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  1. We are now a destination club!
  2. I am in on Monday. Family GFG!
  3. Weeds is a lock-in. The day will come and he will bag a casual 6! I think against the pies!
  4. Confidence and attitude play hand in hand. Think Choco and yze would get him humming !
  5. Know the young man well. Great fella and could be a handy pick up if we can get. Certainly worth throwing a second round pick at.
  6. And AFL team of the week should have at least 5 MFC players. Langdon for a second round pick! Champagne trading!
  7. An incredible day. Truely felt that this was the best all round performance. Massive appreciate for our stars but sparrow, hunt, Jetta were amazing. The confidence is growing. Get May back ASAP and b brown in and this is gold. A massive well done to the players, football department and those around the club that do the little things! 2021 is an odd year, never a demon’s best year, but I think the tide is about to change!
  8. LJ will be a gun and I suspect another East Freo boy (Carroll) will be drafted to allow the Dees to have a WA flavour with the hope they stick together at the Dees. Where will he end up playing will depend on the coach, game plan, opportunities etc. But I believe he will be a jet as a forward ruck combo
  9. Happy with Salam and what has now turned into Brown, instead of Kelly. Up and away 2021.
  10. Will be his year 2021! The weeds will grow and flower!
  11. Use pick 18 and 19, as 2 in a row seems a better chance of 1 coming through. Pick 28 perhaps trade for a future as would seem a waste not to use!
  12. So do we use 18, 19 and 33 or do we trade 18 and 19 for a higher pick (ie 8-13) and use 33 and 50. Tend to think pick 18 and 19 would be a good move. A few could slip in this draft and having two in a row gives a good chance of one being the right choice. Our picks in the 30's are generally ok and more for a back up.
  13. Good business Dees. A full forward to take key defender and weeds to roam. Jacko can leap around. Petracca kicking to the hands of BB. An we still have 2 x 2nd rounders. Excellent! Perhaps these could become a 1 st rounder (macrae)
  14. Happy with that. Package up 31 and 33 for the bully's 1st rounder
  15. Ok, Gutnick and Wacko Jacko! Actually, this guy roaming the forward line now would be inspirational. God the AFL has gone to riun!
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