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  1. 1994-1995 should be in this list. Absolutely cruelled by injury in that era. All Australian's in each area of the ground (Lyon - Half Forward, Tingay - Wing, Neitz - Half Back). Schwarz performing at Wayne Carey levels. Jakovich having 10-11 shots on goal each week. Jim Stynes probably the best ruck in the competition. Prypke excelling at Full Back. Viney, and Lovett's in the guts. Massive missed opportunity.
  2. As frustrating as it is, I look at it like this... he is getting to the contest and making a good fist of it. That is half the battle. The hands will come with more consistent game time and some confidence. He could have kicked 5-6 goals the other night with the contests and positions he was putting himself in, but unfortunately he is just not holding them. 5-6 goals is a solid day out against a solid opponent. It will come eventually.
  3. I'm excited to see what Jason Taylor manages to pull from the rough. I've said it before, but each time there is a contract negotiation with him, just give him a blank cheque. His eye (and those that work with him) for talent is outstanding
  4. Yeah, his name was Tom Hawkins... and he got away with it despite breaking a cheekbone
  5. Cop the week?!? Bugger off!!! Hawkins fractures May's eye socket and got off no case to answer. Fritsch caused no injury at all to the kid and gets a week. If this isn't overturned on dispute, I'll be astounded.
  6. Yes! People have short memories. TMac was a very very solid 1st defender only 4yrs ago. He would be taking on a 3rd forward in our current team. He should dominate... strengthening up an already outstanding defence
  7. McDonald is playing 3rd tall it looks. Tomlinson out - Weiderman in
  8. One observation... he is more goal hungry now compared to 2020. Not a chance in hell he snaps over his shoulder from 40m out last year. He is backing himself in and will only get better. Exciting times ahead.
  9. I have had H&A Trident for nearly 15yrs. Away games are not guaranteed Level 2 seating, they are general admission entry, any upgrade you want is at your own cost.
  10. It is a Ratten to St. Kilda under Richardson scenario. If team doesn't perform, then Goodwin goes and Yze fills the void.
  11. We now need to lock him in for a few years. Would hate for him to finally start to be showing something and then walk out on us.
  12. Lots of recruiters said they'd have picked Young at 3... then he slips to Pick 7. Makes sense.
  13. I remember a lot of "Why did we take Oliver?" comments a few years ago. "Overweight, did even make Vic. Country, blah blah blah". I'm backing Taylor and gang to get it right here... even if it is an 'unconventional' pick.
  14. Very very very rarely look on here these days... but all of this reminds me of 'Grand New Flag'. Not getting my hopes up.
  15. Would have been happy with these picks if we had the chance: Gary Ablett Jr. (father-son) Stephen Silvagni (father-son) Dustin Fletcher (father-son) Kane Cornes (younger brother) Shaun Burgoyne (younger brother)
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