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Discussion on recent allegations about the use of illicit drugs in football is forbidden


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  1. Was it just me or was Oliver really proppy at the end of the game? He looked sore.
  2. Also, a tip for Foxtel customers who opt to record all Demon games, it now gives the option to record the 4K feed if they have it (which is all AFL games now). Bang! Bang bang bang.
  3. Max and Jackson disappointing. 1 mark between them.
  4. Assuming Petty is ok, we have the chance for the first time this year to put the (grand final) band back together in the backline. I thought Hibberd was good on Monday and you know Salem will get better. As Jordan is playing good footy on the wing, this would free up Gus to have a run on the ball (where he came 3rd in the Brownlow). This will take some pressure off Clarry and Petracca. I agree with others to kill the small forward medi-sub. Tomlinson sounds like a good choice for a jack of all trades sub. Forward line - no idea although Hunt has played there with some modest success. With only BBB as a tall, it gives the smalls to run around and at least be a target. Out: Turner, M Brown, Chandler (sub) In: May, Rivers, Tomlinson (sub)
  5. Here's a screenshot from 2013 when the ship was sinking. Did Tim take it back? 'Where is everyone?' topic sums it up. Plus Range Rover fighting the good fight.
  6. MCC tickets 'no longer on sale' Grrr
  7. Hopefully that's the last kick Neal-Bullen ever has for mfc
  8. Ch 9 reporting Clarry hurt his back at training
  9. Seriously. Weak as [censored] - Weiderman, Garlett, Hunt, Smith and Max Gawn. Soft as butter in front of goal. Call it as it is. Weiderman wants $650k a year! He plays football. That’s all he does FFS. For all you apologists, all I see are crocodile tears after the game. If I was Goodwin, I would tear the shreds off them.
  10. Apart from the Preuss error of judgement, Wallace is pretty well spot on with where he thinks the Dees are. Apologies if this has been previously posted. Here is Wallace on trade radio from 4th October (before the Jesse/May trades went down). https://omny.fm/shows/trade-radio/list-manager-terry-wallace-analyses-the-demons?in_playlist=trade-radio!podcast
  11. I've seen nothing to suggest Brayshaw is anything but a serviceable VFL player.
  12. I've seen nothing to suggest Brayshaw is anything but a serviceable VFL player.
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