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  1. Bont looks like his ready to cry. Definitely was more invested in this then he led on
  2. Was thinking the same, could impact our boys prep into the granny if it was passed on
  3. Touched off the boot is a rule that can go also when kicking for goal. Always makes for painful score reviews. If it goes through just count it.
  4. This is looking very bruise free with very little contest work at the moment. Looks like 2 teams too scared of physical contact. Crowd and commentators are quiet
  5. Most likely start a thread about who we should be looking to trade
  6. Trust them to go to the match for some free hot chips
  7. Wow @ decision to play smith over Hibberd
  8. Jeez both Gws and Geelong looking banged up and cooked at the moment. Hopefully we win tonight and take on one of these 2 in the Prelims.
  9. Give them Viney or Harmes. Sorted.
  10. Surely Jetta, Chandler, Baker and Vandenberg can get the job done.
  11. It’s the silly season mate, get on board.
  12. He can replace ANB who is probably in our 20-22 player range
  13. I beg to differ. I take inspiration from this. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/One_red_paperclip
  14. Wow lol haven’t been here all day and more posts about me then actual trades. Would have thought more posters would have balls to post up interesting scenarios then prioritise sitting on sidelines posting pot shots like 15 year olds on Facebook. That said I did hear that Freo have asked the question re Jackson, hence that scenario. Thanks Baghdad, on the money there mate with Oliver. Can also include Pickett to that list also who everyone screamed had go-home factor all over him.
  15. Would rather we find a way to bring Hogan home.
  16. Least I’m not the only one concerned by Laurie and what has (or hasn’t) been shown to date. First year I get it but usually you see something worth working on. By all accounts Laurie hasn’t set the world on fire in any matches played so far. Hope I am wrong. We traded our first rounder this year for him.
  17. I remember when we were [censored] and we would trade in fringe players from successful clubs while paying overs on the premise that they were from clubs with high standards and they would bring those standards to the dees. Players like Shannon Brnes, Tom Gillies, Chris Dawes and Viv Michie come to mind. Can probably include Heretier Lamumba in there too. We should try to capitalise on our own success and attempt the same, trade out our fringe players to [censored] teams with the sales pitch they will bring strong standards. Let’s start with Oscar Baker to North
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