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  1. Wasnt laughing at you @deanox. My smilie was that i was agreeing with you. A couple of mistakes in first quarter probably dueto nerves . Excellent second half.
  2. Petracca needs to have a good hard look at himself
  3. You are right but I am trying to learn about cryptocurrencies
  4. It worked for me. I copied the whole web thingy from https to 66 and pasted into browser.
  5. We had 150 % before today . Today we won 103 to 73. So our percentage is 103/73 * 100 = 141% . Soour overall % goes down
  6. I am a fan ofthis kid. Many of DLs have wanted him dropped this year. I thought his second quarter was reallyimpressive. 1. Clean hands in grabbing the ball to Jones who passed to Jackson for a goal. 2 Stopped a GWS thrust in the middle of the ground 3 Nice pass to Fritsch who goaled. 4 Tackle on GWS captian. will be a good player for us.
  7. This is the worst side picked since the end of 2018 season .
  8. Get tattoo of MFC logo on inside of leg calf area. Do other leg when we go back to back in 2020.
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