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  1. It's been a blast, 5 years guys Everyone I've ever had a disagreement with or rubbed the wrong way I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise to, and everyone who's made me laugh (DA, Ethan, BBO, Biffen, rpfc) I love you guys. This is me, moving on. Adios muchachos, ladies Go you bloody demons!!
  2. Literally almost made me choke on a sandwich you scallywag!
  3. When success comes I will not be humble about it, I shall turn into an arrogant and smarmy beast. I've waited too long for this opportunity, I shall bathe in the salty tears of our victims and display a level of elitism rarely seen.
  4. Anyone notice they can't see who's being quoted anymore? Sorry had to post this here as no need to start a thread about it..
  5. Carlton, Collingwood and Essendon host on our ground before us. [censored] off!
  6. And just like that I've left Vince out lol. This is getting harder
  7. Jetta T.Mac Frost Hibberd O. Mac Hunt Lewis Viney Milkman Watts Hogan Petracca Kent Pederson Garlett OOliver Brayshaw, Stretch, Salem Gawn Jones Tyson Good mix of youth, pace and experience there. Sorry for bad formatting, Samsung galaxy is bad
  8. Yeah, laugh all the way to the bank with your hand full of silver coins.. Making out like bandits with pick 88 and a pick probably in the 60s lol
  9. Oh God, his mum looks like the I want to speak to the manager starter pack!
  10. Heath Shaw- Western star butter, magpie wings, shore (ocean) Couldn't be. Could it?
  11. Breaking news, Hawks trade whole team to facilitate JOM trade!
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