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  1. Agree with this sentiment What distinguishes Aussie rules to other codes of football is how family friendly and female friendly it is, and I think the two are linked. Wednesday and Thursday night games undermine this unique ethos, which I think anyone who’s been to a soccer game in somewhere like London will appreciate
  2. Agree - Lever and Petty know when to zone of their man to intercept or spoil when May’s opposition, which is usually the FF, gets away from him
  3. Thanks for these comprehensive responses - that’s re-assuring. Just listened to the podcast. Excellent as usual. The insights into the playing conditions particularly helpful. Unfortunately I won’t be able to re-watch before tomorrow’s game. I’m getting smashed at work at the moment 😁 Go Dees
  4. I was a bit distracted when the game was screening live and haven’t had a chance to watch again, but I was wondering if you could comment on the stoppages, as we often seemed to get beaten. I was concerned that I saw a reversion to one of pre-2021 (bad) habits, namely the “bees to the honey pot” approach with too many going in for the ball.
  5. Just noticed that the international memberships gives access to one home game if you happen to visit during the season - not likely to use it, but nice imagining I could!
  6. I noticed this on replay too, Loges. Had to double check whose end of the ground this was - amazing he roamed that far up the ground!
  7. I suspect that the club must get a pretty significant discount on the RRP for Watch AFL subscription, as they must also for tickets that they include as part of their membership packages that include admission to home and/or away games at the G. I hadn’t noticed this before, but I see there’s an $80 membership that basically gets you nothing but registration on the membership roll. I wonder if that amount is indicative of what a club would make across all membership options once the benefits are accounted for.
  8. On the iPad and iPhone version I can watch all games back to 2017, but on the Apple TV it only has last year and this year. I did a bit more internet sleuthing prompted by the comments above and found this on the website: For the best quality streaming on the Watch AFL platform, you'll need a strong, consistent connection of at least 7.5Mbps. And according to this summary of Mbps streaming rates, a 7.5 Mbps requirement would seem to imply a HD resolution of 1080p:
  9. Today I received my complimentary subscription to Watch AFL as an overseas MFC member (for those who aren’t aware, this is a fantastic subscription service that allows you to watch every game live and in replay, including the GF, but it only works outside Australia. Does anyone know what resolution it streams at? I’ve been wondering for a few years now and can’t seem to find any info on their website. I’ve bought myself a new Apple TV 4K as a Christmas present and hoping it goes up to this resolution, although for some reason I doubt it does. Merry Christmas all 🎄
  10. I have to admit, I couldn’t believe Binman’s 47 point win tip and was very skeptical. Not that we wouldn’t win, but by such a large margin. Hats off to you @binman. You had the analysis and the belief!
  11. Indeed we did. A come back and a smashing all in one game 😁
  12. We’re having a family friendly viewing with big screen projector and BBQ in Nairobi 🇰🇪 BBQ at 11.30am with game set to start at 12.15 local time. If there’s anyone out there who’d like to join, get in touch.
  13. Hi boys - I think you’ve uploaded last week’s podcast to apple podcasts. The blurb is correct (see below), but when I play the episode it repeats last week’s episode.
  14. The other thing I noticed during our game last week, and went back to watch on BB’s vision to confirm, is that the umpire didn’t make an effort to inform the players it was touched. Normally they yell out “touched” multiple times. From what I can hear, the umpire only said it once just after the ball was kicked (and thus furtherest from Brown). There was no effort to repeat it. Even after he marked it and started to walk back for his kick, there’s no repeat call from the umpire but only noise from players and the crowd that it was touched. You’d almost think the umpire was happy for him to get snagged for holding the ball
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