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  1. Just underscores the irrelevancy of the competition. Let's be honest it will disappear within 5-10 years. Sad but true unfortunately Playing mini me imitation of AFL style will simply accelerate the trend. Reduce the onfield numbers and let's see some fast football
  2. Spoiling a mark is very easy when you know where the ball is going. No way Grundy and Gawn will be offering alternative targets. Did you see it with Gawn and Jackson for example
  3. But would North pay the high asking price for a player who doesn't want to be there. WCE sit pretty in the PSD and I'd be amazed if its possible use doesn't get a run in the media IIRC the PSD was used once before to get a high profile player. Beware is all I say
  4. Lovely but Freo simply can't deliver two top tens Will WCE blink As they say in the classics "This trade could constipate the trading period"
  5. There's little doubt that getting Grundy means more of the Goodwin boundary line to pocket system. Bit like ordering a diesel driven car as electric cars come on the market..... Timing
  6. Surprising re Melksham but I suppose you need to spend your money somewhere and with Mitch Brown gone. Hibberd... one year is fine
  7. Different stages of the window and different views on rucks I suspect plus he's not cheap. Frankly I question the worth of two similar style rucks but Goodwin is paid to make these decisions
  8. Collingwood wont want to repeat the Trealoar fiasco and leave this deal until the last minute. Collingwood to pay $400k each year and late second round. The length of Grundy's contract is a big negative. If it only had 3 more years for example Collingwood might have got more
  9. I know $20 is not a great amount these days but charging anything for this game is a bit over the top. Perhaps they want to limit the numbers attending and thus reduce stadium costs Crowd under 5k is my guess
  10. Doubt it it was more the Eagles matching the Freo money I'm sure. Freo has a big dilemna. The only way it can remotely match what the Eagles can offer is to trade a player
  11. Agree.. I find it somewhat amusing that his value as expressed by many posters goes up or down by reference to his weekly form. Pick 2, pick 10-14 plus steak knives please
  12. Gameplan perhaps but are AFL players eligible ?
  13. Thought the same. Non aligned clubs were around mid $200k someone mentioned
  14. It's not a silly idea. One of the bigger complaints by the lower clubs is that they have to pay X% of their salary cap even though their players may not be worth that much on the open market. This would allow those clubs to sell salary cap for say 2 or 3 years in return for picks to get first year high draft picks in on base contracts. When the base contract comes to an end they can then use the normal salary cap level to retain players. It offers a potentially quicker way off the bottom. It also means bottom clubs would be far more likely to release older higher paid players as they get an off-setting benefit of selling salary cap space.
  15. Don't disagree but are you thinking of replacing them with similar level players or simply getting their salary off the book so we can prepay a few of the higher paid players. For example we could take Ellison on a minimum contract and trade Tomlinson thus perhaps freeing up around $200k a year. Weid would be harder
  16. Only if they merged with GCS. Pokie money keeps them going Aspley (suburb of Brisbane) was also supposed to join but couldn't afford it. Why are they in the VFL...why not..it's a weird competition
  17. They announced the new soft cap a few months ago. It wasn't a massive increase IIRC but better than nothing. Hard to disassociate player group form from line coaches and then there is the overarching gameplan. Where to start
  18. Calm down OD Comparing relative failure is one thing but the upside equation is very different. Anyway if LJ goes and Weid stays miracles might happen
  19. They've not kicked a goal since entering the zone of indecision Danger ahead !!
  20. Pies have entered the dreaded zone of indecision .......... 26 points up They're doomed
  21. Need to also play some time up forward in VFL. His role is 1.5 goals and 30% ruck plus a few marks around the ground. He took 4 marks today which is not stellar for the first ruck. I like the experimentation. Had hoped for more from Joel Smith today. I think it's his fourth game back at this level
  22. Just means you're not developing a forward. He's not a tall so he's not much good for training small forwards. Winning is nice but it's not really the main reason why we have a VFL team And as some pointed out last week the VFL salary cap is so low he could make more money playing in the suburban league
  23. A very capable VFL player Listed himself in the mid season draft but no takers.
  24. Missed an opportunity not going hard after Hogan. Sure there were risks but the upside could have been enormous
  25. Salem is a microcosm of a bigger issue but it is a good example. His status probably justified coming straight back into the senior side. After two games it was apparent that the instinctive touch was not there. That was the time for a few games at VFL level to get his touch back. Instead we played him week in week out. Sure he had a couple of serviceable games but he was well below his best.
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