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  1. Oliver and Salem have been huge. Salem given Butler a bath
  2. I see your a fan of the oli
  3. Ok then, if he doesn’t play there then who does? Whose our 2nd winger based on this team? Jones? Tmac?
  4. Just can’t see where our improvement on 2020 is going to come from looking at this.
  5. Harmes on the wing. Good grief.
  6. Goody telling Daw that we are going to take our time with him just shows how out of touch Goody is. The bloke is 29 FFS, the whole point of bringing him in is to help cover Brown and Weiderman. It’s not like we are going to develop him in the VFL for the next 3-5 years before considering him for a run. Expectation is if we bring blokes on at 29 that they are damn ready to go and fill a need. That said happy for Daw, hope he goes well.
  7. The fact they were dropped says it all about depth. They were able to drop quality players while we are forced to play VFL plodders. I would love Richards on our wing over Jones, JJ over Hunt, Cordy over Jetta any day of the week. Even there VFL players would put our starters to shame. Throw in Cody Weightman over Bedford/Spargo/Chandler to please
  8. So the difference was Oliver then? We are in for a weekly hammering if he goes down. Lets be honest, Viney would have made minimal difference yesterday with his defensive running abilities
  9. Like Treloar,JJ, Easton Wood, Richards, Cordy, Hannan Lets be honest, there depth bats deeper then ours and we are stuffed if we get 3-4 injuries and need to rely on Baker, Jordan and Sparrow
  10. Was an indictment when our best player was face down in pain and not one MFC player went to check on him. Gotta love the culture
  11. AVB with 5 disposals was NOT good
  12. Classic Dees. Newspaper articles all saying the intention is to go deep into finals. Come out later in the day and get pantsed. Some things never change, absolutely no game plan again.
  13. Demonlanders won’t have any issues finding new whipping boys off the back of this performance to replace Omac. Goodwin will be high on that list
  14. 5 touches to Vandenberg. Another one whose cooked. Even Bowey picking up more disposals
  15. Time to take Trac Lever and Gawn off the field
  16. Wonder what Goodwin will say in post match presser Absolute [censored] poor game plan
  17. Why are we not running guys like Petty and Laurie and giving game time to Tmac and Jones.
  18. Our youth/depth is appalling. A few injuries and we need to rely on Jordan, Chandler and Baker
  19. Our depth is appealing. 4-5 injuries later in the season and we may as well call it a day
  20. We have flooded our list with B grade small forwards and now relying on them to kick a winning score
  21. Makes you wonder what our game plan is this year. Seeing absolutely nothing that resembles a game plan. Cattle aside we should have some form of game plan or we are cooked as soon as we cop a few injuries
  22. Worst part about Tmacs performance is that Baku Khamis is playing on him and beating him
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