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  1. All votes to one man. Contested possessions all over the ground. At 82 percent efficiency. In that weather. Awesome. too disappointed to bother voting for anyone else.
  2. Hibberd Jetta Gawn Melksham Hogan ANB (Tyson unlucky - I picked ANB as his disposal has improved incredibly and his pressure was awesome)
  3. His first half around the ground was awesome before he became sore
  4. I'm totally bloody exhausted. Can only imagine how the lads must be! thank god for hibberd and jetta and lewis' finger tips! Massive. Massive. Massive. Go dees!
  5. You bloody super star pig! Kept us in that in the 3rd quarter almost single handedly. you and jetta 1 and 2 for bog - what a recruit. Legend!
  6. What a quarter from hibberd - without him they'd be 3 goals closer at least. hunts disposals have been terrible. and can someone teach Oscar to not punch it directly into the oath of goal! we can do this though - cmon lads keep it up. Huge quarter this one for the year.
  7. I've been vocal about how bad ANB's kicking has been this year but not today. He's been spotting up everyone - and with great intensity. So good to see. jetta - has to be top 10 plays in the comp he's our rock.
  8. This is the worst umpiring I've seen all year - great pressure from our lads
  9. Pretty simple. Love the man! Congrats jack - have a blinder. If anyone deserves to walk off with a bag on a big day its you.
  10. Jack viney somehow gathers from congestion and runs straight through three filthy port adeladians, somehow clean handballs to jack trengove streaming off the half back line who spots up a leading jack watts who takes the mark 40 out dead nuts in front and goes back to kick his 6th in his 150th game to put the d's up by 28 points with 3 mins to go in the last quarter....much hugging and general celebrations ensue both on the ground and amongst the fans. Jack-jack-jack gotta happen, gotta love it. Go the dees!
  11. How to make an otherwise very long Thursday awesome - you read not only that: - trengove is back - that watts is back for his 150th; but - viney is back - and so is Salem; and to top it all - so is Tyson! Makes the craving for the weekend even keener, may have to have a Thursday tipple to celebrate. confrats trenners - so good to see you get a crack.
  12. Love him or hate him he does have a point - can imagine goody not well pleased given all the noise of late plus the fact we have an injury / suspended list longer than a Hunt torpy. i do agree both looked like there wasn't much in it but still - bloody undisciplined by bern.
  13. Interesting from Gary Lyon saying Goodwin would be so filthy with Vince for being undisciplined that even if he doesn't get rubbed out his spot could be in jeopardy.
  14. Whether Darwin was true effect or a butterfly flapped its wings somewhere in Eastern Europe the day before.....that is one ugly mother [censored] of a list! Gee I'm glad 2017 has been a very different year. id love to wake up Monday morning a week from now to the same list that finishes: 2017 BEFORE Darwin WIN - Carlton by 8 points (darwin win Adelaide by 20 points) WIN post Darwin port 28 points
  15. Haha whoops! That's what I get for reading old threads - oh dear. Regardless - good work bern!
  16. Congrats Bernie! Great to see and hope he has a blinder against the old guard. will also be watts 150th this week if he plays I think - big week for the lads be awesome timing for another unexpected win!
  17. "Running over the same old ground - what have we found? The same old fears...." yep - the same old ground and and the same old fears, MCG and were favourites in a huge game. But as we at the club know the outs are huge and whenever we have this kind of build up you've been conditioned as a supporter to know we're really the underdogs in these contests. But we've been a new side this year and exercised many, ahem, demons of the past; let's hope today is just one more and win lose or draw - god it's good to see Hoges back out there. Given his year - just hope he gets to enjoy it and we see a smile at the end of the day from ear to ear. go d's!
  18. “The experienced guys coming in have been really, really pivotal. Michael Hibberd has been unbelievable. He’s just been extraordinary..." gotta love Paul Roos!
  19. And to add insult to injury cook played for port last weekend and did a job on weid helping them beat Casey. Cook really rubbing salt into the wound at every turn!
  20. Viney out injured in - goodwin he's still carve it up out there and without jones and viney we need him!
  21. If only his kicking was as laser accurate as his jab!
  22. Friday Night Lights - finally! Love Friday footy. "clear eyes, full heats, can't lose!" Go the d's!
  23. I was at the SCG last week and despite the fact their tenacity to come back in the last quarter was pretty great to watch - I don't think sydney are that special - just need to do the job on buddy. Even without our 3 best forwards I still think we should have belief this is a winnable game and one we shouldn't be thinking of as being true underdogs. our turf. Our year. Give em hell lads!
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