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  1. Very interesting. Will they show afl in an iPhone format like afl live or will it be full screen
  2. The thing that typifies harmes improvement is how many times he is breaking tackles. 12 months ago he was the guy repeatedly getting caught and pinged for holding the ball. Just seems to be so much stronger on his feet
  3. Read it and I think it’s quite a sensible article. Looks at the story in good detail and takes a swipe at the obvious reactions like frawleys but he wasn’t Robinson Caruso. Call her what you will but she is an investigative journalist who actually still, you know, investigates. A rare breed these days
  4. Gotta a feeling dion might come on quickly this year. Looks ripped
  5. Really like this. I remember him saying that he was told he should go look at clubs he could win a premiership with and he said that if it wasn’t with the Dee’s it wouldn’t mean as much. Glad we get to keep him at the club. Good job to all involved
  6. Tom Browne tweeting that we should trust clubs judgement. Says there is more to watts departure than has been reported
  7. Wouldn’t have got close to pick 31 for him 2-3 years ago. The silver lining to this is that I will not have to suffer another putrid article on him that has a headline something like “watts up with jack”
  8. Averages 9 kicks a game over his career. I’m out. Bye jack
  9. He’s not worth any of these guys and that’s where the problem lies with watts
  10. I thought he looked really dangerous for a while round 23 but got nothing from umps. Got mauled just before half or 3/4 time and no free kick and he went spare. Clearly troubles defenders. Lever comes in and we have the luxury of sending him foward more often
  11. Well there you go. Didn't know that. Apologies
  12. I think that was jack Martin
  13. Can anyone tell me what maynards disposal is like? Does he use it well? Pace? Get the feeling he will debut soon and would like to get an idea of what to expect.
  14. For those that know I'm really interested in maynards progress. He's getting plenty of it each week but what's his disposal like?
  15. Due to a family event I only was able to watch second half of the game from a distance but when I did glance across I thought I saw o Mac do some good things. Many here suggesting he should be dropped. Can someone give me a bit of a summation of his game?
  16. Stole my thunder re st kilda game. Agree that was the moment I knew it was over. There will be games that will make him look good because the flow of play will assist but for the most part the way the game is played now doesn't suit him.
  17. Top 10 in the b and f last year. Coaches seem to like him
  18. Should never have been dropped in the first place. Has too many runs on the board at senior level for mine. Would provide far more pressure than JKH
  19. I do believe we agree on this. Read my last two sentences
  20. Just watched him on 360 and while he didn't say what led up to it there was clearly something that did. The way that Viney went after Cripps too suggest that it had been building. Lewis's response suggests that he knows that he did something stupid but he's not remorseful. Interesting. Guess we will never know the lead up. Can't excuse Lewis. He was dumb enough to get sucked in.
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