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  1. Are you delighted based on just that insight or other issues you've had with the way he operates? Personally I wouldn't say I'm delighted but it's probably the right move. Best of luck to him.
  2. 5 years too late on Pig.
  3. Disappointed to see Hannan go after such a great start to his career but it's probably a good move for both him and the club. Best of luck Mitch!
  4. So pretty much everyone is off to Essendon then.
  5. Personally I had no idea he kicked that many goals in a season. Has he had a role change? 38 goals in 2018, 22 in 2019 and 4 this year...
  6. Glad it turned out this way to be honest. I didn't want him at the Dees, especially on a 3 year deal. Adds nicely to the Cats ageing list!
  7. Very happy to see this and will be hoping with the entirety of my red and blue heart that he makes it to 300. He still has so much to offer to the club as a mentor and cultural leader.
  8. Clarry and Trac are only going to steal votes from each other over the next half-dozen years.
  9. I think he means when Miller left the Dees coaching staff for GWS in 2016, as his kids are with Pia in Sydney.
  10. So damn excited to see Ooze back at the MFC. He was my favourite player as a kid and I think this appointment will surpass any player we might get over the trade period for me. He's going to have a huge impact.
  11. Can't agree A F, Max is untouchable because he's more than just his value as a player (which is obviously immense). He's our most marketable asset IMO and as well as being the captain he's also the spiritual leader and is a real 'father' figure to a lot of the younger guys. His tenacity and attitude to training etc is invaluable.
  12. Would be a little sad to see him go as he was one of my favourite players over 2017 and 2018 and was convinced he would become a key part of our forward line/midfield. Unfortunately though we do need to capitalise where players have value and if we can get a player that fills a different kind of role for us, it would be a win.
  13. What about this? You sounded very confident Dannyz. Any update from your end?
  14. He was hitting some form at the end of 2019 with 10 goals in the last 3 games, then went down with that meniscus tear. I know virtually nothing about long term impacts and so forth but surely that knee injury has had a long lasting effect on him and is hampering his movement. Does it get better?
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