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  1. i WILL HAVE A STAB AT On To The Next Outing
  2. Vermont vs Rovers naw, better game would be Monbulk minnie mountain men vs Myrtleford Mighty Mountain men.
  3. i havent seen much said about Turner and as he came from the Ovens & Murray I have a interest in what the thoughts on him are. With limited Casey games this year can he be truly judged as yet as a future backman.
  4. I have had the G-O-F theme song on my phones for some years, my kids had it on in no time flat, the only drawback is it dosent ring as long as a normal ring tone .My kids wont read this so if they can do it any younger person will poop it in ,
  5. there are only 2 types of good "pies'''' and those are meat and apple oi. GO DEES
  6. If you havent been to the Alice make it a must. I had a son and his family live there for 5 years . I have that red dirt between my toes and cant get rid of it. i will be caravaning next year and hope to see the Dees play there just to top my trip off.
  7. Well I for one wont use the pretender word as yet, I think of the the Dees as CONTENDERS, at this time, if we slip to 5/6th then I may consider the pretender bit, i think that Kossie may need a rest & seeing the way the ball came in last game a tall should have been there, I am all for bringing in BBB just to be there for the bomb and to get the ball at least to the feet of our small forwards . Do it for this aging old bloke "GO DEES"
  8. i am a near 81 year old dee who lived through that era and I highly recommend that any football person should read the book the RED FOX. A great insight into the man .
  9. ON the Guy Rigoni nick name he was know as GUS till leaving Myrtleford
  10. Best thought through article that i have read on this topic , well done
  11. Feel for you Hardtack but remember that rider has to turn at Wang up to Myrtleford then on to YACK then on to Wodonga and back on to the hwy geez that adds a bit.
  12. I love the one liners ,and that takes the cake Faulty well done
  13. I sit here and read most things written on Demonland and enjoy most but this thread is CRAP not one mention of 2 main backs out injured, blame the flankers for not one of them dropping in front of the raging fullforward ,could have landed a 747 down the middle so have a think before you hit the key board.
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