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  1. I assume so, because we've been working with him since he was 13.
  2. Crazy that we've been working with him since 13 and will likely lose him because of a rule change last year. If that happens, is there any way we can appeal to the AFL?
  3. The 'Alistair Clarkson Curse' I hope.
  4. Here's hoping! Certainly need to make at least a couple of changes this week.
  5. And they're still allowed in 2021 apparently, I saw at least half a dozen on Saturday night and only one was penalised (pretty sure it was just the one).
  6. It's genuinely depressing seeing how much concerted effort some posters put in to twist everything into a negative light.
  7. Ah yes good point, forgot about the Cats win yesterday. Thanks for the correction!
  8. Come on mate, season sunk? We're second on the ladder and I've seen nothing to convince me that any side is much better than us (except for when you factor in score conversion, which we can easily turn around). We are still a huge chance this year, don't let past experience get the better of you. We could use some fresh legs so I'd certainly be keen to bring in Bowey, perhaps Chandler or Bedford and Melksham should probably be in the mix too. Some of the lads may need a breather before the finals, i.e. Kozzy, Jackson, Jordon.
  9. Gonna be a rough trot home. Not confident against Geelong but we have a score to settle with Adelaide and I reckon we'll deal with the Suns comfortably. WCE will be a tough one and a good litmus test. 3-1 would be a great result.
  10. What a swim by the girls in the 4X100 final!!
  11. I don't think he played a particularly poor game, just didn't get a lot of opportunity. I was so frustrated last night but really, I'm not at all convinced that the Doggies are better than us. They were more efficient converting their shots but if we took our chances early it could have been a very different story. Hope we meet them again in September and put them to the sword.
  12. Not sure what they were thinking, selecting so many talls for what will probably be a heavily rain affected match. Hoping it backfires spectacularly, I reckon we'll come away with the points. Midfield battle will be fascinating and looking forward to Viney asserting himself and Oliver using the ball smarter this week.
  13. This whole situation is so frustrating. We finally get access to an academy pick and a great prospect in Mac and we're going to have him whisked away, thanks to a rule change. Fantastic.
  14. Always manages to make his commentary and writing about himself in some way. Surprised he's elected to write about Fritsch too when there are so many snipers in the game. Mumford is one that comes to mind, he's a genuine rat who always plays the man and gets away with it every time.
  15. Many fantastic memes out of that one 😂
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