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  1. Cornes started the Kozzie to Port rumour, can’t help but feel it was a smokescreen for their attempt at trading in JHF under the radar….
  2. Hoping we improve the list to keep up with Bris, Rich , Geel reported recruits. Jacko out, Grundy in… is that enough for us to still be a serious threat next yr? I know MFC often operate in stealth these days but please give us at least 1 more established forward or upgrade picks to bring in some more top 10 talent..
  3. There is a new Jay Clark article suggesting there is a 3rd club that will assist Jackson getting to Freo. Cannot access.
  4. Not even worth acknowledging, the bloke is dead set poison.
  5. Caro “ Yze will take Mark Williams with him to Essendon if he gets the job” Big losses if this happens, better have some back up plans MFC.
  6. Jon Ralph - “Brisbane are still a real chance to get Gunston” On The Couch just now… Still no MFC / Gunston link in the media. He also said Grundy wants to come to the Dees are is excited by the prospect of joining us.
  7. Weid, Melky, Woey, Chandler started well…
  8. Dees need more runners to improve, Blakey, Gulden, Warner types…
  9. I expect we may hear some news re Gunston this coming week as he has been linked to Brisbane in the media and their season is now over.
  10. Waiting for MFC to be linked to Gunston, still nothing and it’s very quiet on what he’s doing next yr..
  11. Jon Ralph “Hibberd & Melksham to get new deals “ Would have to be 1 year.
  12. Nathan Jones on SEN today mentioned he thinks it’s due to us using all our petrol tickets crashing in winning the contested ball and focusing on defending all the time, that and our lack of efficiency when we have the ball forward. The most efficient teams seems to be the ones running the game out the best..
  13. Mark Stevens mentioned on RSN now that Zac Williams from Carlton is on the trade table…
  14. The marketing department does a great job of covering AFL, AfLW & VFL… imo. The clubs copping a kicking at the moment due to a straight sets finals exit, a lot of it unwarranted especially towards the marketing department!
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