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  1. His good You are one of the ones I said who would eat their words about jack, you wanted him traded
  2. To all those people that said I wouldn't see a demon flag in my life time, get [censored]. Starting round 1 next year the flag means nothing then, i hope the players play next year like they have achieve nothing, 1 flag means nothing unless you win another in the next 2 seasons.
  3. Years ago I posted just wait until the 13 th is won, it will unleash a new football super side, how many more flags?
  4. The difference is they played it after beating port, and partied like they won the Grand final, we waited until 11pm last night to party
  5. When you smash a team by 12 goals you can do what ever you like, they should be ashamed how their team gave up in the last quarter, it was Carlton like.
  6. Finally the comparisons with St Kilda will end, a win will mean I will be more clam watching future demon's game.
  7. Norm Smith coach barassi, barassi coached Malcolm blight, Malcolm blight coach Simon Goodwin, =
  8. Your spot on and I know that very few protesters where tradies, saying Dan Andrews know it was the union and that why he shut the construction is a big lie, he is vindictive and often punishes everybody if a few goes against him, shutting down government projects is economic vandalism.
  9. YOu should stop lying, on channel 7 news the police acknowledged there was very few tradies protesting today and many more antilock down protesters
  10. Bull sht, no need to shut down anything, just continue with the plan of having all construction workers vaccinated simple, Dan Andrews is vindictive a psychopath and it's just cutting off his nose to spite his face, shutdowns don't work anymore, whether you scared little people like or not we have to live with it simples, everyone get vaccinated no more shutdowns, if UK can we can
  11. This is CFMEU taking over the city,,, the far right and anti vax are taking advantage of the situation, watch the protest grow when all the criminals see it as their chance to cause riots and looting
  12. Well I hope God is not anger, the Bible did say when the world becomes like Sodom and Gomorrah or earthquakes will happen.
  13. Get lost Mfcss board member, are we playing the 2000 Essendon side back from the past in a time machine
  14. Yes but your poster says Tuesday the 20/09 Tuesday is still the 21 st
  15. The 1 game in 28 days is not enough, what does the 14 days since both teams have played got to do with the 14 days before that, nothing both teams are going into the GF with the same amount of time since their last game.
  16. You do realise Tuesday the 21st of the 9th not the 20th
  17. No I think his approach was different, he told all the players that they where no good, weak and needed a kick up the bum
  18. Well you could always join the anti lockdown protest,
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