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  1. Problem with Weid lack of intensity wish he had got some from his grandfather,
  2. Spot on, been on about this for a while, you just cannot keep banging it in, we don't have a pack mark type of player forward line needs working.
  3. Crap, good sides adjust maybe you don't get it.
  4. That's not an excuse, we are a top side, this type of play will not work with small forwards.
  5. Stop blaming umpires our forward line is a shambles just bombing it in will not work full stop.
  6. It's getting hard but Flower by a nose if Clarry can clean up his disposal and calmness when disposing of the ball he may just get passed Robbie, but gee he is getting close.
  7. I think I have told you before I have no soul and the best part of it I was also not wrong but keep trying...😉😉😉😉
  8. Well clearly he does but that's ok, I'm here to help.
  9. Well it seems your not a bright person, if you can read I said he played a different game in the finals last year than during the year and he played well for it, you can thank me for helping him, instead of trying to take everyone on he played like Clarry early years get ball give it off to someone on the run so he was a different footballer and is better off for it, but thanks for the attempt at a cheap shot.
  10. The problem is our forward line, last year we played that contested football down the line sides have now woken up to us knowing we don't switch the pill, all our forwards are forced to go to pockets which brings their backline on mass into play because even if we get the ball out of the middle it is nearly always kicked to pockets. BB is good at one on one and let's face it he got all his goals leading or one on one, there was several occasions last week where players were calling for the switch which would open the forward line but we never look for it we just go down the line.
  11. Wow forgot about that I have one to, used to like a port in the old days not sure i'm ready to try it.
  12. Turner limiter, did you watch the game?
  13. Sorry Mcdonald is not the problem it's the game plan because it worked last year opposition teams have worked it out.
  14. Did you watch the game plus over the last three weeks, suggest you put glasses on.
  15. Everyone has worked out our game plan, we only play one side of the ground, when we have the ball no-one looks to transfer the play just kick it down the line, forwards have to go that way it is because that is the way we play, we will make finals but Jesus they have to change the way we play.
  16. If he goes he goes just get 1st round picks for him, unfortunately we will lose some players who will want to be traded to get a game somewhere else next year so I guess get the max amount of picks while we can in the draft.
  17. They also open the forward line so players run into space.
  18. Because they play in front hope our forwards are watching.
  19. You are 100% right on Max that was a brilliant press interview he is without the best Leader we have had at the club for a long time.
  20. Part of the problem is they like to play one side of the ground all the time, going to the city end they go the Southern Stand side, going to the punt road end members stand side they do not switch it around, quite a few times last night ball on HFF line players calling for it across the ground free but we just bomb it into pockets, and again I will say this BB got his majority of his goals at north on the lead bit hard to lead if that's where the pack is. Sides have worked it out against us lets see what the coaching staff come up with. Not making excuses but we looked a little slow and I am just wondering if they are being loaded up before the break.
  21. That's not a bad idea at least Petty can take a pack mark.
  22. We have done it all year I would go so far as the put Jackson at CHF if we continue to play this way.
  23. If you watch, what they do is kick to pockets players never look to transfer the ball other clubs have woken up to it BB has nowhere to run but to that position.
  24. Well if they keep bombing it in then yes, BB kicked goals as a lead up forward not a pack mark player, maybe change the forward line setup first.
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