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  1. I think this was his best season of football and after being told to look for a new home at the end of last year. He was rejected by other clubs returning to the MFC and embraced challange and rose to the occassion saving his best for the Grand Final with his gut running and precision passes.
  2. If Mac Andrew is selected as a high draft pick the expectation on him will be enormous and could have mental repercussions down the track. I believe for his own good he should be in the 20-40 range were players like Max Gawn were picked and allowed to mature and developed without pressure. Jackson's are rare and we should enjoy the ride, Luke Jackson is the first true ruckman to win the award and the only player to come close was Adam Goodes.
  3. All of the player at least played 1 AFL game for the MFC and I wish I could have joined them. Just to wear the MFC guernsey in a reserve game was my only accomplishment and only because they needed a player to make up the team.
  4. Maybe the best comparison should be a MFC team of the AFL which was after 1987 the year West Coast and Brisbane were admitted
  5. Gary Hardeman was a great CHB in the era where CHF were only 185-193 but now with CHF being 194-202 his ability to jump would make him very tired in the 2nd half of games. The fact that players today have only one job makes them fitter and faster than yester year. I have followed the MFC since 1952 and never saw players like Don Cordner, Ivo Warne-Smith, Jack Mueller, Norm Smith Allan La Fontaine, Percy Beams and Albert Chadwick at all. Also prior to the 1950's teams played 4 ruckmen one in the FP, BP and 2 Ruckmen until the advent of the Ruck Rover like Ron Barassi, Serge Silvagni and Ted Whitten. As you can see football has evolved to 2021 where 2 specialist ruckmen have now re appeared but they are now midfielders as well, not lumbering crash and bash players. Changes in the rules has made the lumbering ruckman obsolete like Terry Gleeson. The Cordners where 193-194cm tall and would now be cannon fodder as ruckmen to the modern 200-211cm ruckmen. The MFC team of the century was ok in the 1900's but would struggle against the 2021 professional Demons. The great MFC teams had great rovers which today don't get a look in, Viney at 178cm is tall verses 170cm rovers of yester year.
  6. Just ask Richard Barassi how the much pressure is on the person even at junior level.
  7. Denis Cometti who would have said the pass by Harmes was 'centimeter perfect'
  8. Seems the club is proactive in signing its young players to long term contracts like Salem and Petracca.
  9. His upside is huge considering he was playing his 34 game in the GF and his position in the side was never in question thru out the season. I still think he will become a wingman in the future because he has that attacking flare for such a young man.
  10. Sensational is the only word which describes the play, I have watch football since 1952 and this is truly magnificent. The faces of the Bulldogs said it all, we are done!
  11. His career has started with a rising star award 2021 and a premiership, his father dreamed of playing in finals and a premiership with the Saints and his son in his first season has reached the holy grail of the AFL/VFL. I think he also has a chance of moving into the midfield in the long term and getting an other rising star award in 2022.
  12. Does that mean we use the pick on the Pope but with his age demographics probably wants to go to Geelong anyway?
  13. It seemed that the play was mostly on Brayshaws side of the ground in the 3rd quarter and he really got going in the last quarter helping with the 9 goals kicked to the non scoring end since at 3 quarter time James Brayshaw commented that of the 21 goals 17 were scored at the end the Bulldogs were kicking to so it might be an exciting finish.
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