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  1. Absolutely everything. It would fill a much needed void in my life. the weird part if it goes well, we cannot celebrate as I have always dreamed of.
  2. Every thing I have asked for 30 years wrapped up in one game! Just a very very proud member. Bliss…just pure bliss
  3. Chris Scott is loved by the media, so it will be a Geelong fest all week. Their finals experience compared to ours is huge but Goody with ooze and Choco should have us quietly primed. If it’s a close one we need to be wary of letting the umps screw us over. Tommy Mac surely must be due for a big one. Hibberd for Smith otherwise leave the side unchanged. Best of luck to the whole club. Get it done boys.
  4. Port had the easiest run into finals and will have major advantage for prelim of any team. Hope it’s us and dogs for big dance.
  5. Putrid final to watch. Worse with Taylor and Brayshaw. CH7 really need to find decent callers. we will get smug Chris Scott all week now.
  6. No! These guys have worked their backsides off to get this point. 57 years and waiting, never be satisfied until the job is done.
  7. Thank you boys and the whole MFC. Such a shame had to be alone at home, never been prouder …go deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees
  8. Geelong are dads army! Has Dangerfield ever played a good final?
  9. Cats will do their usual finals stuff then fall at the final hurdle. Meanwhile Dees supporters will die a thousand cuts over next two weeks.
  10. I cannot get my head around this [censored] performance! Big stage big disaster! Clarko, can we get him?
  11. Same clubs stay strong while the wannabes go missing.
  12. Straight sets in finals. Nothing surer!,
  13. Ok that’s it they can shove their pathetic pea hearted rubbish. Saturday night ruined, shameful wannabes.
  14. Well that’s right after all season we get to play PA in Adelaide final. Does it mean anything to this team to get on their skates
  15. I have had a gutful of umpires and the MFC. They ruin every effing game we play
  16. All I hope is that I dont need a new TV after tonight. Might just listen to the radio instead for a while to save money.
  17. Thanks for nothing bulldogs.
  18. Whilst it’s great to see our team in this position, as long suffering supporters Covid has dudded us. After years of attending games in all conditions, watching us get belted week in week out, we now are deprived of attending games to watch the team rise to the top. Watching on television is just not the same, no atmosphere, can’t join in the song with supporters, and walk away from the G bouncing along. It’s so sad that as supporters of the club that has waited more than 50 years we are dudded to totally soak up that winning feeling.
  19. It is rare to be able to sit down and watch this mob without throwing a brick at the TV
  20. Harems goes missing every second week
  21. This team has a brain problem. Lazy lazy lazy and lazy
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