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  1. Like Hawthorn in 1990? Then they were the reigning two-time premiers. We won both matches.
  2. My memory is that it was around for a long time before that, at least back to the 1950s. I recall going to the game in the 1970s, and at some point moved away from the QB date (no doubt mirroring our fortunes as a club), probably in the late 70s or 80s. Reviving it sporadically in the 1990s, as above, seems consistent with my memories.
  3. Much water has passed under various bridges in the past few years. But you know thing are really getting surreal when we play the filth on QB at the SCG. We can write off last year as a weird aberration on all sort of fronts, but in a vaguely normal year like this one, this coming match will always feel like an asterisk in the historical record. Banana smoothie, anyone?
  4. It is an old cliche that a team of champions will never beat a champion team. I think we are seeing the truth of that this season. We do have some absolute champion players out there, but the system and roles we have in place make the process just work whatever the opposition may do. Who would have thought we would have outrun Brisbane without our best runner (Langdon?) Or had Ben Brown in the VFL at the halfway mark of the season? This is simply the best TEAM we have seen, ie having well-defined roles, system and structures. It is almost a thing of beauty to watch the opposite switch sides of the ground and see how well organised our defence is. Getting that all happening together takes a combination of star players, maturity, fitness, and a spread of player types, but it won't come together without the right understand of what makes a team.
  5. Very sorry to hear this. My condolences to you and your family. Lovely story about the ladder, which I am sure is one of many treasured memories. RIP.
  6. DF, you must be in a dark place to even consider such a horrendous thought. You need some penance, I think!
  7. Sounds like the typical day after our games in 2020 ...
  8. That is harsh, DF. That sounds more like eternity in the seventh circle of hell ...
  9. You can't get a Verdi in edgeways on this thread ... maybe I need to make some overtures.
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