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  1. Looks closely at his stats time for 20 meters elite, time for 2k elite and has an athletic background in 800 metres and 1500 metres. Wingman with size speed and endurance are rare but he may become one? Reminds me of Anthony Koutoufides.
  2. Robert Flower did wear 50 52 and 2. He never played a senior game in 50.
  3. Definately a quality forward and the highlights show he is more than a player who leads and marks the ball but a contested beast.
  4. Hannan would never be in a MFC premiership side unless injuries occured in the finals, he was in the 2018 side because Kent got injuryed, not because he played great football. If you look at the 2018 final against Geelong the ball was coming down the ground and the Geelong defender was in front and fell over making his life easier, in the other games in the finals he did not fire at all. I wish him good luck but I am not one of his fans because he is a lazy footballer and an opportunist.
  5. Braydon played a good game against Grundy and that is why his value skyrocketed to a pick in the second round. Good Ruckmen means you must pay a premium since they don't grow on trees. MFC traded Jolly for pick 15.
  6. I always ask why people like Matt Rendell give opinions about football and seem to never win premierships when they are in charge of the recuiting at a club, they are experts who have never had success. A friend of mine used to say an expert is a drip under pressure. Our recuiting has always been poor due to these recuiting experts hired by the club who lack the forsight and imagination.
  7. Vale Blair from a Melbourne High School college
  8. We must win so that we don't depend on other teams to make the 8
  9. I spoke to Robbie after the Preliminary Final and he said he was done and would retire, I was a former trainer at the club and was allowed into the club rooms after the match. I asked him to leave his decision till October and he basicaly said with the shoulder injury and others he carried all season were the last straw.
  10. Maybe the MRO [censored] is an ex-Collingwood player
  11. I would not trade Angus for any of those players because he has good chemistry with Petracca and Oliver, he has not even played 100 games and his progress to elite midfielder was hampered by his concussion problems. If you remember his 2018 season the upside is tremendous where as the players mention have not got a huge upside except Cerra.
  12. People should read the article because he admits he was not agressive enough but when you watch his play now he is hitting packs at speed which helps and has gone from juggling marks to virtually a one grab player which makes him a much better player. I think the time he spent on the outer with May and Lever may have helped him recover his confidence in his ability. I had selected him in the team for round 2 Melbourne web site.
  13. I watched Sam play prior to this year he was not agressive enough to split packs and take big pack marks but in the last 6 matches he has improved this aspect of his game. I believe his development was not helped by his injuries at times when he was getting better at this art. I have found some young footballers who are very big at an early age are afraid to hit packs in the under age competition for the fear of hurting smaller opponents so they just try to out mark them which is ok in under age footy but when you get to the big time your opponent is just as big as you are so you hav
  14. Mattew Febey left after injuries returned to tasmania then came back later.
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