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  1. Yes, that seems to be his weakness. Bartlett's ability to let emotions cloud his judgement was never more on show than when he canned the team after the 2020 loss to Port. Angry as! Threw everyone under the bus. Trying to get the AFL to sack Goodwin and Pert is another example of emotion affecting judgement in that he didn't have the backing of the Board to do that. It was to be his last hurrah, so to speak I would have thought his current campaign would be better served by choosing one target and going all out on it rather than his scatter gun approach which is making him look petty and undermining his own credibility.
  2. Agreed. But do we know that Jackson did have access to the HFC report? I don't recall him quoting it or referring to it which one expect if he did have access. I'd be interested to know one way or the other if he did.
  3. We are nearly half way through the season and I'm watching it go down the gurgler because we can't kick straight and don't play four quarters. We make a great start with accurate kicking and then it stops. In our 3 winning games we have kicked 15.26 squandering precious opportunities to build % while other teams capitalise. I fear we are going to miss a double chance or Home Finals.
  4. Were they? I had the impression the ABC story was based on separate interviews by Jackson with HFC players. According to McLachlan last night on AFL 360 the ABC story had info the HFC report did not and vice versa. If the ABC story was based on a leaked HFC report one would expect the content to not vary.
  5. One wonders about his motives: Ego Revenge Money Mud slinging Given what he and others said when he resigned as President and then from the Board there didn't seem to be much to complain about. Whatever the reason and the outcome I don't think it will hurt our club in any way. Everyone in AFL is over his public disclosures and antics on Goodwin, McLachlan, The Age, Roffey and now, other Board members. Note that only the HS and the tabloids carry these stories. Few take him seriously. Presidency of MFC opened doors and enabled him to be a big wig around town. In Perth, well...?
  6. Hunt has more than one string to his bow. He is an important part of the run and carry chain out of defence. Critically, he did a great job as a lock down defender in the first part of the year keeping some of the most dangerous forwards quiet. Before we let him go we need to ensure we have someone to do that lock down role. Hibberd does it very well but his days are numbered. Bowey and Rivers have done it a couple of times. Can they perform that role continuously? Can Woewodin? Nev Jetta is our benchmark for this role. Roos retrained him from a forward to become an elite shut down defender, selflessly sacrificing his own game. That is the level the next lock down person needs to reach both in attitude and performance.
  7. I'm taking the AFL press release as the 'official' word and it said 4 years so I'll leave the Contracts thread as is..
  8. Its important to note the process. HFC asked the external Consultants to review the experiences of its past and current indigenous players. It was effectively a fact finding mission. It didn't ask them to talk to HFC staff or non-indigenous players. It seems the intention was that once they received the Consultant's report they would act on it and if necessary investigate further. They decided to involve the AFL as they probably weren't equipped to undertake investigations which is fair enough. In the meantime the ABC journalist interviewed some of those players and wrote his story on the experiences the three players and families related to him. That ABC story would have blindsided everyone. We don't know how things would have proceeded without it. Then it all hit the fan.
  9. You are both right. If he is picked by another club during the draft we have the option to match the bid. To do this we need draft picks and a list spot in the seniors. If he isn't selected in the draft we can take him as a Cat B rookie without using any draft or rookie picks. This is how we got Monz-Wakefield last year. We are allowed two Cat B rookies. We currently have one so there is room for FE-B.
  10. He was OOC when he came as an FA so his contract with us was either 4 or 5 years.
  11. Firstly, losing Hunt makes me very sad. Re the FA compensation. I would have thought an end of 2nd round pick approx # 37 especially if we do what other clubs do and get the receiving club to make the first two years $ of the contract such that he falls into this category ie top $50% of players.
  12. With no cheeky emoji there I will assume you are serious... If you find an official document saying 5 years I'll change info. Until then the AFL document will stay my official source.
  13. Thank you. I'll start my DL 'offseason' after the Draft and return when training gets serious in the new year.
  14. LOL! I've found multiple reports of both 4 and 5 years. So, I'm going with the official AFL PR at the time he was traded which is 4 years so Contracts thread stays as is. https://www.afl.com.au/news/52273/inaugural-giant-joins-dees-as-free-agent-compensation-revealed. OOC 2023, one year to go.
  15. I'm not sure now. I was taking the report at face value. Silly me! In the Contracts thread I have always shown it as a 4 year contract ie expiring in 2023. I will do more checking before the next version of that update.
  16. Yze may want Williams but why would Williams leave? He is a much valued member of a premiership club. At Ess he would spend his time putting out political spot fires and protecting Adem's back. I would have thought Williams has had a gut full of political stuff in his coaching career and wouldn't care for any more. I reckon he would stay!
  17. Cheers for that. Will fix the icons with next version.
  18. Firstly, I wasn't speculating I was asking a question. If you disagree with a poster insulting that poster is not the way to voice it. This is: 'Wiz', thank you for providing more info and for the respectful way you raise caution.
  19. Agreed. The 'salary dump' change is intended to help struggling clubs who have the cap space get access to better picks/players. Hence, the article mentions the clubs with the cap space: Hawthorn, Saints, Ess and Geelong. It frightens the bejeesus our of me that Geelong could have the cap space to get him and get pick 7. The AFL should check if there are 'freebies' being offered by Geelong that they don't count. It just doesn't make sense that they can afford Bowes.
  20. A correction to that info. He has two years to go on his contract.
  21. GCS have dangled a juicy carrot in another 'salary dump': Pick 7! clubs-eye-suns-pick-no-7 GOLD Coast is set to dangle pick No.7 as the draft sweetener for clubs vying to take on Jack Bowes and the two remaining years on his contract. Bowes is signed through to the end of 2024 on a heavily back-ended deal, with the former top-10 pick and Suns Academy product open to a move to a new club. The Suns are also embarking on a proactive reset of their salary cap position and will use their strong draft hand to entice rivals to take on players. It means clubs such as Hawthorn, St Kilda, Geelong and Essendon, who have all shown interest in Bowes, would also be in line to land the extra draft capital as part of the deal to take the versatile Sun's contract off their books. The Suns have so many picks in this draft that they won't use. They are mastering the art of 'salary dump' very quickly! Short of the unlikely event of not taking Grundy I can't see how we can create the cap space to get Bowes. Edit: I have just learnt that Tomlinson is contracted for another two years so if he was to ask for a trade we may fit Bowes in as Tomlinson is on about $500k p.a (The Contracts thread has shown him as having one year to go. I'll fix on the next version).
  22. Thanks for the info and clarifying what happened. I take great comfort from the work we are doing in Alice, with Naarm and the way we supported Kozzie when his mum passed away. And as our AFLW captain Daisy Pearce has shown great leadership and grit 'taking on' the AFL recently. I just hope that if we have any skeletons the club has found them and taken action to heal any wounds, if needed.
  23. AFL article on demon players: MELBOURNE'S Jayden Hunt faces an uncertain future with the free agent remaining unsigned for next year. Hunt is an unrestricted free agent and played 20 games for the Demons this season, including their two finals. He also played 20 games in 2021 and was unlucky to miss out on the club's premiership win last year after injuring his ankle late in Melbourne's campaign. He is without a contract for 2023. West Coast has a level of interest in Hunt and given his free agency status he could leave and join any club without a trade being enacted. The 27-year-old's speed, run and carry is his weapon and he was instrumental in the Demons' round 22 win over Carlton with a season-high 19 disposals and several key moments late in the game. Melbourne pair Jake Melksham, who played in Casey Demons' VFL premiership win last Sunday, and Michael Hibberd are out of contract but likely to win extensions. Adam Tomlinson could be looked at by clubs as a ready-to-go backman given he has dropped down the pecking order of defenders at the Demons, with the key defender conveyer belt in swing among clubs looking to bolster their stocks. Tomlinson would likely be open to a move if an opportunity arose but he has two years to go on his deal at Melbourne, having joined the club as a free agent at the end of 2019. – Callum Twomey
  24. I'm not sure in what context you are calling the two gentlemen but if I recall correctly they are twin brothers which btw is totally irrelevant to anything and everything. Apologies to them if that is incorrect... I've always been fond of @ding's cat avatar and it always makes me smile. Yes also totally irrelevant to anything and everything. Sorry for the diversion, folks. I just needed to add something light hearted to this very sad thread.
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