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  1. It’s over I’m afraid . We’re mid-list at best, I fear bottom 4. One of the best lists in our history produced just one flag.
  2. No question about it. The Melbourne Football Club is the best, most successful club in Australia right now. The media questioning of the club’s “culture “ is complete [censored].
  3. I am enjoying this immensely. I recall the beatings we got from Clarkson’s Hawthorn sides. It’s been a while coming but revenge is now at hand . As they say, revenge is a dish best served cold .
  4. As I said in April two years ago this guy has it it. We need to re-sign him
  5. Respectfully that’s garbage. And highly insulting to the player.
  6. FFS keep him! He would have played in the premiership if he hasn’t got injured . He’s had a very good season. His pace is unique. Used correctly he add immense half back edge and attack. He plays with passion and huge physical commitment. We’ve nurtured and trained him . Don’t throw that away.
  7. The Dees must look at its own past. I hope the CEO and administration are on it right now. There is no time to lose.
  8. Kane Cornes mentioned rumours about Pickett , that he might also be seeking a way out of MFC. The words he used were something like “ he doesn’t see his long term future at Melbourne “ . Anyone know anything about that? I’ve no idea of KP’s contract status.
  9. Simply the most courageous player I ever saw. Played for us, for our Club, with unbelievable passion and intensity. In the three finals of 1987 he was immense. His battle with Brereton in the prelim at VFL Park was unforgettable. Brings a tear to think that is 35 years ago and that he’s gone.
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