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  1. It will only play out two ways, 1. You get to have more kids and be happy or 2. You will never get to have more kids or be happy Either way you lose......
  2. Well you should thank me for helping him, it seems he has read what I have said about him and he has taken that in the way he played because he went from a selfish, see ball get ball, butcherd ball and turnover king to one of a team player, so I will take your thanks in good spirit and hope he plays the same in the grand final.
  3. but you are asking for censorship of the subject by asking for it to be deleted!!
  4. Ah the was waiting for you, yes he played very well give him that, but did not see a different game style from him. 1. Instead of see ball get ball he actually spread when he did not have the ball. 2. The first instinct of trying to break tackles he gave off handballs nearly performed Olivers role of the past and it has allowed Oliver and co to be able to be more outside runners. 3. His depth of kicking is still a problem but can go past that if he keeps playing that way.
  5. Not wrong, but that's ok you are allowed to have your opinion.
  6. Never once have I heard from anyone that Viney is a skilfull, damaging footballer who open a game up, dangerous midfielder who kicks clutch goals at important times, a player with good vision, 40 goals in nine years and all they say is loves tackling and is hard at it, wow after 9 years thats it. On the B&F the coach did not give him the win, voting is done by the match committee that was in 2016, Clayton Oliver has won two in six seasons compared to 9 seasons for Viney I know which footballer I would pick first. Just because a club tried to poach a player means squat we have gone after other players as well from other clubs. Again I don't hate the man I just reckon he is a limited football just as others say things about Smith, Hibbo, Milkshake etc we all have our opinions, good on him if we snag the Premiership because he does love the club and does give it his all no doubt about it.
  7. Thought the coaches were at the ground when they played guess I was wrong, they only watch tapes now, again this is a forum so people can have their opinion that's all it is.
  8. Thought this was a forum where people can have a view not just a site for people who only agree with each other and have a love fest, you have your view i have mine maybe your a up bit late, maybe you have a bex and go nigh nigh.
  9. Don't hate viney just don't think much of him as a footballer big difference.
  10. And love is also blind many people cannot see past it either.
  11. If we make the grand final and we play against Port then who is going to take Aliir Aliir if you watched Ports game at the weekend Tmac will not be able to go with him and that could be a problem but then again lets see how it all unfolds next week.
  12. I hope not, he looks cooked but only the football dept knows that's the mob thats got us here.
  13. Not quite a Smith fan but I think he is a better forward than backman thats all, was only throwing up.
  14. Don't think there will be many changes but if TMac does not play could try Smith there could be a different dynamic with him playing there.
  15. Yes he did alright did not try to take everyone one but still that is all he is, look one can debate with everyone about Viney you like him I don't, i think there could be better options for the future but as the old saying goes opinions are like ********* everyone's got one and thats good.
  16. So now your not sure but you said he was which one is it?
  17. Are you for real was i at the ground suggest you get off the sauce, was you there, as for Salem it is time to take the diaper off soft as melted butter.
  18. What game did you watch Salem had Cameron the first quarter he kicked 3, 2 after that for the game shake head.
  19. Salem needs to take his diapers off and stop being cute.
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