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  1. I really don't care how many wins we have in the season so long as we win the Grand Final in 2021 and the players can say the played in the 13th premiership team for the MFC.
  2. The big selling point is this area is a catchment for McKinnon Secondary College which is one of the elite State School.
  3. At the moment just enjoy the fact that we seem to have a healthy list, which could change at a moments notice. Most teams win premierships when the best 22 or near best 22 play week in week out.
  4. I personally don't care how many MFC players are named as AA's so long as the current MFC players can say they are premiership players. I remember Gary Lyon's comment when introduce on the footy show as 6 times AA said I would give them all up to be called a Premiership player.
  5. I think that Petty has improved every game he plays he is a better mark than Ingerson and has more athletic ability although Ingerson was a better one-on-one player. Petty's disposal is a lot better.
  6. He played on the Friday night on the best defencive player (Andrews) outside of May did ok but again did not stick the marks he got his hands to. His last mark in the 4th quarter was excellent but was under pressure to kick a goal and shanked the kick, sometimes you drop players because they played poorly but he did contest most balls and again our talls competed with each other sometimes which has to be fixed. The talls have to get separation and compete with their opponents not teammates.
  7. Viney needs game time whether in Casey or AFL will be upto Burgess and the coaches since the lockdown no games in the VFL have been played maybe he becomes the 23rd man for a couple of weeks. The player automatic return is Langdon so we need 2 spots if Viney is included Melksham is on thin ice as a player at AFL level the other is Sparrow but his game on Friday was very good with his limited game time in the VFL or AFL in recent weeks.
  8. I think the current team is better than any MFC team since the 1955-60 teams, it would decimated the 1964 team but might struggle against the 1955 team which was a great MFC team with great players who sacrificed their game for the team with Ron Barassi, Beckwith, Spencer, Ridley, Johnson, Dixon, Williams and Cordner leading the charge along with players who did their jobs without fanfare.
  9. I believe the fitness staff has turned this boy into a man and the result is he will play his 50th game in a few weeks so he has matured, looks quicker and has realised what he needs to do to stay in the team as well as what his job is in that team, There is no 'i' in team but there is a 'me' and if you rearrange the letter it spells tame and when players play for them selves they play selfish football which in the dying moments of a close game means they want to win the game off their own boot leading to panic and defeat.
  10. People don't remember the ride in the 1950's where we went from ordinary to a champion team winning premierships. This team has shown last night it maybe on the track to greatness, time will tell whether the players can keep improving and stay injury free. Premiers are teams where the bottom 6 players not only play their part but improve over the course of the season, the experts are now taking notice. Yes the ride has started but the prize is up for grabs.
  11. I made a prediction when we recruited this player and not Hayden Young that Trent might just be a better player and will turnout to be a very good player. So far my prediction is okay looking at Hayden Young and Trent Rivers stats and games played.
  12. He gets his hands on a lot of balls but does not complete the marks because he is too straight he should mark the ball at eye level with his arms outstretched and [censored] in a v shape stopping the defender from getting is arms near his arms or the ball. He need to practice this at training so it become second nature when he gets near the ball along with timing his leads so that players make his job easier, on Friday in the 3rd quarter he was timing his leads and positioning himself much better and 2 goals resulted. Also on Friday the talls were either competing against each other or not flying at all.
  13. We have reach the half way mark of the current season and for the first time in a long time the football club has not played any of the 3 recruits Bowey Laurie and Rosman who will benefit from getting a grounding in the VFL.
  14. Watch the replay and the standard of football was close to terrible, no foot skill except Bowey and the forward line talls competed with each other all trying to get into the seniors. There was not a lot of teamwork. When I played over 60 years ago it was called paddock football and panic football.
  15. I think that the recruiters when they selected Luke had some idea what the upside to his game were but did not expect his development being so quick along with TMac's form reversal has created a winning senario for the club. This has probably created the selection problems which the club now faces which is a good thing for the team since players are now on notice play well along with doing the team thing and you will retain your place. If players play poorly or don't do the team thing then your in the VFL. I already predicted Luke would have a breakout game this year but I am pleasantly surprised by his consistant level of performance over the 8 games were he has allowed Gawn to rest or play forward. I still think he will surpass his Rising Star game and take a game by its throat and kill it. I think the MFC has made good decision on recruiting in the last 3 seasons but the best recruit is Mark Williams who challenges the players to get the best out of themselves.
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