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  1. Medical checks are made as part of or prior to the trade period. The actual trade has to be final and unconditional by the end of the trade period. Bulldogs and Pies were given leeway on salary details and we saw how that turned out It's up to the player as to whether he agrees to a medical check but one would think it unusualto refuse. No reason that tests are limited to physical checks. Saints could ask DeGoey for a psychiatric test but I suspect he'd say no.
  2. Pick 8 He was pick 3 I give up This deal has now become what can the the Anchors dig up
  3. Bulldogs defence is atrocious. Strange they couldn't take Tomlinson. Would not be surprised if we had offered to sweeten the pie with a salary subsidy of 100k but still no taker... yet
  4. This is a good deal for a rebuilding club but for clubs who already have a valuable top ten it's difficult to see how it gets done. At around $650k you can shuffle things but $850k for two years for a $350k player...very hard
  5. Was wondering when the "footy clubs are special places" angle was going to come up "Football clubs are unique environments. They become a second home for players, and coaches are often required to be much more than just football mentors,” he said. “Coaches are regularly called on to provide advice and support on non-football related issues, particularly with younger players who have left home to join an AFL club. “It would significantly enhance the investigation if someone who intimately understands that environment, and has deep experience in managing the wellbeing of players, was included on the panel." https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/racism-investigation-must-include-an-experienced-football-administrator-says-aflca-boss-20220926-p5bl21.html
  6. Love the Cat's mad Monday theme On the TV ratings it strikes me that the Friday holiday has provided the excuse for many to exit Melbourne thus further reducing the viewers. Under 400k viewers in Sydney is amazingly low...Swans have been there now for over forty years
  7. Now we're talking Who pays $1m a year for a non goal kicking ruckman.... Madness Ruckmen... most injury prone position in the team...who contracts a 29 year old for five years As an earlier poster pointed out... if we take Grundy at $700k we have around $1.3-1-5M invested in the ruck position. That's a fair % of your overall cap. Does it maximise your win chance as against investing in an elite outside mid or forward. Make no mistake.. Pies have done the sums and they see it differently.
  8. Okay at its simplest Hearsay is a witness saying X told me that he saw Y happening 1.can generally not be used as evidence that Y happened 2. it can however be admitted as evidence that X said it if the fact of saying it has evidentiary bearing on the case Point 2 is particularly important as corroboration for a complaint made by X
  9. Fast track development means the talent is matched against equal talent at quite a young age. In the old days a coach would tell a very good player that for a season (say under 16) play using the non preferred only. Just doesn't happen anymore
  10. Agree ... thought it was good Obviously now just a television presentation... the old idea of both crowd and TV entertainment was always a hard gig
  11. Collingwood three straight losses Did we have 12 players injured each time? Brisbane play a slow high forward game so they are not a real test
  12. There are common threads to each of these stories and now another is added.... “When the (ABC) article came out, dots started to connect with me and lightbulbs went off. (But) our experience was nothing compared with what those blokes went through.” Ah Sam-Rioli outlined five months ago in The Age how Hawthorn football officials arrived at their home and attempted to persuade the partner of a young footballer living with them to return to Darwin. https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/we-were-watching-those-blokes-break-the-hawthorn-women-who-would-not-stay-silent-20220919-p5bj8u.html
  13. Nearly bought a GF package from MFC about 8 weeks ago. Lunch and seat was the deal IIRC for $1440. At the time I thought to myself I could sell the package at face value if we didn't make it. Does anyone know if I would have been successful? Nice to know for future years Thanks
  14. Was it great for the first ten rounds though. It gave in the main wins by 16 points. The only team that adopted the run against us was Port who couldn't hit the barn door that day. Collingwood has now outplayed us in three straight games for example. Geelong is now smashing us.The list goes on. Anyway we seem to be stuck with what I term the Python Play (squeezing your opponent to death) so we will see how next year goes
  15. Surprised that he was not picked up by another club at the end of last season. Can't see it happening now.
  16. The move smacks of desperation frankly. I suppose they thought at end of 2021 season Jackson would cover the Gawn issues with a break glass type ruck at Casey (Majak etc). Jackson clearly leaving from mid season spooked them. The gameplan is slow and cumbersome to say the least. Amazing what six months can do to one's MFCSS but the 2021 finals series being an aberration is becoming startlingly clear
  17. Bulldogs defence is rubbish so this makes sense Thanks Adam you gave us good service
  18. Sounds like the river parade could have been better organised "Thousands of footy fans have lined the Yarra River to watch the players pass on boats for this year’s grand final parade, but many have been left disappointed by a decision to turn the flotilla around before it reached a key vantage point. Fans who gathered on the Princes Bridge on Friday for an up-close view of Geelong and Sydney players on the river have been left frustrated that the boats were turned around well before reaching the bridge. Spectators had packed the bridge up to five people deep only to watch as the pontoons turned around earlier than they expected." https://www.theage.com.au/national/victoria/we-re-an-army-grand-final-parade-bring-crowds-to-the-yarra-river-20220923-p5bkdv.html
  19. Pretty well sums up how most are feeling. The post Queens Birthday season has been abysmal from an MFC viewpoint. With the Storm exiting from the NRL finals so early there's not even any interest there
  20. The chance was there against North and West Coast to begin the management process and the coaching staff ignored it. From there it went downhill. It's a balance and that's what they are hired for.. I think Weideman's bad form spooked them and with McDonald injured it started to fall away. The two Collingwood losses which we would have pencilled in as wins completely blew away any further chance of managing players
  21. KLV What you say may have been apposite in 1970 to explain the misguided actions of pre-1960 but fifty years on in a professional organisation...NO WAY
  22. According to this story in the Age the Egan Report covers 2010-2016 and involves the stories of 21 past and present players https://www.theage.com.au/sport/afl/if-allegations-are-proven-clarkson-s-and-fagan-s-coaching-positions-are-untenable-20220921-p5bjwy.html
  23. The AFL report says the deal he is on is "heavily backended" so I suspect the remaining 2 years must be over 750k to justify pick 7. Good deal for North, WCE etc who are looking to rebuild via buying Pick 7. For the MFC.. would you let Hunt go (saves $450 approx) pay $300k for two years for Bowes and enter the draft at pick 7 for an outside mid....Perhaps
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