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  1. This is the lamest piece of rubbish ever. Brayshaw's right foot touches the ground after he has kicked the ball with it, and his left foot is still up in the air when Maynard hits him. How can it be said that Brayshaw deviated to the right? Or moved any distance at all in any direction after the kick? And why is the Collingwood lawyer allowed to introduce statements like this without any relevant expertise or any justification for this "evidence"? This [censored] would get chucked out of a kangaroo court ...
  2. Channelling my inner BBO: you mean Burwood? 😄😆🤣
  3. I'd prefer it if Gus kicked the goal that put us over 100 points ahead ...
  4. Thanks for the consistently excellent podcast guys. Keep it up! Interesting to hear Gawn's comments recently about him being out of form when both he and Grundy were in the team a couple of months ago. How critical is Gawn's form to our chances of success against the Pies? And if Gawn is on song, is it better to have Grundy in the team for support (relieving JVR from rucking, which always gives me the jitters about the potential for injury) or to let Max run riot on his own?
  5. Got my 3 members tickets easily this morning. The other 8 I was after for various interested parties got nowhere in the public section --- couldn't seem to get anything more than 1 ticket somewhere random despite being online on multiple browsers right on the dot of 3.00. Looks like it is 3 lucky ones at the ground and the rest at a family watch party at home ...
  6. Thanks for the podcast guys - always great stuff. Our slow starts seem to be an issue. Is this tactical? Or just working our way into the game? If Sydney had been on target early, the game may have got away from us.
  7. We seemed to strangle their chipping game in the last quarter. We didn't score too many ourselves (although we left a few out there). Presumably this bodes well for finals, especially against against Collingwood. Is that the kins of Melbourne game we can expect in the finals?
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