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  1. I reckon we’ll just be a timeslot filler in the fixture this year and get what ever slot is left after the big prime time games have been allocated. The AFL ain’t gonna do us too many favours
  2. I’d like to know what the AFL’s plan is if this latest round of assistance doesn’t work? Surely they would have had to discuss a contingency plan otherwise it’s just going to be GC coming back year after year with their hands out begging. theres no point in continually handing out top end talent if all they’re gonna do is leave at the first opportunity because no one wants to be there. Unless something dramatically changes up there the AFL may as well just be throwing buckets of money into a furnace. Would they be telling the GC privately get it or right or pack for Tassie?
  3. Expansion clubs really have screwed us. There really was no worse time to bottom out than when they came in and the AFL gave them everything. actually come to think of it, every expansion club coming in since 1859 has screwed us
  4. Looks like they get pick1, pushing their own pick1 they already had to pick 2. So yeah they get pick 1 and 2 and Melbourne gets a nice [email protected]#k you from the AFL
  5. So if the alleged tampered test was done after rd 22, why was he allowed to play rd 23 and the elimination final?
  6. I always thought the idea of Roos’ succession plan was to pick someone who wouldn’t throw out everything he’d put in place within a couple of years of taking over. Really makes his tenure seem pointless now.
  7. Godwin’s going nowhere. He’s got too long left on his contract and even if he was sacked and paid out he’d still come under the footy department soft cap rules. The only way we could then even afford to pay a new senior coach would mean sacking at least 3 or 4 assistants plus other footy department cuts. with the afls soft cap rules no club will be able to sack senior coaches not in their final year of their contract.
  8. Beautiful in-swinging Yorker crashing into the back pad straight into off stump, sent the peg flying
  9. Bang! Mitch Starc with a wicket in the first over
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