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  1. OLD DEE, We discussed everything about CO-Vid, all the players and how we will go this year. That Glenferrie was a great day. But you are right we cannot win them all. "Even if it was Demons Training Run." See what happens when you are out of the Demonland for 2 years. I don't know too many. "I just read my fav. Players from 2 years nothing to change"
  2. ED Langdon is a must, he has pace and muscle to hit and tackle. Tomlinson we have been sort of after for many years. This is the ideal time. Jamie Elliot for Weideman. ( to replace garlett) Tom McDonald at CHF replacing Weideman Joel Smith FF if he is fit We need a driving kick half back flanker. We tried hunt but he kicked it up in the air. There is no certainty Viney will get games. He cant kick or mark. His few shots at goal drop short or go wide. Anderson would have been my No.3 pick, but may get picked up by GC No. 2. Serong I don't know too much about, is he the Collingwood legends Grandson? Billy stretch must go. Too afraid to kick. Garlett gone. Keilty, Tim Smith and Lewis gone Walker gone. Gawn to Captain. Harmes to V.C his improvement in the past 2 years has been rapid.
  3. We should have grabbed him instead of Dom Tyson years ago. He has been home sick for years. But hung around because the money was good. He kicks well and marks well overhead, I don't think his pace is all that good, but he can certainly read the play.
  4. Corey Maynard vs Joel Smith Bayley Fritsch vs Oskar Baker Josh Wagner vs Harrison Petty Tom Sparrow vs Marty Hore vs Guy Walker
  5. Not long ago I had a six pack. They are all gone now. I may have to open another!
  6. Why didn't you get a letter OD
  7. Were you a Paid up member for 2018 Oldie. I was and I got a letter inviting me. Is that telling me you aint a member. tsk tsk tsk. So how many on D'land aren't paid up members of the Red and Blue?????? PS entry is by presenting your 2018 Membership Card
  8. I have been saying for the last couple of years that he needs to get fit and lose kgs. He has done that in small doses. I think another 2 kgs will do the job. His efforts this season was much improved, had his kicking improved we could have won more games. Kicking under pressure is something the whole team needs to improve on.
  9. Why are you wasting your breath on the Cheats. Move on.
  10. May has been told by Goody he may play forward. So No.1 is obvious but no pressure. 1 May...... Mayday. That's your nickname
  11. As long as he doesn't change his name to Andrew........AK47
  12. They can't play at the "G" Because they don't like us supporters.
  13. It's his gait. I have been saying for a very long time. He walks and runs like a pregnant cow. He is bandy legged as well. He must be putting a lot of pressure on other parts of his body because of it.
  15. Problem is we have more than just "one of those days"
  16. Totally agree. They play like school kids hunting the ball to get a kick. No defensive bone in their body. someone misses the ball and they turn around to see 4 opposition players laughing their heads off as they pick up the crumbs on their own and 3 hand balls later ...... GOAL.
  17. I just wonder how many times it has been drummed into them what to do in the final minute of play when you hold the lead. It has probably gone in one ear and out the other. I would put them on the track this week and train the arses off them. Whoever survives gets a game. We need to win 3 games to get in the 8. Adelaide, Suns and Sydney are the possibilities. WCE and Giants are likely losses.
  18. He was reasonably close but not close enough to put pressure on him.
  19. SEN. Just talk opinions. It never is found to be fact. Sometimes fiction does become fact then they can say SEN broke that first
  20. He is not an accurate kick by any means. He has a lot of bulk to bustle through packs. I remember him when he first came to training. He was kicking beautifully. That of course was before he did his ACL. I am just wondering if he is still carrying something post surgery.
  21. I'll go with that. I found that when I first retired. Now I'm broke LOL
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