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  1. Kade is definately making a good case to play in the ones.
  2. We are very thin in the ruck so losing LJ will be a kick in guts for the team since we need at least another 2 ruckmen with Gawn heading to the twilight of his career. I think we need 4 ruckmen on our list after losing Daw the team was left with part time ruckmen.
  3. If he get close a player the quality of Diesel then handy would be an under estimation of his talents. I liken him to Greg Wells when he started.
  4. I think Gus would not like to play with Gaff for what he did to little bro.
  5. I looked at the NM game's final statistics and they prove my theory that the only stat that counts is the scoreboard NM seemed to win in lots of criteria but in the end it is meaningless against a team that uses the ball better. The great Hawthorn teams were the same as the MFC their ball use was better and they won games where the opposition won the statistic count but lost the only one that counts the scoreboard.
  6. I think Eddie everywhere has missed the point of a GF but believes there will be a $50 Million shortfall but the fact is football has to get the families back to watch daytime football which encourages kids to play and watch football.
  7. I thought we were talking about Jacob not the current 199+ forwards I have noticed one thing all these 199+ forwards play well below their knees this is a result of players now work on mobility as well as marking at training so they can be multifaceted rather than the lumbering mark or spoil player who are useless once he ball hits the ground. If you look at the NBA players like Ben Simmons are now guards at 211 not like the old days were guards were between 183-200.
  8. Some of the Great goal kickers in the AFL/VFL were not giants but use body and positioning to help them kick huge bags. Abblet Snr, Wade, Pratt and Dunstall were not tall but used their spring or body to out position their opponents.
  9. I look at Langdon and along with most good judges who have said his kicking has improved since Mark Williams has taken him under his wing. Sometimes opposition supporter when a player leaves the club they want him to fail because he is no longer one of their players. I look at May, Lever, Langdon, Tomlinson, Brown x 2, Daw, Dunstan, Hibberd and Melksham who in some way have contributed to the success we are now having. A lot of those players have filled holes allowing the younger players to flourish and become AFL Standard along with some improvement in their own football.
  10. I am amazed that Jack Viney is the games record holder of a number that low at the MFC, well done and long may it go on.
  11. My son-in-law supports NM and when we recruited BB he said he was glad he has gone because he was useless once the ball hit the ground. After the grand final he said he could not believe how much BB has improved playing for the MFC. We must be developing players well when a player on the cusp of 150 can improve his game in just over 1 season.
  12. The fact is Jacob just turned 19 in April and may grow between now and when he turns 22 so how tall he will be in his prime is a question that no one can answer at the present. Most football clubs rarely measure their players after they were recruited.
  13. At round 9 last year the 8 inculded West Coast and Richmond who dropped out for Essendon and GWS. I believe this year some teams may make way for Port and WB if they get on a roll. This weeks matches will be critical for Port annd WB in their quest to make the final 8, if Port beats Geelong at Geelong they may become the team to dropout?
  14. As a club we have gone past the throwing young players to the wolves prematurely and I believe the senior coach would listen to Mark Williams' assessment whether he is ready or not at the appropriate time.
  15. Also Hawthorn lost in 2012 and won in 2013.
  16. He went missing when the team was under pressure and takes the wrong option on lots of occassions, I have the opinion he was and is an ordinary player who is just an opportunist and rarely creates goals from nothing.
  17. The teams of the 1955-1960 expected to win when they played, much like 2021-2022 at this stage but they have a long way to go to get success like the 1955-1960's. The MFC in those years had an advantage playing on the MCG in the finals with no co-tenants, the players today are professional and the senior coach has a group of assistant coaches and professional medical and fitness staff. In 1955-1960 the coach had a doctor who was a volunteer and had no background in sports science, a seconds coach and a group of players upto 50+ to coach with no fitness staff. So comparing the 1955-1960 is very difficult but supporters turned up expecting the team to win no matter who was the opposition.
  18. We may not be able to match the Saints in money but with Melksham and Hibberd likely to retire or be delisted there must be some good coin there and if we win the flag he will be coming to a team with prospects of another flag before he retires.
  19. The players drive the attitude when players are confidant they can win in any situation the veil of negativity is lifted. The match against Geelong at Geelong in 2021 was a lifting point that being 44 points down is not impossible to win and then in the grand final that belief when 19 points down rose and guess what they won.
  20. You realise his girl friend is Danny Frawley's daughter and lives in Melbourne?
  21. I have always believed that coaches are their worst enemy after a bad loss because after the game they should not address the players unitl they have thought things thru even waiting until monday to address the elephant in the room. It is too easy to say something outlandish after a bad defeat even during a gameyou have to be composed to get a message across to fatigued minds and bodies.
  22. He was a great coach who listened to others but his foul mouth ruined his chances to be a great senior coach when he applied for the MFC senior coaching job they rejected him because of it and selected John Northey who was successful but never could win the ultimate prize because he was more inspiring with his speeches and lack the knowledge of tactics.
  23. Slug Jordan also won a premiership in the reserves in 1984 and was runs up in 1985 with a large group of players who became the 1987 MFC team.
  24. The only thing that Neeld got right was as he said 'we are going to be the hardest team to play against' which was premature but we are now that team.
  25. At least he marked it and did not fumble and then it would have been a point.
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