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  1. I have been to GESAC pool the last 2 weeks. 4 swimming carnivals , over 200 kids with supervising adults around a 50 m pool
  2. I believe we should be doing a lot more to bring in new members mainly young. Whatever happened to football clinics ,school and otherwise. We have some great assets in Petraaca ,Gawn ,Oliver who are not only great respected footballers but to me seem to have good personalities. In particular Petracca seems to be such a great down to earth guy who be great with kids. I guess these guys doing clinics might be taking time from training or their other duties. They are being paid well so I dont believe they should resent doing clinics. Memberships bring in reliable renewal income which ensures long term financial health of the club. We also use to telephone lapsed and prospective members by the players. I agree we need todouble our efforts in the maximum number of members from our current success.
  3. My mother’s favourite player.
  4. I was at the Best and Fairest on Friday night. I have received a text from the Vic Dept of Health saying I may have been exposed to Covid 19 at the event. I was wondering ifeverybody at the event has got this text and have to get a test and isolate until a negative result is given. I wonder if this impacts on players ,coaches etc . On the other hand it maybe that I was close ,ie only a table or two away, that I have become a close contact.
  5. Tickets were sold to members iin early August or around there.
  6. I emailed the club last night as coincidence might have it. They responded this morning. They say Feb 2022 but are looking to perhaps bringing it forward. I thought they should do it this year but maybe itis hard to get things booked. I bought a ticket and was looking forward to it and i think Feb next year loses some of the significance of our premiership win .
  7. Petracca willsave his best footy for the Grannie
  8. Takes a lot of hard knocks though ,could these wear him down over time.
  9. I have a ticket to B & F night , cant wait for it to happen
  10. Wasnt laughing at you @deanox. My smilie was that i was agreeing with you. A couple of mistakes in first quarter probably dueto nerves . Excellent second half.
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