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  1. I started following the Dees in 1965 as a 7 yo. So I have probably suffered more than most of you. No need to say more. So what is happening now is so sweet. “Satisfying” is hardly adequate ...but it will do. And what is the most satisfying is dishing it out to clubs that have sneered at us for decades. They say revenge is a dish best served cold. Well we will over the next 3 or 4 years eating out on that big time. This is by a street the best MFC team since 1964. Probably before then altho obviously that’s just speculating. This team has a rare balance of tall and short, strength an
  2. Anyway he is part of a forward set up which is kicking winning scores. You don’t change winning teams unless there is a very good reason. There ain’t here.
  3. Re the last post exactly. As I said KP forwards take years.
  4. I haven’t read the posts on this thread but don’t need to. They will be Weeds no good, he’s had his chance, , drop him, he doesn’t do forward 50 pressure etc etc. My simple contribution is: keep playing him. He is a KP forward. They take years to mature. He did enough today - flying for the ball (which he always does full tilt), providing a contest, a few handballs out, good running into space - to earn his keep. Repeat keep playing him. One day the marks he is getting to will stick. And then will see the potential bloom. For God’s sake we do not want to see him doing that anywhere but at o
  5. My goodness we have a good one here, this guy has it. If he stays fit, adds a bit more upper body weight (not much just a bit more holding power) he will be a star.
  6. Absolutely. Think of the years of humiliation. We have achieved nothing yet. The moment we start assuming things, get ahead of ourselves, think beyond the game in front of us, we are dead.
  7. Please someone just confirm there absolutely nothing in this. So I can sleep tonight.
  8. I noticed his general lack of enthusiasm post game too. So maybe he wants out anyway. Reading this thread I see I’m in a minority in wanting to keep him. I hope you are all right. I fear you’re not but we’ll see.
  9. Yes in early 2018 he lost a bit of form , but that can happen to anyone. He was dropped and things have gone awry since. Look he’s a natural line breaker, we’ve got no-one like that. Someone like Harmes or Hore are maybe “safer” at half back in a sense but give no forward drive, momentum or penetration at all. A team is a team , made up of people with different attributes who together work as one. In my view Hunt at his best is a player who should be in our best 22. It would be pretty heartbreaking to see him do well at another club. I fear that’s what would happen if we let him go.
  10. He has been played out of position since 2018. He’s a dashing back player, period. Not a forward or midfielder. He has loads of natural talent but it’s been blunted by over coaching . He should just be told to get out there and play with that dare and dash, the attack on the ball, which was so exiting when he first broke in around 2016. If he is let go I for one would be very very disappointed.
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