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  1. Thanks. I was thinking current AFL players. The Bullants team is very depleted after Carlton pulled the pin on them last year. It makes a bit of a mockery of the AFL when some clubs are AFL affiliates and some aren't eg Bullants and Frankston. While not affiliated Port seem to hold their own.
  2. Definitely much harder. The team that wants him has to find 2 frist round picks and it would have to be around 5-6 and the other in the low teens. Not many clubs will have that draft hand. Unless of course they do what WCE did with Kelly and hand over a batch of late 1st round picks and 2nd round picks (current and future). Hell would break lose on here if that happened.
  3. Out of interest, did the Bullants have any AFL listed players on Saturday? When covid hit Carlton cut times with them and are now fielding their own VFL team simply named 'Carlton'. No AFL players at the Bullants would explain the very lop-sided game.
  4. Can the Tribunal reduce a mandatory 3 week penalty? Or is it 3 weeks (or more) if 'Appeal' is dismissed and if the 'Appeal' is upheld he gets zero weeks? ie All or nothing? Would be interested if anyone knows the Tribunal's powers in this regard.
  5. What happened to the AFL rule that coaches and players are prohibited from public comment on MRP decisions. I'm sure the AFL love the 'click bait' but he shouldn't be allowed to do this. He is even saying previous cases should be ignored. He knows he is in strife. That he is (player) President of the AFLPA makes it even more important that he is not seen to be 'above the law' so should get the mandatory 3 weeks that goes with direct referral to the Tribunal.
  6. I agree he left the ground and simultaneously clearly lunged toward Kelly well after he had disposed of the ball and who had stopped moving.forward so there was no need to bump into him at all. And it wasn't 'self-protection' as he is claiming.
  7. Of course he will. Since FA was introduced very few top players have signed beyond their FA (8th) year. And then only for mega deals. He will get paid handsomely for the next two years. Then he can go to the club of choice and get a big payday, if that is what he wants. Unless a player is really unhappy all managers will advise them to contract until their 8th year.
  8. In the SEN interview, Pert said: “He’s not indicating that he wants to see how he’s playing or the team is performing, it’s more about that we’re having conversation (on a range of things) and there might be some talk around the financial packaging....we move on all these things as quickly as the player and manager wants. Ideally it never becomes a distraction throughout the year.” My take on this is that negotiations are some way down the track. No need for the dispondancy.
  9. Very strange thread. Who cares what he earns. The only thing that matters is that he stays a demon, preferably long term..
  10. All the more reason Danger should have the book thrown at him. ANB got 4 weeks in a 17 week season.
  11. Its time the AFL made an example of a 'name' player like Danger and not just the ANB's of the world. In both cases the concussion occurred when the player's head hit the ground, after the infringement. In both cases the optics were very bad. In both cases the infringement was sent directly to the Tribunal. ANB got 4 weeks. Appeal rejected. Commentators said at the time that if ANB was 'name' player he wouldn't get the same treatment. Concussion is taken far more seriously now than as it should be. Time for the AFL to set down the law.
  12. Woo Hoo! We are in the finals! Who we play probably depends on who wins the Crows vs Pies game. Unless we beat Brisbane and then a lot of dominoes get to fall as 5 of the top 6 teams play each other next week.
  13. Could it be they had a run in the seniors practice game vs Bulldogs?
  14. I meant to type GWS (not GCS) 'still have the remnants of a good side' so could beat Carlton. iirc GWS made the GF a few years ago? I have amended my post. Will certainly be barracking for a big win by GWS next week.
  15. Yes, if Carlton can lift from 108.8% to 136%. Hence why I suggested we need to keep any losses to an absolute minimum margin so our % drop keeps us above Carlton. GWS still have the remnants of a good side so they could take it right up to Carlton so their % gain may not be great. For mine Carlton lifting their % sufficiently is a tall order for them but it could happen. And we can't afford a blowout loss. Agreed the only way to not miss finals on % again, is to win one of the games. Brisbane at Casey is our best chance. Should we miss finals on % to Carlton I will be filth
  16. While it is a minnow in the banking world it is really good to have a sponsor commit for three years.
  17. I didn't blame Goodwin at all. Some on here do.
  18. Are you sure? I thought it was reported that he did some training with their fwds. And he played fwd in their practice match a few weeks ago. Kicked a few goals if iirc. At MFC he was seen only as and used only as a Defender (except once or twice for a quarter when we shuffled the deck in desperation) and he had little chance of making an impact in a role he had not been prepared for. It seems to me that Carlton will use him as a swing-man rather than pigeon hole him as a fwd or a def and have trained him accordingly. Teague has a different view of Oscar's abilities than Goo
  19. I wasn't disparaging Hibberd. I think his courage and committment last after losing his brother was enormous. All credit to him for the year he had. Not sure I want to go around in circles about our respective views of his 2020 season and where he fits into the team this year so I'll leave it at that. I just feel he is right at the end of his career and I think the one year contract shows that.
  20. It will be interesting to see how long he is with us. Late last year he was delisted (even tho he had a one year contract) to help meet the sal cap so he was made a rookie. Having been delisted once makes him a Delisted Free Agent at the end of this year so he can go to a a club of his choice without being traded. We get an FA comp pick but I would think it would be so late we wouldn't use it. I know its a bit early to talk list management but if we want to keep him we may need to get in early.
  21. An update: Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin has confirmed they will be without three key players for their opening match against Fremantle. Hibberd was pushing for a round one return after being sidelined with an ankle injury during “We want to pick a fairly fit side,” Goodwin said on 3AW. “Hibberd played his first game for Casey and Melksham’s playing his first game this week. “Viney’s also playing his first game for Casey (this week) so those guys won’t be available. There was good news, however, for Steve May, who suffered a concussion during the AAMI Communi
  22. He isn't. I believe a player cannot have played more than 10 games coming into a season. He played 14 last year.
  23. Our latest Injury list: Angus Brayshaw Foot Test Ben Brown Knee 4-6 weeks Michael Hibberd Ankle Test
  24. Have a look at the respective injury lists. Freo, Saints and GWS will be missing some big name outs which offset our likely outs. Players on all 3 teams will have interrupted preseasons or lack match practice. https://www.afl.com.au/news/560504/medical-room-the-full-afl-injury-list-post-aami And, we beat Saints and GWS last year. Should have beaten Freo. They are absolutely must win games to make finals and 3-0 wins will be a confidence boost and keep the baying pack quiet for a while. If that set or circumstances isn't sufficient to motivate our 'angry' players to vict
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