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  1. Time to switch to wet weather football. Get it fwd any way possible.
  2. If we finish 3rd or 4th we get a Home final next week. Heaps to play for! Finish 4th and we play Freo at Home.
  3. Roos beat Freo. Wouldn't mind meeting Freo in the first week of final. Their last 3 games: unconvincing last minute win vs Carlton, loss to Dees now a loss to Roos. On a bright note: Roos win snuffs out Carlton's chances of making the finals
  4. Just read that the game will go ahead - Lions have been given an exemption by the State Gov't.
  5. AFL has conceded it should have been a free to Bailey in the goal square. Hope karma comes back and bites Geelong in the backside.
  6. Game scheduled to start in about 90 mins. Anyone know if its going ahead or even if Brisbane arrived in Melbourne this morning? Unfortunately can't find anything on AFL, MFC or Lions websites, twitter. Anyone down at Casey?
  7. Looks like Geelong will make 'roughing up champion players' their 'one-wood'. Hope our players protect Oliver and Petracca, Geelong's likely targets, more than the Lions did Neale. They let him down badly in the first half.
  8. Some doubt whether this game goes ahead. Due to a covid case in Brisbane anyone arriving from there since March 12 is required to isolate. Lions AFLW team is still in Brisbane. Huge implications for the order of the top 6 if this doesn't go ahead.
  9. And a fair chance the ground will be dewy so the ball will be slippery. Will affect both teams - its just who handles it better. ...unless they close the roof early in the evening before dew sets in.
  10. A fascinating round for 3 of last year's finalists and who will make it this year.. Pies, Cats and LIons are 0-1. Cats play Lions this week so one of them will go 0-2.. Pies play Carlton and if they lose they will also go 0-2. If Carlton loose and go 0-2 it snuffs out their chances of finals. In the last 10 years 58 teams have started 0-2 but only 5 have gone on to play finals. And in the history of the game only 2 poor starters (0-2) have subsequently won a premiership. So two of Pies, Cats, Lions and Blues will each have less than 10% chance of making fin
  11. The rhs of his head hit the ground when he fell to his right.
  12. Destined to follow in the footsteps of the other FIGJAM - has a Brownlow, changed clubs for a much coveted Premiership medal but will retire without one. Icing on the cake would be if Adelaide win a flag before he retires. Unlikely but would like to see it.
  13. Pure speculation on my part but I can see different elements to our game plan being applied when we play thru the wings:. fast, attacking play (ala Tigers/Bulldogs) thru Langdon 'controlled' football (ala Geelong/WCE) thru Brayshaw. But as I said earlier it requires good positioning/structures and players to be well versed in each style. These make us less predictable to the opp but more predictable to team mates. And we have more of a chance to to control the tempo of games which we haven't been good at in the past. But as I said pure guess work on my part,
  14. Last year Brayshaw played between the arcs for a large part of games.. He was the 'go-to' player in transition. So if he plays on the wing I'm guessing his role will be as a link-up player controlling one side of the ground rather the Langdon type wing who is more a run-and-carry player because of his speed. The structures and players will need to be well set up to help them play those roles to optimise our ball movement out of defence. Despite not being 'fast', Brayshaw has very good footy IQ, has good vision and regardless of what some on here say is a good user of the ball. If
  15. Latest Injury List: Some serious outs for the Saints. They get Max King back but he is lacking match practice and would be having nightmares playing against May again. If any of our Hibberd, Viney or Melksham return they will at least have some match practice. Injuries will be no excuse for us should we lose this weekend as they are worse off than us. Petracca and May won us the game last time we played them. We need an all team effort this week. We must bank these early wins again
  16. The AFLW Tribunal has shown it is a pushover on appeal for favoured players. In the first round Ebony Marinoff, the Crows gun midfielder (and touted for the AFLW best player award) had her 3 game suspension overturned - no case to answer. The Tribunal must apply the 'potential to do damage' rule. No way Bowers should get off. AFL must appeal as they did in the Houli case. If it was a lesser name player they would have tougher treatment than Marinoff and Bowers.
  17. I get that a broken nose might bring a classification of 'high' level impact. The kid was knocked out cold before he hit the ground and after some time carried off on a stretcher. That sounds like 'severe' level impact to me. Or did everyone conveniently ignore the concussion and just focus on the broken nose. I qualify my comments by saying I'm not sure we are getting enough info on what is said on the AFL feed.
  18. Based on the AFL news feed their lawyer, Gleeson, doesn't seem to have put up much of a case to prosecute the charge. Is it too cynical to 'smell a rat', so to speak?
  19. I saw no element of concern or care for Kelly in anything Sloane or Ricciuto said. They could have simply said - it is up to the Tribunal - our focus is on Jake's welfare and recovery. Or just: 'no comment'.
  20. Sloane, another Dangerfield great mate but also Kelly's captain is saying Kelly "... ran into a guy with a rock-hard melon. I've ran into that bloke, Danger, a couple of times and you certainly do come off second best normally." I wouldn't be too happy if my captain said it was my fault after the injuries I sustained. It is salt into the wound after Ricutto yesterday said it was 'bad luck'. Isn't Kelly's father Craig Kelly, a senior AFL Player Manager. I wounder if we will hear from him. tbh I find it quite unsavoury that Ricutto and Sloane are batting for a mate rather than
  21. Anyone else think it is very poor for Adelaide Crows Director (and good mate of Dangerfield) Mark Ricutto to come out and support Danger over the welfare of one of his own very young players. What message is that sending to his club and parents of current and future players. "Adelaide legend Mark Ricciuto believes Geelong star Patrick Dangerfield shouldn’t be suspended for longer than one game for an incident of “bad luck” with Crows defender Jake Kelly" -mark-ricciuto-comments-how-many-weeks-tribunal-hearing-jake-kelly
  22. Melbourne v Fremantle 10 Steven May (MELB) 7 Clayton Oliver (MELB) 7 Jake Lever (MELB) 4 Tom McDonald (MELB) 2 Andrew Brayshaw (FRE) Goodwin/Longmuir split: 5/5 May 4/3 Lever/Oliver 3/4 Lever/Oliver 2/2 TMac 1/1 Andrew Brayshaw Very even voting by the coaches. Really pleased for Tommy - Great recognition having have been below his best in recent times. Edit: to change the post from votes for Angus to Andrew Brayshaw.
  23. So in summary: Had 10 steps to assess options (2 - 3 seconds) Chose not to tackle Chose not to smother Chose to bump Picked up speed to reach Kelly Contact was late No evidence of self-defence It is a compelling case to find him guilty. There is no evidence to get him off - except for the AFL's 'secret herbs and spices.
  24. That is condemning vision - hadn't seen that in mainstream media. He lined him up from a fair way out, picked up speed as he got closer then lunged at Kelly, deliberately!. He clearly had the option to tackle. Chose not to. So much for his defence of split second decision making. He had plenty of time (10 steps) to assess the options. Kelly was following his line and at no time deviated toward Danger nor used his body in any sort of attacking or blocking motion. Can't see any evidence of the need for self defence.
  25. Thanks. From the Age article it seems Danger is relying on the self-defence exception to get off.
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