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  1. Have now added red n blue led lights to the carport Neighbours have no idea what’s going on up here in Brisbane 🤣
  2. I thought I was the only one in Brisbane that decorated their house in red n blue Everton park is not far from me….I’ll have to do a drive by! I love it
  3. Outside of the obvious salary smoothing this is a great thing to do for the clubs culture…I can’t help but be in awe of the culture this club is continuing to build - this is a great resigning that only enhances the demons culture They say culture starts at the top….we all know it started awhile ago but i reckon Kate is doing some incredible things….
  4. that is gold! Only four shots of whiskey 🥃 🤣
  5. I reckon it will be same as this when we played them in round 19 - both in our normal jumpers with the dogs in white shorts…
  6. He’s built for finals - he’ll play one hell of a GF I reckon
  7. I still can’t believe Petty is only 21….!
  8. After creating an external display I thought some internal work might be called for too
  9. So friggin happy this can stay up ❤️💙
  10. My contribution to postcode 4054
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