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  1. Yay! Really happy for him. Thrown in the deep end when he first joined us and I'm not sure it did him any favours. In a fresh environment where he isn't expected to be a 'save the defence' he can settle into becoming a very good, reliable footballer.
  2. Did anyone notice that TMac was competing with Max when May was kicking in? Spoiled him a few times and one time ripped the ball from his grasp? iirc it was primarily in the first quarter. Did I hear someone say they would play 'selfless' football? Hmm, I wonder what TMac thinks that looks like. Another example was when Baker took a low % shot for goal when there were players in better positions. Maybe some players need reminding of what 'selfless' looks like.
  3. We may have had our best midfield out yesterday but the game was almost a replica of the 2020 game: we won the hit outs but lost the clearances; they waltzed the ball out of defence and sailed down the ground often for repeat goals. We kept up until half time and in the third quarter they put the foot down and took off. The game was done. That 2020 game was a critical, critical game. It was before the demanding travel schedule to NT and Carins. There was no reason to be lethargic. Had we won we would have made finals even with the same results at the back end of the season. The
  4. Year 5 of Goodwin's reign and the talk from the club is still about 'attitudes' and 'selfless''. These are are mandatory in a team sport. It is an indictment on club, coach and players that we have yet to 'walk the talk'. What happened to our 'Esprit de Corps' of 2018!!! Was it just talk. Was it just for show? Two aspects of the article stood out for me: "They will have a different game plan, built around the team’s strengths". Isn't this coaching 101? A game plan to get the most from the cattle you have (ie to "maximise player strengths"), was the fundamental bas
  5. We are 6th on %. The top 4: Freo, Pies, Lions and Crows are a lock to stay there (in some order). 5th and 6th for finals will be from: (Likely wins in Green) 5th: North: 4/2, 165.9%. Will play: Bulldogs @ Hobart, Brisbane @ Gabba, Freo @ Arden St. 6th: Demons: 4/2, 125.7%. Will play: Crows @ Casey, Freo @ Freo, Lions @ Casey 7th: Bulldogs: 4/2, 107.3%. Will play: North @ Hobart, Crows @ Norwood, Richmond @ Whitten 8th: Blues: 3/3, 112.3%. Will play Freo @ Ikon, GCS @ Metricon, Giants @ ?? My thoughts: There is a big 8-point b
  6. As this follows my post is it referencing my comments?
  7. I'm a female member and am not losing sleep. The choice of venue is up to the coterie. As long as it is a mixed event I don't have much of a problem with it. Sure the optics aren't great: male member only club, stuffy establishment types etc etc. but are the optics enough for our leaders to refuse to attend? Should they refuse to attend a fan function at a female member only club? Most would say they should go to be inclusive and help support the female fan cause. I simply do not feel comfortable for decisions based on 'optics' without considering the substance, especially if b
  8. I was referring to the title. I know the difference in the types of clubs you mention but many people seeing the title would not even be aware of the Collins st clubs.
  9. Not openly. But it is baiting such. eg The title infers it is at a strip club, there is no attempt to provide info on the inclusion of females at the event, no attempt to mention the role of the coterie and its contribution and lastly the very ridiculous link of our club to violence against women. So being 'outraged' depends on which oblique message is being taken in, if any are. I think it is very poorly researched and written as if the writer had a particular 'slant' he/she wanted to create.
  10. It seems the event is hosted by the Melbourne Coterie not by MFC. It is worth getting more info. Does anyone know if the Coterie allows or bans female coterie members and whether they have been excluded from attending the function, albeit as guests because of the Australia Club rules. And, have female Board members been excluded from attending the function. If any of those apply I would be very concerned, much more concerned than where the function is held. Until we know more I will withhold judgement. What I am concerned about is using the Coterie story as an intro to a p
  11. Update for Lever and Gawn extension to 2024 and 2025 respectively. Now for the ones we all want to see: Oliver and Salem! And I would add Weideman. Thanks to @whatwhatsaywhatfor his pick up of Lever details.
  12. In an interview discussed here: Goodwin said of B.Brown and Weideman: "They're both on track, pretty much in line with each other..."we'll have to manage that as a team. They'll both obviously come back through the VFL, so we'll get a good indication as to when they're ready to play AFL footy." So whatever the time frame is it applies to both and we may not see them in the seniors for quite a while..
  13. I'm pretty sure he signed a 5 year deal to joint the club ie till end of 2022. 'Another three seasons' would included the remaining year of his current contract being 2022.
  14. I wasn't suggesting we should use all 4 spots. I was responding to a poster to say there are 4 spots, rather than 3, so there is room for all 4 players currently training with us IF the club wanted.
  15. Was contracted until the end of 2022 so it is a 2 year extension. The 2 years suggests salary cap management is part of the rationale for extending. Hope he can find his AA form again or at least make it into the top 5 of the B n F.
  16. I think it is four. Two carryover post draft plus LTI: Hore and Nieta. So additional players could be Majak, Deakyn, Farmer jr and Declase. Not sure we need another defender unless a current one eg Petty/Smith is to play fwd. But would trust Choco's judgement of talent.
  17. Don't give up on your mate just yet, od. Maybe Tom's privacy is being respected by the media as this would be a non footy health issue rather than an injury. If there is an impact on his training or playing we may hear about it otherwise nothing may ever be known. Lets hope that if there is a health issue he recovers quickly, regardless of the impact on our games. Maybe the track watchers this week can keep an eye out for him at training.
  18. I would suggest that list management decisions, trades, recruits are very much influenced by the coach in the AFLW. So if we don't have the right or good players then in a large part it comes back to him.
  19. It will be a miracle if we make finals now. Top 4 teams (not order) are set. Not only did we lose the game we lost about 30 percentage points - critical in a cut throat, short season. Bulldogs and North have either a game or % better than us so they are the most likely for 5th and 6th. The really disappointing thing is that while players have changed the way we play has not. That is on the coach!
  20. About 6-8 years ago a room was dedicated to the game at the Bentleigh club. The pull down screen was fuzzy but I doubt if it would cost much to upgrade it. There was a bar in the room and free nibbles at half time. A nice sized crowd would usually be there and it was a good experience to be among only dee fans barracking loudly and as much as we liked. Gradually each of those disappeared to the point where for the last few years, games are shown in the sports bar (with the races etc) or on small 32cm screens in a corner of the pokies room. It was like they wanted us out of there. As
  21. BTW, his dad reads and for a while posted on DL. Ess wouldn't poach him if he wasn't very highly thought of. PJ promoted him to the role so that says something and I think it is churlish to blame him for all the communication issues people perceive about the club. While I think he is a loss, it is good for his career to get experience somewhere else. I wish him every success
  22. After the committed allocations (eg MCC, AFL, etc) the 'Home' side members get priority. If there is any left the 'Away' team members get priority. who-gets-in-to-watch-football-in-round-one- One would think that for atmosphere they would allocate some to the 'Away' team otherwise it will be one sided barracking. Carlton fans won't be happy being locked out of round 1 but hey who cares! Good for us in round 1 as we are the 'Home' side vs Freo. It shouldn't affect us unless the system is still in place in round 5 when we play Hawks as the 'Away' team at the G. G
  23. See my comments in the body of your post.
  24. Nobody steps up. Put in a 'Committee of Administration' like shareholder's or banks do with companies or governments do when the incumbents are incompetent or lacked achievements over an extended period; this has happened to a number of Local Government Councils. Bartlett has had 8 years with little to show for it. And for mine too many mis-steps. 8 years is long enough to make some sort of positive impact. He hasn't If what you say about including MCC affiliates in our member numbers is correct it is very concerning. Not so much that they are included but if the club has c
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