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  1. Since most people are not surgeons or have an intimate knowledge of what will be done, we should wait and see what happens and maybe TMcD will be used to fill in for BB unitl he returns to take up the FF position. Sometimes karma is your enemy other times it is your friend, just imagine if TMcD had left.
  2. I think the list is the best since 1998, the players like Jackson, Rivers and Pickett must step up and improve and BB needs to be on the park soon. As for winning a premiership lots can happen between now and September, we need our list to be relatively injury free and have at least 16 of our top players who play nearly every round and the finals. Premiership teams always depend on the core players and the bottom 6 must at least be competitive and make a contribution to the success of the team.
  3. I believe that the new coaching panel has decided that the players need more speed hence some players have fined down for example ANB Hunt May and TMc so they can play a faster slicker game similar to Richmond.
  4. I think the players who get concussed during matches should not play for at least 3 weeks and during the game a substitute player should be added to the team so that he can play and that way no coach can be tempted to play a player even with a very mild case.
  5. Obviously the COVID year was poor for these youngster since the Victorian boys could not play and any form for them was 2019 which make them under exposed, I think you just recruit players who were good in their junior year and hope they did enough to show their metal. Rosman has speed and endurance so he is halfway to being a player so long as he continues to work on the ball skills and has a natural flare for reading the play he will be a very good player. I have watch a lot of junior football and he has more physical attributes than most so I will go out on a limb and predict he w
  6. I the case of Daniel Breese injury was his worst enemy and Jack Fitzpatrick was a diabetic and that did not help him reach his full potential. I known Warren Ayers was into cricket and had no real ambitions to be an elite footballer.
  7. I have a good feeling about Rosman his highlights were very good but nothing will prepare us to his ability until he takes the field whether in the VFL or AFL, training is always a guide but there is no pressure and tackling that happens in the real thing, he has the athletic attributes of wingman but only time will tell if he has the football nous to read the play and position himself to get the football. Jack Dyer once said "if you don't get the ball you can't kick it"
  8. The picture on Tom McDonald shows he has definately fined down
  9. I reviewed the Alister Clarkson Coaching history he was appointed after the 2004 season. Richmond and Hawthorn was granted 2 free hits before the first pick recruiting Roughead, Franklin and Lewis with their first 3 picks. It took him till 2008 to win the premiership. The players already at the club were Hodge another free hit and Crawford. At the time the club was not expecting to win the 2008 premiership because they believed the side was too young. Hawthorn won the game 18.7 to Geelongs 11.23. Their next grand final appearance was 2012 which they lost to Sydney. Maybe Cl
  10. Most people forget that Hardwick was without a premiership after 7 years and very little finals but year 8 after recruitment of good players the worm turned and he has won 3 of the last 4. I think that when his defensive coach arrived Justin Leppitsch they became a force, limiting opponents to a losing score. I have a feeling Troy Chaplin is our defencive coach and has taken over from Rawlings and we have improved in that area with Lever and May which makes winning easier when you don't have to kick 100 points+ to win.
  11. People forget the fact he was asked to play forward because of injuries to Hogan and others in 2017 and still managed to kick 23 goals but 2019 started and he was recovering from injures as well as carrying extra weight, no one predicted 2020 was going to be disaster for Tom. The MFC changed fitness coaches from Mission to Burgess who had no knowledge that Tom was carrying extra weight that Mission wanted him to carry.
  12. For those who saw the 1950's Melbourne teams, know that Stuart Spencer came from Tasmania as a Back Pocket player but Norm Smith decided he was too good to waste in the Back Pocket and played him as a rover and the rest is history. Neil Compton came as a rover and could not get a game and was played as a Back Pocket player in a premiership. It is not where players start their careers but where they are best used for the team, Western Bulldogs play Caleb Daniel as a half back yet he is not the height of a typical half back but does the job well and is a star.
  13. When I was at the MFC the players were listed at heights that were not only incorrect but under there actual height because they were never measured again from the time they were recruited making match ups difficult for the other clubs, only there weight was measured.
  14. I the picture he looks not much shorter than Viney or Spargo
  15. If Max Holmes was the player he wanted then if he is a professional recruiter he should not admit it to the MFC public because it is a inhouse type of thing. I wanted the MFC to pick Cripps, not Morton and Martin but they thought they knew better but I was not on the recruiting panel.
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