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  1. I have a PhD in physics studying projectile motion what form of education have you got?
  2. I would fight the fine on the grounds that physics tells us that a body travelling will continue to travel after it stops therefore the head continued to travel after the body stopped causing his head to hit the ground. Its like when people don't wear seatbelts the continue to travel after the car stops. Unfortunately the MRO person/s are uneducated dills.
  3. People on this site forget Petty has played only 68 games and missed a lot of games thru injury. Last night he had a good night because he just went for his marks and was gaining confidence in his foot.
  4. I know if I was a KC I would have approached Angus and taken Maynard to court for assault and damages pro bono.
  5. A couple of years ago he was asked to look around for another team and there were no takers but now who knows how many might ask the question?
  6. Petty is just now coming into his prime as a footballer so the compensation will mean we have to recruit a replacement of the same quality and age. We should make an offer he cannot refuse.
  7. As MFC has lost Angus Brayshaw he has now stepped up to be the midfielder he was recruited to be.
  8. Don Cordner was 188cm and 89kg which in modern day football would be used as a ruck rover.
  9. I think he is playing more midfield time so he can use his gut running to make more opportunities to get possessions and has improved his disposal.
  10. I would try him as a HBF and maybe he would get more confidence with the ball in front of him rather than trying to lead and turn.
  11. John was only 189 but weight 105kgs, Alan Morrow was 183 and 89kgs.
  12. He has more pace than Robbie and is taller but he has a long way to go to be as good, maybe when he has played over 200 games we can then say Caleb Windsor was a great player in the mould of Robbie Flower.
  13. When I played football in the 1950-60 kicking anyone was punished harshly by the tribunal but we seem to have gone woke on etiquette of the game where brutality and disgusting behaviour towards your opponent is ok.
  14. He is 191cm which in the old days 1950's would have been a key position player not a flanker, I have been impressed by his composure when gets the footy. The MFC backline last week was tall and yet did not lack the speed to keep smaller players in check. He should get a rising star nomination this year.
  15. Norm Smith was always defence whilst Hayfey was attack it always depends on the cattle you have. I thought TMac was very good and his disposal was spot on. Generally our backline players were very good. Players sitting in the rehab group McAdam and Hunter, will put alot of pressure on current group. Fullerton and Petty may be need soon?
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