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  1. Seems more like the Dogs have come to us. Who let them out anyway?
  2. A bit late to the party here, but there was a case like this I recall not long ago. I am sure others will remember @jazza from a few years back. He and Bitters were famous for slagging each other off in a good-natured manner, especially on the eternal NoT$NoB$ thread. He went very quiet at one point, and it was only through some circuitous means that we found out he had paid his debt to nature, as they say, which was of course some time after the event. Perhaps every Halloween we should initiate a salute to Demonlanders past?
  3. We haven't talked footy on this thread for 1107 pages DF. Why on earth would we start now?
  4. Or we just wanted to belt the Lions again to prove a point ... :-)
  5. Given that Brisbane played on Thursday and us on Friday, with all the others playing today, it would make sense for Melbourne vs Brisbane to be Friday night, and whoever vs whoever to be on Saturday twilight or evening. But what the AFL will do ...
  6. I would have thought you were more of a banana smoothie man ...
  7. Hope all goes well with your recovery. Looks like the Dees played their part well!
  8. Of course. The Manor has an entire stable of utes ...
  9. Is that a veiled reference to the Sullivan line?
  10. Rex Hunt, Dermott Brereton, Daisy Pearce. One of these three is not like the others --- two of them would look old in the Jurassic era, and one is all class. Enough said!
  11. Sorry. In a bad mood since Thursday night for some reason ... I guess May kicking it out means he gets a great view of it if it comes back over his head ...
  12. True. But we should be thinking about how to make sure it doesn't come back quickly!
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