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  1. As good as it would have been for Trac to win, you've gotta feel for the Bont. Seriously dudded twice
  2. Hawthorn have obviously planned to be as physical as possible, and the Dees have held up well. But they have run over the marl to push our players multiple times, and the umps just watch them do it. You could see us getting frustrated and starting tk through our weight around.
  3. Steven May did too, but not nearly as much
  4. They may not have had Mad Monday but they are definitely having Wacky Wednesday if Grundy's instagram stories are anything to go by
  5. This is the issue and where I think the AFL has stuffed up. Allowing the 'he had a right to launch' argument gives Collingwood exactly what they need. He did not have a right to contest the ball in that way, just as players don't have the right to tackle with a slinging action or bump in a way that hits a player high. Maynard being suspended won't kill the spoil, like some are claiming. But it will stop people like Maynard acting like a human cannonball
  6. Seems a few of the Dees weren't too pleased with Maynard's visit https://www.sen.com.au/news/2023/09/11/melbourne-teammate-left-angered-by-maynards-awkward-brayshaw-visit/
  7. Not sure about Max's foot but Clarry has a compression bandage on his left knee in a photo on Instagram (featuring future father daughter Tilly Smith)
  8. Oh, this is interesting. He's too slight to be a key back at the moment, but he has a lot of mongrel, reads the play pretty well and has good hands. JJ needs to come in next week
  9. The thing we do have going for us is our match fitness (bar injuries, obviously). We are the fittest team still in it, so if we get throught the SF and PF, I wouldn't be concerned coming up against a Collibgwood who's had an extra week's break
  10. The second part of my response was directed at the headbutt, but no I don't think he'll be suspended for the Brayshaw hit either. Whether he should or not is a different question. I don't think he will
  11. The expected score is going to be ugly. But if we take the British view of the game, we won the moral victory! See you in the moral Prelim, ya losers
  12. JVR's elbow has probably saved TMac. Bring Grundy in, play him 80% ruck and put Max forward. We're out of options.
  13. He won't get suspended for either. He's not missing a prelim for that
  14. Jumping the gun a bit. Should be SF, not PF. TMac and Hibbo out. Grundy and Tommo in. Tommo isn't great, but we need to get the three talls down back
  15. Fritta and TMac looked like 2 guys who haven't played for months. And now we have to go the long way, without Gus or JVR.
  16. Hey Goody, it's the forward line, stupid. Don't [censored] hang your hat on dining out on bottom 8 teams. McDonald is a [censored] witches hat
  17. Still trying to work out how Collingwood went tall and are still too fast for us. Hibbo looks way too slow
  18. Interesting. A number of them are [censored] themselves on Twitter. Even saw one saying it wasn't fair the finished top and had to play the best team in a QF
  19. Goody said in his press conference that it looks like Dunstan did his ACL too
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