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  1. Just checked my 1998 signed Team photo that has sat there for years (won at local footy club function). It could be J Stynes (mine is a bit worse for wear after 23 years, but it does look similar.
  2. 36 Andrew Leoncelli, 21 Steven Febey, Looks like Jeff Farmer on the bottomunder Fila, Maybe David Schwarz on the opposite corner to Neil Daniher. Unsure the one next to Steve Febey's, But possibly Viney (just there is a V and it may be an 1998 jumper with LG on it?
  3. Chris Grant was stretchered off after running into Neitz - Perfect bump. Was sitting in the bulldogs members section behind the goals at the bottom of the Ponsford stand when it happened. My brother -in law (pies supporter BTW) warned me he was about to start a riot but stated he felt compelled to yell it, stood up yelled "Get up you weak (choose your own high level profanity,) Grant". Expecting to then have people turn at us to start a blue, the funny thing was there was no response from dogs supporters just looks and nods of "yep you're right" from them and all these Melbourne heads that had until then appeared invisible, bobbed up all over the place yelling the same thing and even a few bulldogs supporters then yelled it. Such a strange moment you don't forget it...... When I saw the two presenters I thought of Grant being ironed out on the day Gary kicked 10 and thought it can't be a bad omen!
  4. clearly the picture is from a game V Hawthorn or Richmond (colours in the back ground). I think this is proof that he'd be very very stiff to be fined as a spectator intruding when clearly they cant find evidence he was even at the ground.....
  5. Your DM from 20 minutes ago will self destruct in 2 minutes (as I'll have to get back to work).
  6. G'day F' oath,

    I have given away my P1 already but have my donation membership code which is p2? (Partners name and she has never been to a game in her life).

    You welcome to it if it helps, if you already have one, let me know and I'll handball elsewhere.



  7. I really believe the recruitment of Vince, Cross and Tyson coinciding with Roos and PJ was the beginning of the turn around. In 2012/13 the thought of any player going to Melbourne was "only if I have to" so we got players like Gillies and Rodan who were not going to get a game at any other club as they weren't good enough or were past it. In 2014 we became competitive again, we weren't great by any stretch, but we would have at least have a crack week in week out and the 2014 win against Carlton is probably in the top 4 wins I have seen for fan excitement post victory (Going berserk after the game) and was the first game in probably 2 years where you could see the players just didn't want to roll over and accept failure again. From that moment, they were far more competitive. While the players above all effectively filled the cracks so to speak for the long term plan, they put a resolve back into the club and ensued that it was no longer seen as a basket case on field, allowing for a competitive culture to be built. That was then aided by good recruitment, which then again saw the continuation of improved results and that then allowed for the enticement of good players from other clubs (May, Lever, Langdon etc..) Without the initial slow build its possible that poor results could have continued by playing only young players before they were ready, which could easily have resulted in a status quo of the previous under development and potentially an exodus of those young players if poor results continued (per GC and Brisbane prior to Fagan). It's been a stepping stone approach from that moment until now for the club and hopefully the likes of Vince, Cross, Tyson and even Chris Dawes who tried his guts out for the club even if he was a bit cement handed, get some satisfaction out of the improvement in the club and hopefully that feeling gets better tonight and the next few weeks.
  8. I think I left angry, as I did believe if we won, we had a chance that year having beaten Brisbane in Brisbane (again coming from 7 goals down) earlier in the year. 1990, 1998 and 2002 were the years I felt we had a real chance, yet didn't make the GF!
  9. First Game R20 1980 V Richmond - Michael Roach kicked his 100th. Not all bad despite the caning as a consequence of that. Best game easily R22 1987 at Western Oval. Amazing day despite only being able to see 2/3rds of ground due to the crowd on the outer wing. Worst game 2002 Semi V Adelaide (had we won may have been best), the see-saw of emotions, certain defeat to certain victory to then loose (especially with some very punchable crows supporters nearby), was the angriest I've ever left a game. (Loved being at Princes Park v Hawthorn in 1985, Junction oval v Fitzroy in 1984, Windy hill in 1990 and Moorabbin in 1991also, right up there in the best days at the footy. Winning at suburban grounds against the odds always had an extra layer of satisfaction). Hopefully the next 2 weeks replace 1987 and become number 1 for every one.
  10. 3 time VFL team of team of the year (basically All Australian before it existed), would be the first picked for me as he just fits straight in on HBF whereas Lyon, Oliver, Petracca etc... are all moral's to be in and better players, but there could be some query as to the actual position (Neitz for me as an example is CHB, but could understand why some may say FF). As a useless side note often overlooked for FF; Darren Bennett is the highest goal scorer in a year by a Melbourne player from 1990 onwards (87 in 1990 which makes him the highest since Fred Fanning and second in history I believe @Supermercado?) although it really was only 1989-1991 he was of note so I can understand why no one has him in. I'd have this as almost bang on, except Jurrah wasn't around long enough to show a consistent year let alone a career (I'd have him in the Sean Charles category, exciting for a brief period). I'd replace him with Jones or even the Bald Eagle who at his best was an exceptional player before injuries. I think in 3 years time, a few more of the current crop hopefully would have this changed up a bit.
  11. The connection of what's at the end of Satan's rainbow and the cool demon at the end of the clip complete seem appropriate; And as the Temper Trap are huge MFC supporters a shout out to them also
  12. In 2000 we made a GF with a young list after the retirement of a number of champions in 1999. Everyone then thought it was the beginning, but it never eventuated. Even at the end of 1994 under Neil Balme, the world was going to be our oyster, but injuries, in fighting etc...all happened and we fell away fast. Again in 2018, people expected it to be the start of something big, with an immediate drop off. Take your chances when you can, because you can never be sure if the opportunity will come around again. Things change, players get injured etc..., you can't just expect everything will go right again next year. Even at the end of 1994 under Neil Balme, the world was going to be our oyster, but injuries, in fighting etc...all happened and we fell away fast. The time is now, the worlds have aligned and only a flag is worth celebrating! Then start a dynasty thereafter.
  13. Agree with this in most part OD, I would place one caveat though that you do need to look at "horses for courses". I think Joel Smith has played fine the last 2 weeks, but I also think that if Hibberd is a better match up for Charlie Cameron and Smith would effectively not have a suitable opponent, then considerations need be made on this basis occasionally irrespective of form. There may be other match ups for Smith that are suitable, but I'm not sure we have too many better match ups for Cameron apart from Hibberd with Hunt unavailable. With Tom Mc, I believe he could win us the game, but if he doesn't play, any replacement is unlikely to? He did win us the game v Sydney and was instrumental in Richmond and importantly the Brisbane wins along with a few other games. On that basis he should and will stay in.
  14. Any chance of handballing the Powerball numbers too? You called this at 44 points down! Nostradamus eat you heart out......
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