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  1. We didn't really have much of a choice in him leaving so I wouldn't call it a 'trade', although I guess that's the net effect. Hopefully this means we get a 2nd round comp pick and use it on Pederson. I don't mind this outcome at all.
  2. My father and grandfather both supported the Dees so it was only natural. I'm 27. I've already got a little scarf for my one year old . If we don't win a flag soon I'm pretty sure the po-po's will be onto my family for inter-generational child abuse. My younger brother jumped ship in the 90's to North. Bastard.
  3. Yep, Clown College is the best episode ever. "Thats it, I'm going to Clown College!" "I guess no one expected him to say that" First time I saw that I almost [censored] myself.
  4. Neeld said a similar thing in his presser about managing expectations of Hogan. The guy's 17 years old, I think he said something like 'we have to keep our expectations in check' or similar. I felt there was a little more he wanted to say about how Watts was handled but he kept it to himself.
  5. Wow, I really hope clubs don't play those kinds of BS games. We keep hearing about how it's a professional sport - 'world's best practice' etc. This sort of crap is best reserved for the playground. Or maybe I'm just naive.
  6. I feel really dirty about posting this: Rumour from Facebook (make of it what you will) "GWS have also sparked interest in Chris Daws who have offered to double his salary for a move up to Western Sydney. It's understood pick 12 or 13 would be offered for his services." Surely he's not worth a Pick 12 or 13? There's debate that he's even worth 20. I suppose though GWS have so many picks at the pointy end that they can afford to splurge a little on experienced players.
  7. If this is the case, you and I have very different definitions of the word 'confirmed', sir.
  8. Nevertheless, it's a massive improvement on what took the field this year. I hope this draft/trade period will be look upon in future years as a rebirth. When we got rid of the chaff and started to recruit FOOTBALLERS.
  9. Please don't say the source was the Facebook trades page. Having said that, I wouldn't be unhappy with this. Petterd hasn't shown much in a while.
  10. I just read on the Facebook trades page that there is a 'mini-free agency' period from 1/11 to 13/11, which means that delisted players can be picked up as free agents with no compensation going to the previous team (assuming this info is correct). Would this not mean that we're better off trying to trade Cook now, assuming we do want to delist him, to get something rather than nothing?
  11. To be fair, he did say he 'heard it from a bloke...' so it's not like he's quoting it as fact. Although his comments afterwards indicate that he believes it to be true. I agree though that it doesn't sound plausible.
  12. I was kicking myself that I didn't watch that one live. The next day I plonked myself down at the pc and streamed it on the bigpond site. Crappy quality but man it was a great morning. The wife even took the baby to the in-laws so I could watch it in peace and yell and scream. Man that was a great morning. Couldn't believe Garland.
  13. As I understand it, a deal hasn't been reached yet with the Swans? So if they can't come to terms and he decides to nominate for the draft, wouldn't GWS just go "yep, we'll take him"? Not sure GWS will be suckered like we were on Ball. Happy to revel any other club's misery regardless, we've sure as hell had enough of it around here.
  14. I can... Could have been Tonatopia... But thanks
  15. I really think this is spot on. I'm not sure that he's 100% to blame, especially taking the whole Bailey 'lack of development' era into account. Lets see what Neeld and Mission can get out of him before we throw him to the dogs (no pun intended). Edit: Holy crap I just realised my first ever post is one agreeing with Olisik. There is no hope for me.
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