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  1. Not many remaining Uncle. My preference would be to have my resurrection followed by something analogous to a resurrection, sorry ladies. Pleasures are few and far these days. Discussing bananas does not help although it probably works for OD.
  2. Agreed. The consensus within the club was that living at Joondalup suited the team. It was an ideal way to prepare for games and importantly took them away from the pressure cooker environment of Melbourne. The feeling was that the pressure would have been much worse for the team in Melbourne particularly for the young players and those without finals experience. In particular, a comment from one of the coaches went along the lines that Petracca would have been fine in Melbourne but Oliver would have struggled.
  3. Isaac moved to Geelong for lifestyle reasons. He rejected MFC offer for this reason. I’m sure he would reflect on this decision but I’m told he loves playing and living in Geelong. He is not a guy to live with regrets.
  4. Such a divisive person. Hard to imagine anyone being sorry to see him go.
  5. Love his aggression and the “don’t mess with me or my teammates” attitude. The good thing is that he is not alone.
  6. Nice comments thanks. I am just grateful for the win and for being able to enjoy and bathe in the after glow. It has brought joy to our hearts. Not just the elderly, but supporters of all ages particularly the kids and the younger brigade. All those who have lived with the disappointments of the past 20 to 30 years. A sense of pride has been restored in a way that has never happened before. The great sides of the 50s and early 60s were built on the success of earlier years going back to the 30s and 40s. Melbourne was simply the biggest and the best. We had nothing to prove. Everyone regarded the Club as the biggest and the best. Period. This time the club had to pull itself out of hole of 50 years of suffering. And many years of being regarded as perennial losers. Now we have seen the transition from loser to winner and a club that has regained its pride. It’s an amazing feeling and an amazing time to be a Demons supporter. That dull feeling of defeat and negativity has lifted to unveil bright sunshine and a red and blue sky.
  7. Has there been better at MFC ? Petracca an equal perhaps, however, Oliver adds to the Petracca glamour. Both do things that other footballers can’t.
  8. Seeing the joy on players faces, that an impossible dream has been realised. And seeing their love for the club. To see their mateship. Their bond. That our champions don’t want to go elsewhere to have the premiership winning experience. To have a club that players want to play for rather than leave. To have young guns like Tommy Sparrow and Kade Chandler re-sign overnight. For Sam Weideman to state that he loves the club and wants to be part of its future. For Luke Dunstan to want to accept the challenge of trying to break into a champion team. To have only good things being said about our once down trodden club. To enjoy all the positive comments and feelings. To not have to put up with negativity. To look back with pride and look forward to the future. Gee it feels good. It feels so good.
  9. Twenty years ago I thought I had plenty of time to see a Premiership. However, in recent years I was beginning to think that it would not happen in my lifetime and that I would not have the joy of sharing the experience with my adult boys. And the thought that their loyalty and enjoyment may be extinguished. At the start of the game I remember thinking, if not this year, when ? It is ridiculous to place so much importance on footy. It defies logic because it is so emotional. However, what a difference the win has made to my mood. It has reinforced in my mind that we should always maintain faith and hope, and, even expectation. To think that miracles do happen (but not the kind that our PM believes in). To never again to have to put up with hearing and reading all the derogatory comments about something you love. To not have to suffer the looks of pity and the words “long suffering Demon supporters”. To watch and read of the joy of the players, the coach, club officials and all the other Demon supporters. Can it be that important? You betcha! The win and post match celebrations are to be savoured and never forgotten. A dream come true for all of us. A feeling that all that agony, heartache and disappointment has been for a reason. It has made the joy of winning that much more significant and meaningful. Thank you Melbourne Football Club.
  10. Great way to finish a very good career. There won’t be a better time.
  11. This thread is so old hat, but years down the Trac it is still revisited.
  12. Uncle, Demon Shop do not sell the type of items you are after unless Demon Shop is now called Sexyland.
  13. He had the uncanny ability of kicking defensively with a punt kick that landed just inside the boundary line and curl out. As well as big punt kicks over the line. He always defended to the boundary line. Both options not available today. He was a tough player but one without malice. A gentleman of the old school. Lived and breathed MFC. Respect.
  14. Lot of Demon supporters need treatment. Probably medication and psychotherapy. Its definitely an addiction.
  15. I love seeing Goody on the boundary where he can connect with the players and watch the game with a different feel and involvement than sitting in the box with a large group of statisticians and assistants. I have never liked seeing coaches sitting in the box constantly barking orders down a phone to players via runners and assistants. The footy dept and specifically the coaches appear to be calm and deliberate and comfortable working together. Goody and Chocko are different but at the same time complimentary. Adem Yze, working alongside Goody seems happy with the opportunity to weave some magic. Quite possibly Goody has given more scope to Yze than Clarko. Alan Richardson had a point to prove after the Saints and has a calm reassuring manner and footy smarts. There are no big egos and success has allowed the coaching group to flourish. A little like the players, perhaps the coaches have been prepared to sacrifice some of their own style and ideas for the benefit of the group. Now the club has climbed the mountain, what next? Clearly Goody will stay long-term but it will be interesting to see what happens to the wider group beyond 2022. No doubt there will be changes along the way and some disappointments. Hopefully, 2021 has established a blueprint for on-going success over the next 5 years.
  16. Johnny Beckwith is still with us. And yes Andrew Laidlaw from the Royal Botanic Gardens is one of Clyde’s sons.
  17. A reminder of his sublime instinctive skills. He was so natural and so good on both sides. Both feet and both hands. If you didn’t know, you would be hard pressed to determine his natural side. There were no weaknesses. Pure football genius.
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