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  1. Having watched the documentary they did on his last season, I would say he doesn't want anything to do with the AFL. Fair enough I don't think Adam Goodes owes anything to anyone. Last time he took a stand on racial issues, he spent the remainder of his career getting booed by crowds, and mocked by a club president. Why should he jump at the opportunity to 'help with reconciliation and healing' when he got burned so badly in the past
  2. I actually knew those guys, went to school with them. I will tell you now it wasn't the first time they had done something like that either, just the first time they got caught. It was a pretty sad family background, mum was a heroin addict and the dad spent most of their childhood in prison for a pretty high profile shooting.
  3. Brilliant news! I will have to install it tonight Any early impressions?
  4. Vail Resorts? International snowfield operator who I believe we're purchasing Hotham and Falls Creek
  5. From what I understand the video was shot in Germany during Oktoberfest, and the substance he snorted is a legal non- narcotic in Germany that is popular at that time of year
  6. I had to laugh in the first when he fell over, somehow the ball landed in his lap as he got up, and Darcy commented how well read it was by him.
  7. Great to see someone doing something nice as opposed to scalping them on Facebook. Pity you won't be there to celebrate
  8. I would expect this will be referred straight to the tribunal
  9. He had been in the media for all the wrong reasons. I still didn't say he deserved a harsher penalty than Gaff. The point I was making is that the perception of the person will inevitably have an impact, even though it shouldn't. Much like when Rance threw an elbow in to the back of Jack Watt's head and got let off with a slap on the wrist
  10. Not at all what I said. All I said is Bugg had a track record, I never defended what Gaff did or said he deserved less. I actually said he will get 8 if you had bothered to read my first comment.
  11. 2016 MRP fine for making contact with an injured player as far as MRP is concerned, but he'd been all over TV and the newspapers for weeks for all the wrong reasons leading up to that
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