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  1. IMO his first half was super ineffective but he really made the Swans pay in the second half.
  2. Christian Salem is our most important player. 8-0 weeeeeewwwww
  3. Luther


    What are you trying to buy? I picked up 1x MCC upgrade and 1x guest pass.
  4. Luther


    Also just bought this morning, no issues.
  5. The actual contract has no bearing on his reaction, there was always going to be a sensationalist response from Kane Cornes.
  6. Surely you're kidding. Caro is a mile ahead of Robbo when it comes to footy journalism. Rohan Connolly is the best, IMO.
  7. Yep, that pity was by far the worst part of all of it.
  8. We have a few twenty goal beltings to dish out as redemption for all those dark, dark years. Could this be one?
  9. According to Richmond BigFooty every Dees player is a 'campaigner'. I think they need to work on expanding their vocabulary as a collective, there are far more creative insults out there!
  10. Surely the doubters are long gone now, kid is a genuine freak.
  11. Should have signed Salem up for 10 years!
  12. No doubt in my mind at all, we'll get up by a comfortable 9 goals.
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