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  1. Unfortunately statistics have a poor record since distance and angles are not taken into account along with points where the opposition force the ball thru for a behind are not removed from the accuracy counts.
  2. When we recruited Brodie I was ecstatic and he has to date lived up to the expectations but his marking is poor for such a tall man I guess nearly a year in the injury wilderness has sapped his confidence in that area. So I agree he will get better and better in that area in the future.
  3. I think now that Kozzie has signed Lamb will do deals for those players they want to keep and leave the others till after the season.
  4. I love the fact that MFC kept on saying that he will stay and some journo's saying he is gone, also the doom and gloom on this web site without a shred of evidence of him wanting to leave. I guess LJ left a bad taste in the mouths of some supporters but he got so much cash that he could not turn it down in his home town.
  5. I think he may go into the midfield some time in the current season.
  6. I have watch his progression from an VFL star to an AFL player who is getting better and better with each game this season such that he has so far cemented his place in the AFL team.
  7. On Monday night the boy became a man in the last quarter were he thru caution to the wind and went for it. I believe he will gain a lot of confidence from this performance, but he has still a work in progress.
  8. Kalani looks so much like his dad.
  9. The Herald Sun reckons Kozzie has agreed to stay at the MFC and is only dealing with them for a 4 year deal.
  10. I guess it has origins in basketball where the bounce pass was used regularly.
  11. I realse every man and his dog wants to know whether Kozzie wants to stay or go. I believe the MFC has tabled an offer and he must now decide whether to accept the offer or make a case for a better offer by the MFC or other suitors with performances on the field. Only he knows and obviously has not shared the information at this stage, so we must not panic before he actually comes out with the answer
  12. GPS data is skewed by players when they kick a goal they rush off the ground to the bench
  13. I watched the replay and thought that Judd McVee was very good and is progressing nicely towards a very good AFL player. He seem to be gaining confidence with every game and now takes the game on when he has the opportunity, before the season I bet no one could have imagined his improvement to this stage. Both JVR and Judd will now play in their home state in front of family and friends.
  14. For JVR this was a good beginning but he needs to follow this game up for 20 rounds plus finals. I liked his game but we should not expect him to be a clone of Schwarz or Neitz at this stage, since the bash and crash nature of the game may take a physical toll on this young man. The MFC got it right with his development in not rushing him into the team like they did with Jack Watts. I hope he has a long and successful career at the MFC studded with premiership medals, AA's, Best and fairest, Brownlow and good results in the Coleman.
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