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  1. yeah i was quite upset with no calendar being up here in Qld i looked forward to it with the photos of our players
  2. Just to let you know i have a subscription to inside football and received my first copy for the yearlast week as far as i know it will be staying as a monthly
  3. Whatever happened to young Lovett i thought he was going to play for the Scorpions this year to see if he could handle AFL but, so far i have not seen him listed in any of the Scorpions teams. if he was as good as his old man he would be a great pickup.
  4. I have been barracking for the Dees since 1946. When my father and Uncle returned from the war all the ex servicemen in Kyabram decided to start up a football team for mainly ex service men in the second grade Goulburn Valley league called the Kyabram Imperials and there colours were Red and Blue and the only VFL club to have the same colours was Melbourne and i have followed them ever since and will do so until I die. Although I now live in Brisbane and can't get to the gee any more in the late forties early fifties when living in Melbourne I used to follow them to all the old grounds and can
  5. I dont usually post but one thing that upset me last night was that when we had kicked a point no body manned up for the kickout. All players just waited while a Dockers played ran into an open space and marked the ball kicked to him, then a Melbourne player ran across slowly to stand the mark. This happened time and time again whenever they had the ball the dockers would spread and had men everywhere by themselves whilst our players were about five to 10 yards behind them. Arrrh
  6. I don't post very much but what I saw today that killed us was Geelong players running off into open spaces and Melbourne players still standing where they were and not chasing their man ergo the Geelong players had plenty of men in open positions to pass the ball to. It amazed me that the coaches didn't do something about this as it allowed Geelong to run and run with nobody chasing them. Until the players learn to follow there men no matter where they go we will continue to lose.
  7. Beachball I was Born in 1937 so I can remember from 1946 when i started barracking for the Demons i can remeber all of the glory days from that time admittedly its been a long tome since 1964 but I'll still be barracking for the demons until the day i die. Go Demons
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