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  1. I think Melksham's form fell because his home life changed with the birth of his children and thus his sleep patterns suffered.
  2. Management of the salary cap was not done by the coach but the list manager but his record as a player and coach was good but never won a premiership as either. His coaching philosophy was trying to emulate Malthouse and failed, McRae just let the players play football.
  3. I think we have a great list but we need players like BB, TMac, Grundy and Hunter to get back their best and team remain injury free and anything is possible. We have a number of X factor junior players who may develop fast in this season like Laurie, Howes, JVR, AMW, Taj Woewodin and Seston. If some of these juniors push players in the current best 23 then we will be a much better team in 2023 than 2022.
  4. Don't forget Steven May's broken jaw with the errant elbow which when you look at the vision was intentional trying to stop May's tackle.
  5. When we look at the list we have 22 of the 23 that played in the 2021 GF and we won not because of leg speed but ball speed where the forward entries came fast from the centre and kicked to players who were in the best position. Additions of Grundy and Hunter adds class to the team with younger players like JVR and Chandler wanting a slice of the GF cake. By the way Clayton has great acceleration over the first 5 metres and has speed of football skills watch the goal before 3/4 time.
  6. Most reviews are opinions of a writers who supports a different club and hopes that when they play his club it will win. Injuries will play a big part in the 2023 season with Walsh and King having delayed starts to the season. Clayton has had surgery and it may effect his season like 2019?
  7. He had a good year but the team missed TMac in the latter part of the year when we crowded our forward line.
  8. Hopefully his signature will convince Kozzie to sign an extention.
  9. I have always felt we have a worse draw than teams like Geelong, Essendon, Collingwood, Richmond and Carlton. But now we have 66,000 members we should be getting a better draw?
  10. Fact is Jackson in his 52 games for the MFC kicked only 30 goals and played as ruck forward where as Lobb kicked 36 goals last year in 21 games. Rory Lobb is 207cm where as Luke Jackson is 199cm but more mobile this is not a like for like replacement.
  11. I cannot believe that in the period 1990-2023 which is 34 years we missed playing there only 9 times whilst Collingwood played there 3 times in that period so they missed 31 times. I would not only ask a question I would tell the AFL they have to fix the imbalance.
  12. I think we have a tough draw early in the season, if we survive that we are a great chance for a 1 or 2 spot.
  13. I thought this was a topic about MFC training not a walk down memory lane.
  14. Just looked at the training picks for today at Casey and was amazed at the leap Kyah Farris-White has even with the bag there he was much higher than Gawn with Grundy not leaping at the bag at all maybe he still does not want to risk injury before Xmas.
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