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  1. For the Bradke knocker he was very good when need in the second half when Daw was injured?
  2. I watched the game on foxtel and he was very good, I think with a little more upper body strength he will be a very good small defender maybe as good as Caleb from the Western Bulldogs. I watched the Richmond vs Western match and Caleb was not one of the reasons they lost.
  3. He is a downhill skier, when the going gets tough he disappears rarely puts his body on the line and went missing in action. I always said to others he is what Ray Jordan used to call a Jib.
  4. He first has decide whether he wants to remain at Essendon and then has to make a decision which club has the best chance of a premiership in the next 4 years, the money aspect will then come into play. I believe we will have the money since Jones will probaly retire which probably frees up 300k and some players may take a paycut to fit in a player of his quality.
  5. The only thing that he has to eliminate from his game is when he is about 50 meters from goal try to pass the ball to a longer kick. The depth in his kicking means the maximum distance is about 40 meters, the players should be aware of his limitations.
  6. At the end of 2019 we recruited Langdon, Tomlinson to play on the wings as well as Jackson Pickett and Rivers. There was criticism we made a mistake recruiting Tomlinson and after a few games in 2020 he was dropped but forward thinking turned him into a tall lockdown defender and the rest is history. We may say 2019 was a poor year on the field but a great recruiting year off field. We will never know who had the brain child move of Tomlinson but that person or persons should take a bow.
  7. I remember everybody wanted Young in the 2019 draft before Luke Jackson was picked and then we got the Young clone in Rivers but I think at the end of the day Rivers will be better than Young.
  8. We have played Richmond 7th Fremantle 6th and Geelong 4th and both Richmond and Geelong played off for the 2020 premiership. At the start of the season all the experts said if we were 3 and 3 or 4 and 2 at the end of round 6 we have done very well! The way we are playing reminds me of the MFC of the 1950 and 1960 which had great defences, great midfields and reasonable forwards who managed to always kick a winning score. Norm Smith once said there are 3 phases of the game:- 1 when we had the ball 2 when they had the ball 3 when no one had the ball Good teams
  9. When he was recruited by the club lot of experts said he was too small to be a AFL ruckman but he has proven them wrong and they may end up eating their words and change their minds that he should have been pick 1 not 3 like Dustin Martin?
  10. Salem is now in AA form 2021 Half Back
  11. This feeling can only be bettered if we win the ultimate prize in 2021.
  12. We are now $6.50 to win the premiership some one must have put a lot of money on us?
  13. I don't know how a player who has played only 13 games can be so good in such a short time most coaches say that big men take a long time to become a player can you imagine what he will be like by seasons end if he stays healthy and when he is 25 he may the player Schwarz could have become if he did not do his knee 3 times.
  14. You might say Salem has put to bed the comparison between himself and Kelly, long live Salem.
  15. We beat Richmond Firsts Premiers and Richmond Seconds Premier and made them look ordinary what just happened to the Demons?
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