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  1. Which won’t be us. We need to get TMac back to some level of fitness, whilst developing Jackson and Weideman.
  2. But that’s just it, I dont think they pay huge dollars. I suggested in another thread, and was promptly howled down, that Geelong have built such a winning culture that it is a great attraction for the top players to go there. And they probably forego a few extra dollars to be part of that. They went cold on Crouch due to his drug discretion, and the price he put on his head. They recruit very well, even though they have not had low draft picks for a number of years. They develop what they have. There is a reason they have been in finals now for a number of years, and tonight could win another
  3. Yep. I am on the Tigers now after being indifferent prior to this
  4. Well, they probably realised that the side they were pumping for were effing useless and they were pushing a lost cause!
  5. The great Charlie has had a blinder since quarter time. Compare that to Ablett. Maybe he needs to get that motor bike revved up
  6. These umpires are cheating. Get Brisbane into a GF clearly the objective
  7. Yes exactly. A few too many journo's running with this now (Barrett and Ryan aren't hacks) to suggest that there isn't some smoke here.
  8. Old news. It has been widely reported that a TMac trade was open for negotiation, but the sticking point with potential suitors was the size of his contract. And it seems that no club wanted to take that on. A slow news week so they roll this one out again.
  9. Yes. Conor Nash I believe it was. Played 2 games this year. A very dangerous game predicting that a team will continue their success the next year. Look at us 2019. People say the Saints recruited well this year. Well, how did that pan out tonight.
  10. Could not believe the pro St Kilda dribble rushing out of McAvaneys mouth tonight. Honestly, they were close to rubbish tonight. They have a lot of of very ordinary footballers. Max King.....couldn’t kick a goal if his life depended on it. Hannebery, too old and slow. Howard, there is a reason Port let him walk. Hill, rabbit in the headlights. Jones, may have a little bit more pace than his big brother but nowhere near the ability. Kent, well do I even need to say anything? Lonie, did he even touch the footy? This team fell into the finals because they belted up a few easy victims early in the
  11. Sorry..where’s Christian?
  12. Great post. Some people just don’t want to accept facts, a bit like Dan Andrews supporters
  13. Collingwood...everything we are NOT
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