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  1. Or we trade 27 and 54 to Brisbane for 25. Nets them an extra 170pts for Ashcroft, and Collingwood have their pick 25.
  2. To paraphrase Luke 'Chopper' Beveridge, Freo better pony up if they want Jackson.
  3. I think the consensus has always been that, if they are bring Jackson in, the AFL would sign off on it.
  4. Why? They can still offer 8, which is more than Freo have this year. And if they get an extra 2023 1st, they'll be able to trade it
  5. I suppose it depends on where Port finish next year. If they drop further, it'd be 2 and rioli for 8 and maybe 6. Or it might end up 8 and 12. Hard to tell
  6. I wonder if they have taken him for granted. Just assuming he won't go to WC
  7. WC get 8 and Ports' 2023 1st, while giving up 2 and Rioli
  8. It's effectively: Port give 8, F1st and player/pick, get JHF and Rioli WC give 2 and Rioli, get 8 and Ports' F1 Nth give JHF, get 2 and player/pick Freo might get caught out here
  9. Effectively, WC would split 2 and send Rioli to Port for pick 8 and ports' F1st. Freo are in a bit of trouble re: Jackson. I'd take 8 and WC F1st for Jackson and our F2
  10. I expect he'll laugh it off, which he seemed to when talking to Cal Twomey and Riley Beveridge. He might not put up with rubbish but I also suggest he's probably been called worse as a police officer and won't be too concerned
  11. Also available here. About 20mins in https://omny.fm/shows/afl-exchange/the-trade-exchange-day-7
  12. Tim seems to have his grumpy pants on. Not happy with GWS, not happy with Freo, not happy with Kane Cornes. Can only bode well for us
  13. Essendon is a good fit for him. They are crying out for bigger bodied mids. All of their starting mids are relatively small/short
  14. I wouldn't be happy with this one. Very versatile, we should hold him to his contract
  15. Interesting tid bits. - Kozzie talk is crazy. - Others keener on Corbett than us - We'd help facilitate a trade for Tomlinson - Won't be drawn on specifics of Grundy or Jackson trades
  16. 32 is 2nd round. It's moving from late second to early second, yes, but a pick they might not even use
  17. Maybe we can swap Bedford and 32 for 21. Then 21 to Pies for Grundy
  18. Would 32 and a future second get it done, with maybe a future 3rd coming back? They're both likely to be end of 2nd round picks
  19. Clayton to become part of a very select few to have won 4 MFC B&Fs. Hopefully Gus gets rewarded for his good year with a top 5 finish. Would personally have it as Clarry, Trac, Gus but Viney will probably sneak in there
  20. Surely freo aren't giving up a future first just to love up 5 spots. We'd tell them to give us 13 and a future first before they did that, regardless of wanting a top 10.
  21. 21 free kicks to 9 Carlton's way. Daisy scragged at every occasion, Birch knocked over multiple times off the ball. You could see them getting frustrated. But a big win over an average side. West and Purcell great, as were Tayla and Tyla. And goldie some awesome among the head scratches. She's always going to give away one or two weird ones each game, but her pressure and attack on the ball are something to behold
  22. Given he's a UFA and had a pretty good year, I think I'd prefer to keep him. We won't get much in the way of a compo pick.
  23. Fagan started in 2008 and left in 2016. Not much of a cross over there
  24. I agree they should carry the midfield, but I don't think they're keeping anyone out. I just don't think we have the midfield depth at this stage to push them out. But that lack of depth also means Chandler and Bedford probably spending more time in there than they should. That might just be my perception, but it's an issue we've had previously. As you've said, players need to play in the roles they fit in the AFL, where possible. Or we are setting them up for failure
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