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  1. Lucky it is about when the ball is in play. Otherwise Ben Brown would need about three bounces for each set shot at goal ... 😁
  2. Chunk should have gone back and taken a shot from 60m with that final possession ... But it is banana-city now!
  3. Alright to get back on track, how about the following. With the Dees 3-0 for the first time in yonks, if the Dees knock off Geelong to make it 4-0, we have a competition on this thread to find the best image with 4 bananas in it. If the unthinkable happens and the Dees lose, we have a competition on this thread to find the best image on the theme of "Hells Bells". If it is a draw, Redleg gets to make the call about what happens. What say you all?
  4. dieter, it sound like your Dad is doing very well for someone of that age. I was at a family funeral last week (a cousin of my mother's) for someone of that age, and it was hard to feel cheated on behalf of someone who had lived so long. Age doesn't always bring perspective, but it seems to me that this football thing has always been crazy, and that we enjoy it all the more so because of that. But there do come times when the silliness and froth of it all are laid bare, and it all just seem too trivial for words. Best wishes to you and your family,.
  5. Of course. He wouldn't make it into this thread otherwise!
  6. All good OD. I sort of lost interest in following the Dees last year, and have only had my enthusiasm renewed by the new season and the prospect of witnessing a game in person (and the first one at the 'G, and on a Saturday afternoon, which is like a siren call to me). I understand the desire to stay safe at home and out of the way of the Virus-that-shall-not-be-named. That bloody thing is more infectious than the Dee's inability to kick straight ...
  7. Hard but not impossible .... it is a long way to the 'G for you though DF!
  8. So who is going to the game this weekend (you know, that thing we do when we are not obsessing about bananas ... 🤤🏉)
  9. Hope you are up and about again soon, DF. Same goes for the Dees, I guess!
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