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  1. Wowsers.. and the dropping jones stinker wasn’t his worst either! He’s been ordinary for mine but LW was excellent.. as for NIBBLER... You’re a spud, enough said (only in jest). NIBBLER is Essential To the current system.
  2. I’d guess... In: Petty & Hibberd/M.Brown Out: May & Fritta I hope.. In: Petty & Hibberd Out: May & Fritta *Petty to start Fwd, unlikely but Hawks talls don’t require him up back
  3. So glad many Demonlanders aren’t selectors.. holy heck lol 🤦‍♂️ Changes should be: Melksham for Jones (desp need some class and finishing. Best f50 entry kick we have apart from maybe Gus atm). Chunk been ok, strength has been good and had key moments in games, but lacks polish. Hibberd for Jetta - NOT What on earth would Nev be dropped for? Seriously.. wow Hibberd into sub spot: Flex is theme here so on first look pig doesn’t give us that, but after quick analysis he actually does. Can go to wing, do a tag role, or go back and release Rivers or Hunt fwd to mix things up. Rosman into emergency/sub mix Changes actually (likely) be: Melksham into the Sub OR Melksham in for Chunk Chandler/Baker in for Sparrow
  4. Couldn’t agree more mate! Was also spot on with ones we missed ie Georgiadis, Berry.. many more! Not to mention what I think will end up his best yet, Rosman/Laurie 💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️💁🏼‍♂️
  5. He’s in big trouble for a spot with Viney back
  6. What a wannnk! Seriously I have no words
  7. I’d be surprised if Chunk plays but seems like he will.
  8. Wasnt predicted? Was a MONTY since DEC
  9. Not necessarily he was as good show early in week, will all depend on Salem fitness and if Jetta is given the spot for few weeks to prove himself
  10. I think Maxy needs min 30%+ time at FF and know that it's on the cards, if his kicking for goal improvement stays, it could he a genuine ace in the hole. But I still can't see SG pulling trigger, he has always seen it as an abhorrent idea and inexorably, it seems our fwd line will consist of Jackson, TMac, Pickett - Fritsch, Brown, Spargo w/Jones, Trac, Melk, Baker flowing through.
  11. I blv his mental altitude is what’s stood in way but circumstances meant we need a fwd/ruck utility and Majak fits that Bill perfectly as a 5/6th option
  12. Round SIX?!?! Crikey this site gotten out of control w/the Misery guts & doom-groomers 🤦‍♂️
  13. Another point I raised to keep an eye out for recently that was scoffed at. Was always in our radar, solid thinking given current injuries and would provide cover for 3 departments.
  14. Sure did. Was worried bout home but was fine re our selections JT just stating truths re size that’s all.
  15. Great read, very well written and clear inside AFL knowledge, as that is the exact game plan we were implementing and why shelter quarters were a killed. could go either-way so we just have to see.
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