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  1. 2018 we had a clear game plan. Since then, we haven’t.
  2. Great wine from a great region, Langhorne Creek Shiraz 2016 👌
  3. Heath Shaw for a year, help Riv and Salo in the backline could be worth a look. leadership qualities.
  4. Was really highly rated as a junior and was expected to be one of the better players to come out of Melbourne’s eastern suburbs. Not sure where his contract is at but hasn’t really performed at AFL level.
  5. Yes that was Tom he was talking about, Trade Radio initially reported it on Twitter as Oscar but it was Tom he was talking about.
  6. Mahoney said Oscar hasn’t been offered a contract for next season on Trade Radio this afternoon.
  7. Saad no Smith no McKernan no is this a worry we cannot attract our targets? I would think so.....
  8. Nothing to see here 🥱 🥱. Standard MFC.
  9. Because they are trying to appease a frustrated supporter base. Melbournes 1 wood is marketing and Mahoney is out of his depth.
  10. Egan still there as an assistant/ development coach? No mention of him
  11. Why have a crack at Phillips when Trealor is available.... I know who I’d rather.
  12. Rickys been banned from Twitter so plying his trade on Facebook now.... All the best to him but you have to wonder.
  13. Clark / Menengola from Geelong should be our number 1 targets. How much cap space can Geelong have... press hard for some of their quality who may be getting unders.
  14. Pretty accurate, but still a worry with a one dimensional midfield, need more outside run / flare. Hope MFC can deliver.
  15. Blokes a gun, would be a fantastic pick up!
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