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  1. Awesome unit. How was May this year?! Only missed one week with a fractured eye socket, then played the GF with a 6cm tear in his hammy that ordinarily would see him miss between 3-7 weeks. Lever with the highest average intercept marks ever. Petty coming in for Tommo and just looking awesome. Salem so composed but tough too. Rarely lost a one on one. Hibbo, after everything he went through with his brother and then being rested and looking like he wouldn't get back in. Rivers in his second year and Bowzer in game 7. Crazy. I really feel for Hunty. If he hadn't hurt his ankle he stays in and potentially wins a flag.
  2. Yep, booming kick, tough as nails. Unless he wants to go home or it's a serious upgrade, I'd like to keep him too
  3. I thought this was already fairly common knowledge. I may have read it wrong and may be the Crows link hadn't been raised previously
  4. The premiership jumpers were for pre-order so not sure why the adult size has been removed. Pretty sure it said to expect shipment in November sometime. They need to have everything up now to take advantage of the next week or so
  5. We win flags to take our Trade period, the greatest time of the year, to a new level. How very Melbourne of us 😄
  6. I saw some bulldog fans on Twitter saying the umps got us over line 😂
  7. I preordered mine last night. Not sure why they are gone now. They still seem to have them on the AFL shop website, and cheaper, but I don't think the money goes to the club that way
  8. Gary Pert has said we have sold 2 years worth of merchandise since last night
  9. So, who wants to come to the reigning premiers?
  10. I did wonder last night whether the collision with the goal post rattled Weightman. Seemed to hit his head on the post and then on the ground. Coming back from a concussion that can't have been good. Not taking anything away from Rivers or Bowey, thought they were both super
  11. Gus also got crunched multiple times in our defensive half of the ground pushing back to help our defenders. Seemed anytime the Dogs went forward in the third he was there to help out.
  12. Wow. First flag in 57 years and the morning after you are doing this. Have always enjoyed your posts, especially the insight you give on injuries. But this is petty.
  13. And it was fair enough. I think we were all stressing in that 2nd qtr and the Game Day thread isn't the best place to vent that. But I thought carrying on with it this morning was unnecessary.
  14. It seems like Max's game last week threw the doggies. They put so much work in to stopping him on ball and forward that it let Jacko and others get off the chain.
  15. Home Grand Final replay would be nice. Unfurl the flag then repeat the job
  16. Yep, I made a blue. I explained what I was trying to say to you and apologised to Fritta later in the Game Day thread. Do you feel better having brought it up again? Is this really the day to do that?
  17. Does the footy season have to end? What are we going to do for the next 6 months?
  18. Yikes, you've gone hard there Webber. Fritsch had 7 disposals against the Lions, 4 effective (and 4 goals, I concede). But his other three were ineffective. He had 13 against the cats, with 8 effective (and 2 goals). So 20 disposal before today with 12 effective, or 60% de. His season average is 68%. At the moment he's got 6 with 3 effective, so 50%. Poor may have been harsh, but he has not been as clean as he usually is.
  19. They don't have the camera angles to review that kind of goal. The camera angle we saw is just in the wrong spot.
  20. Fritsch has been poor the whole finals series. His kicking inside 50 has been shaky, keeps trying a kick running parallel to the goals and has missed it multiple times.
  21. Well, the SEN footy writers don't rate us. Apparently Bevo is a tactical genius and Goody has as much tactical acumen as a lettuce
  22. Confirmed 2 year deal. https://www.melbournefc.com.au/news/1019907/weideman-signs-on
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