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  1. After thinking we were a goal away from defeat last night the way at which we dismantled a serious quality side through sheer will and aggression in 19 minutes had me speechless until this morning. The back half of the third quarter was the most beautifully chaotic football anyone could hope to witness in any game, let alone in the premiership quarter for the actual premiership. Could not be prouder of the way we have built to this moment this season. Not just in the way we have played but the way the whole club has carried themselves on and off the field. No more words. Just so proud.
  2. Team effort like it has been all year. And what a team they are,.
  3. What a win. What a season. So much sweeter that they challenged us and we smacked them off the park. So sweet.
  4. Port wilted under expectation and pressure, its just a week earlier than most anticipated. Dogs pressure and attack were immense. The two worthy teams will fight it out for the cup. Our best trumps theirs but we will need to be on. They have taken a long road I suggest a fierce start and jump them and they fall away. The longer they lead or are in it the more they will believe. I cant see either team not being at top intensity, the game will come down to who takes their chances and who wins the tactical battle.
  5. I know they call soccer the beautiful game but that was beauty in chaos like you will rarely see. Gawn with one of the great individual premiership quarters and the list could go on. We have a spread of talent in attribute and age that list managers only dream of building. We have a culture and connection that few clubs ever create. We are in rare air but will still need to beat one more quality opponent to bring it home. Well played number 11, number 5, number 3 #team effort
  6. He does if they are 15 days apart. There will be no change if May is right. Only would be if they go Hunt as sub.
  7. 6. Gawn 5. Petracca 4. Viney 3. Salem 2. Brown 1. Spargo
  8. No change. There is no room for romanticism with Jones.
  9. What a great grinding destruction of a quality opponent. Our conversion was the only difference between this being a 10 goal win. Cameron was the only other reason stopping it from being a total hiding. It was unclear to me who was on Cameron early Smith or Salem or whether they were trying to hand over too high without effect. Not being able to tell probably explains most of the problem. Conversion aside that was as good a game of brutally brilliant basics as we have shown all year. Get the ball or kill the ball. Seek first option and if not obvious get it going our way and run like hell. Whilst Clarry and Trac get accolades, the wingers club in Gus and Lingers were as big a part of that demolition. We’re in the prelim baby. One down. Two to go. Of those not mentioned, well played number 11, number 31 and number 32.
  10. 6.Oliver 5. Brayshaw 4. Gawn 3. Fritsch 2. Trac 1. ANB
  11. Great individual awards haul last night and well deserved by all Dees. Thought the team was a good reflection of the year granted they need to start respecting the wing as a specialised position and would have had Weitering over Alir. Brisbane are a quality side and will give us a shake on the weekend but I can guarantee from watching the steel on our players that it wont be from getting ahead of ourselves or being wrapped up in individual accolades.
  12. Not when someone is wanting to come home and you are the ladder leader with a list set for 5 years of premiership tilts and the best culture in the game. Does he want cash or the chance at cups?
  13. As most have stated, the greatest win I can recall in my 46 year lifetime. We had the balance our way for the first 3 quarters aside from the 20 minute patch of clearance-goal-repeat. The difference in the last was the aggressive ball movement, inside 50 pressure and we took our chances. That and the fact that the ageing cats could not keep up. Probably the most impressive part of that win is at 44 points down it would have been easy to put the cue in the rack and preserve for an away qualifier against Port. However this group truly mean it when they say they hate losing and want to be the best at all times. The impact of that win from a resilience, belief and bonding cannot be understated with anything thrown at us in the next 4 weeks. Well played number 13, number 11, number 8. Reset. 2021 season 2 starts now.
  14. As cruel as it might seem Tmac has lost form at the wrong time of year. 7 goals in his last 8 games and his mobility is not what it was in the first half of the year. I would not be surprised to see us revert to the Brown and Jackson set up and bring in another runner in Jordon or Melksham for a defensive job (preferably on Rich). I love Sparrows effort but his kicking is a worry and would prefer Jordon regardless, if he is right to go. Smith stays in in my opinion.
  15. We were all over them except a 15 minute patch of give up clearance, goal, give up clearance, goal (repeat). What mental resilience, bonding and belief that creates. Oliver, Lever and Gawn huge. Now we reset. What matters starts now.
  16. 6. Oliver 5. Lever 4. Gawn 3. Harmes 2. Salem 1. Pickett
  17. Yes. Jones does not have the defensive aspects of our game that are the non negotiable now and I consider will be even more-so in a weeks time.
  18. Smith was excellent last week until cramps got him. He offers more flexibility and speed on the game than Hibbo but lacks the footy smarts. Can see why you would want him against Rohan.
  19. I suggest Gaff is more game plan than player but he does not interest me as cost vs value. I actually think we have good next layer positional depth except wing and good next layer attribute depth except maybe for good kickers. The depth is either players maturing at VFL level that could play a role or coverage by team make up or positional flexibility. I dont think we’ll cut many this year partly because players have not had any continuity but also because some of the players there know our system and there will be some emphasis on continuity of squad and not just 22, The room will be made up by those clearly ready to retire or not in plan. It appears we dont have many kids developing there but that is because they are that good they have lept into the best 22 ahead of some of the 4-5 year players. I would be picking a couple of best attribute kids in draft and filling roles based on need with other team players in the 22-24 age bracket. I would have a red hot go at Maynard and Duggan and would have a sniff around Lipinski, Tucker, Lemmins, I would not be against some good quality older players as low cost depth in the mould of Lynch in a similar vein to Daw and Brown.
  20. Go you Lil Red Fire Engine. What a start to your career.
  21. I think its pretty clear cut. Anyone sore other that needs to be managed like May this week. May for Smith Viney for Sparrow TMac for Melksham
  22. Exactly what we needed. They pushed us enough to get a good hit out but we looked like we had a couple of gears if we needed them. No injuries and the semblance of a functioning forward line. Clarry’s kicking and Brayshaw’s limited impact the only concerns. Well played number 31, number 5 and number 6 (again).
  23. 6. Frittata 5. Trac 4. Gawn 3. Jackson 2. Rivers 1. Petty
  24. What the Pies will accept I suggest will come down to how much more salary cap challenge they have left.
  25. Belief in himself to break in with a solid preseason without injury and continuity of games. A want to play in a team that will play finals and contend for silverware for the next 5 years of his career. Connections with players and staff after spending 6 years at the club. I am sure we want him at the right price and would be keen to see him get a clear preseason and run of continuity and the confidence that comes with it. I suggest its on him as to how he sees his career and his contract expectations.
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