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  1. Would be number 1 if we'd won. Was a great standard, but the result was horrible after coming from 7 goals down to lead by 5 goals and then lose still..... 2002
  2. Unfortunately a false dawn. We were beaten by Freo the next week and complete rubbish for the next 10 years before a revival of sorts in 2016-2018. An often missed game 1998 at Princes Park V Carlton round 4 , first game for Nathan Brown who was insanely brave for a skinny 17 year old that day, great comeback and first proof we were a real chance of making finals after the disaster of 97.
  3. Agreed, 5,465 views on youtube, I think 100 are me when I got down in the dumps in Lockdown! Enjoy.... Round 22 1987 - Footscray vs Melbourne - YouTube
  4. The one that actually delivered on its promise!!
  5. Bald bloke from W.C did that using Melbourne as that currency a few years back to get more money either from the pies or Visy, ended up at Visy on a Visy ambassador contract from memory!! MFC at the time thanked him publicly for his consideration when really they were fuming that he had done the same after he said he was coming for sure to play for the club he barracked for as a kid....
  6. Sam Mitchell received 2 years at WC. If hadn't of retired after the first year, he possibly could have played in the 2018 flag instead of assistant coaching them to it?
  7. Problem is this bloke is on coaching staff apparently?
  8. Great effort, hopefully you at least got the Trifecta, 10 for 4th was almost a field job to get it!!
  9. Nah, This is Cale Morton's best highlight reel and most fitting. Hunt has some attributes to be good player, but as others have mentioned, lacks the natural footy nous to be a great player. Needs a role, whether it be us or another club and he can be of value IMO. I'd like to think he could become a bit of a Tom Lynch from Adelaide type? He is good overhead and has good pace, just needs to learn running patterns on where to get to to and a tank and he could be very valuable? He probably lacks that nous to be as effective as Lynch when he was at his best, but he could still be an important
  10. He said when he first joined that he would have made Melbourne regret not taking him, I think his plan maybe to make us regret not keeping him captain, judging by his conversations with Tim Watson. https://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/afl/teams/geelong/geelong-eyeing-free-agent-jack-viney-in-bid-to-strengthen-midfield/news-story/798fd6278582bef47832d9863a47bc71
  11. I agree to some extent, so while I would be willing to put many on the table, you would only accept a trade where the terms are decent. I would say 2-3 trades if the value was there would be the max. You also have to offer something to get something, hence a Brayshaw or Fritsch who have value but seem to have regressed may attract a good offer. If not, you hope they improve and retain them. The trade can be for future year picks too to remove some of the speculative nature or for listed players that meet a need? I think the bottom of the list though has been tried, and just no good. Cut
  12. Looking at this list realistically based on contracts etc.. Bedford, Smith, Wagner x 2, Jones, Spargo and OMc all should go, no features to suggest they are going to make it. J Wagner, plays a role, but just hasn't improved his skill or decision making to a level that justifies retaining him any longer. I'd put Fritsch, Hunt and Hannan on the table for trade and see what is offered. If no reasonable offers, they are offered 1 year. 1 year offers for Hibberd, Jordon and Hore. Hibberd has had a pretty good year which is a credit as he was poor last year and has obviously had a difficul
  13. We don't tackle very well, we don't man up too well, we don't really chase, we have terrible foot skills, terrible decision making and handball skills and no great marking players. We have a few who have a crack when the ball is in their area, but really apart from that, we are deficient in every other area of the game. Tackling and chasing are mental and the c grader type players (Bedford, Baker etc..) at least should do that well, unfortunately ours just run around like stoned beagles and when they get the ball kick as well as stoned beagles!
  14. Worst part about the eagles loss was that we belted them in Perth only a few weeks earlier and gave the crowd a huge spray on exiting the field. Malthouse openly admitted using that as part of his address before we played them in the 1st Semi and we turned up expecting to win by 10 goals without trying because everyone said we would. The 25 goal loss was mid year to North. Like every year we had a [censored] patch I think we went from 7-1 to 9-6 before winning the last 7 (including Essendon Windy Hill, Eagles at Subi and Hawthorn when Tuck broke the games record and they were fired up for it).
  15. That was 1990 also. Really was our best chance of a flag. Injuries and the Collingwood V West Coast draw stuffed us that year.
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