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  1. Anyone that thinks the MFC is a destination club has their head in the sand.
  2. Dear Simon, please take notes on what it takes to play wet weather football. move the ball forward at all times, do not over handball, keep it simple. Thanks. Demonfans.
  3. Dees have a habit of over paying with long contracts to get players into the club. Not sustainable if you want success.
  4. Brown , Weid , Jackson, Fritsch. You would think that they all don’t play in the same fwd line. May leave Weid vulnerable.
  5. Same here, long-standing Redleg member, disgruntled with ongoing under performing of the club. Will seriously consider membership choice next yr.
  6. Brett Anderson, former Inside footy / draft guru and mad demon supporter now working in Port Adelaide’s recruitment team would be a good person to reach out to get into our recruitment team. Ports recruitment has been exceptionally good the last few years and Brett is a vital part of that team.
  7. Kent is better than ANB, Spargo, Hannan, Hunt all similar types. Mahoney has produced zero. Would he get a job at one of the top clubs as footy ops / GM ? zero chance. get rid of him.
  8. What has he done right? Losing culture bar 1 yr since the Neeld days when he was involved. paid overs for Lever, Tomlinson, May, let Frost , Kent etc go. ....
  9. Oscar & ANB on the way out..., Finally the coaching group see what the supporters saw years ago!
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