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  1. I haven' read too many replies, kind of rushed in when seen topic. We are in a position of luxury now and can draft for need/want/flavour of the month. Definitely don' require another key forward (would never say no) and my reasoning is the way we play, very quickly, everyone gets in on the act which prob explains why for the love of god I haven't had a meltdown over the trading of quite simply a gun forward who hasn't quite hit his straps. Differet Demons now...
  2. Battled multiple concussion issues which are now over. Very good disposal and as much as I hate comparing players was similar to Grant Burchall. Very good pick up
  3. My belief is Adelaide won't get anywhere near a premiership with these two. Crows look good when playing possesion footy but soft as butter without it. Should trade both at end of the year and go back to the draft. Haven't got the patience to dissect in detail but reality is if ur two big men are that soft u can have all the preseason trips u want it won' and can' change the attitude of all players.... SOFT
  4. Harsh on omac, becoming one of the comps best fullbacks
  5. 9 brownlow votes i think mate and Guerra broke Cams collarbone
  6. I have a good feeling he will take some big steps forward today. The team wasnt as strong when.he played semi regular in the seniors last He will be fed the ball this time round and im very confident he will take his chance and deliver beautifully inside 50 Good luck mate
  7. I'm fairly embarrassed reading half the negative shite describing Jordan. Yes he will get out sprinted, the point should be made that he shouldn't have been isolated or put in that position if the mids and forwards were putting on pressure tackling etc. He isn' Lewis circa 2008 but he aint done yet. Stop making him the scapegoat FFS !
  8. There spot on but. It isn' the backs that allow the ball to come through. U would think this would be easy for the players to fix i.e goodwin has them playing a style that scores heavily, enjoyable to play however the only rule is gotta run and defend. I' sure there are worse gameplans or coaches out there so goody can't all that bad to play under if u think bout it. Another funny thing is yes we are on a losing streak but guess who is the highest scoring team atm haha. For everyone pulling there hair out, me included with these wasted entries into the forward line I don' think anything will change atm. It looks sooooo wasted but look at our scores??? I don' like it especially with the players at our disposal however if we can get our pressure back up with 2 way running most problems will be forgotten. Nobody needs to stress, it' purely player laziness, drinking own bathwater. Once they choke they'll wake up. Remember when we are on we actually bully the competition
  9. The umpiring is absoute shizenhousen atm. We couldn't be playing better, smashing port at most things especially pressure/discipline and quite honestly have just about broke them yet the umps are keeping port above water at this min. Does anyone else see this?
  10. Spot on with"flash/soft players. Wonder wat wines thinks of these inclusions.
  11. I know we might be looking at Gaff but i reckon we are up to our necks in this one just quietly
  12. Congrats big fella, and to the footy department. Another 4 years
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