be transparent, I believe this article was from a couple of years ago. But couldn’t be more prudent now! He has zero bargaining chips at the moment. I think the club will delist him
  2. No, I do “get it”. The guy is a massive under achiever. Getting paid truckloads to do what? Remember when his manager touted huge dollars last year? If he is taking the pay cheque, then yeah he needs to be accountable for his performance. There is absolutely nothing I have seen in his career to date to suggest that he will become a regular AFL player. As many have already said here, he is good VFL at best. Then take the pay cheque that goes with that. Hence get another career
  3. Ok, take a poll of DL posters who agree or not, then have another crack. Tell me Mr Webber, where do YOU think Weideman’s future lies? Based on his contribution to date. Collingwoods key forwards kicked 7 goals today, Weid did not get a kick!
  4. Next 2 games are critical. We need to win both, as Cats play Bulldogs, and Lions play Cats. Win those 2 and top 4 would appear a lock. I’ll forgive this one. Pies were always going to fire up, and we were awful. Not to be unexpected, given the great wins of the past 2 weeks. I’m not going to slash my wrists about today, we have the bye to regroup and reset. Which hopefully is what the team is thinking. We know they hate losing but today was collateral damage. And I will say it again, Sam Weideman needs to find another career.
  5. This is a huge half coming up. If Richmond lose this, I don’t think they can finish top 4
  6. Fully agree. We need to ready for Collingwood on Monday
  7. They were a better team last year irrespective of whether Kent was there or not. The fact is that Kent has never really cemented a place even when he was fit. Just one of those not quite near players. A bit like a lot on their list
  8. Because, like when he was with us, he was either injured or not up to it?
  9. I am going to call this now. Port Adelaide cannot win the flag this year. Their defence is rubbish
  10. I am not saying he can’t get back to that level. But at the moment, the selection of M Brown is the right one
  11. Because at the moment Ben Brown is nowhere near a 60 goal a year forward. And hasn’t been for 2 years. Mitch Brown is a like for like for TMac if he has to go home. You have to admire the team selections this year, based purely around form and the aptitude for the role. It is a major reason the team sits on top. That and a healthy playing list. Long May it continue
  12. I think this is where the conversation around Sam gets a little confused. At 23, he is not a kid! The simple fact is that he is now half way through his sixth AFL season (and probably his career), and there is little to suggest he will make it as a productive key forward. We can talk all we like about what he may become, or not, and how others have taken time to develop (Hawkins). Hogan at 23 was a way better player than what Sam is, and I could come up with many others. I really hope he does make it, but I have little confidence that will happen.
  13. Round 23 will tell us a lot
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