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  1. If he had retired at the end of last season then I think the MFC would have retained Harmes.
  2. If you add both results the Melbourne win by 2 points not the other way around.
  3. Unfortunately injuries play a big part in success in September what would have happened if Brayshaw stayed on the park against Collingwood and Maynard had been knocked out? We will never know since it happened the other way.
  4. At this stage teams talk about making the finals so far only NM and West Coast have not been mentioned therefore early season wins will take on a new meaning as clubs jockey for the place in the 8. All the talk is about how good Carlton and Collingwood are but they forget Brisbane and GWS played in the Preliminary finals, had Melbourne on the other hand scored 2 more goals against Collingwood in the Semi-Final then who knows who would have been premiers?
  5. I have looked at the first 6 rounds and this will setup the whole season because if we get a good start then top 4 will become easier but if we start poorly then it will make it that much harder.
  6. The MFC has tried the 2 ruck system since 2019 with Preuss, Jackson and Grundy. It only worked 2021 when Jackson played one of his best matches in the Grand Final. Both Grundy and Preuss were tried working with Gawn but only worked when Gawn got injured. I understand that we don't have a quality 2nd Ruckman but we will never know how good Fullarton or Schache are unless Gawn gets injured. How many teams can afford a quality Ruckman playing in the 2nd 18's. Our major weakness last year was not getting the quality ball into the forward 50.
  7. I think his downward spiral occurred when they tried him on the HBF.
  8. I just looked at the pictures from training on Friday and was amazed at the change in Sestan's body?
  9. We supporters forget he is now in his 3rd season and has only played 20 games which are very good for such a young player. With another pre-season his fitness should improve and his running capacity will make him a better player this season. I believe we should compare him to the Saints version of Riewoldt (Nick) who was a more aerobic player than Jack.
  10. His body has matured and will put his name forward to be an elite player this season.
  11. I think people forget that Jake Bowey played in the 2021 premiership team on the HBF which means you know who your opponent is unlike a forward/midfielder. Judd worked on his fitness in WA and came back a much improved player because he was super fit, maybe Bailey who also worked on his fitness may do a McVee? I still think AMW will be a surprise packet this year like Bedford?
  12. He has this year to show a lot of improvement otherwise he will be delisted.
  13. His body reminds me of Allen Jakovich with power in the hips.
  14. Kade will be under pressure to keep his place with Billings and McAdam wanting a place in the 22/23. His early season form needs to be great because once Pickett has served his suspension there will be less places for players like Kade. The new recruits Caleb and Koltyn will also be looking to get into the team as well as Taj, Blake and Bailey.
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