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  1. Horrid performance from NMFC, bottom 2 side. The test is next week.
  2. Mick can have some outdated views, but a lot of the things he raises are the same as members on here have been asking over the last 18 months.
  3. Thought Harmes looked alright at half back against the Crows, one of his better games this yr, leave him there for the rest of the season and see if he can get some confidence back.
  4. Brayshaw and sparrow are the ones I’d look to trade for some outside class.
  5. Average list of assistants, wouldn’t miss any of them. Another win for Saints today, wonder what Richo has learnt from that situation??
  6. One of the smartest footy brains out there, worth a chat.... IMO it would be something Gary thinks about considerably. A great of the MFC, excellent leader.
  7. That’s a good summary, we have been screaming out for outside run and all we’ve done is bring in KK (bad decision), Langdon ✅, Tomlinson ? Sparrow, Jones, Brayshaw, Harmes, Oliver, Viney, Trac all to similar...
  8. Watching their first game players laugh in our face as they were pulling us to shreds, especially Gawn was hard to watch, hopefully payback this week.
  9. What’s his best position, he’s played half back, wing, half forward and now this yr is playing deep forward... Bailey had a great end to last season and a great pre season, form so far this yr has been ok. Still has improvement and upside in his game 👍
  10. 3 players underperforming this season thus far: Harmes Brayshaw Salem For the MFC to become a good side we need these players to lift on a consistent basis, they have proven they can play to a high level, though 2020 they have disappointed.
  11. Agree 100% with this, Harmes is the most disappointing performer thus far this season IMO, him and Brayshaw playing second fiddle to Trac, Oliver & Viney and not getting the job done.
  12. Mids need to lift intensity a bit, still in this. Brisbane are a slick outfit, Neale is a jet.
  13. Gawn is IMO MFC’s best player in the last 35 yrs, the influence he is having on games at the moment and his consistency over the last few years has been amazing.
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