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  1. Petracca Oliver Tmac Langdon Gawn Lever
  2. Arriving at 11.05 in pouring rain at Casey Fields is never a great start but that is exactly what Casey got off to in the first quarter. The rain stopped a few minutes before the game started and it was dry for the duration but the wind howled and it was slippery. The ground was in great condition and the wind blew across to the outer side and favoured the northern end. That's where I headed. It's nice to win any match but it was the young kids and one old kid I wanted to see and I didn't have to wait long. BBB was dominant early holding two contested chest marks and kicking one goal
  3. Laurie on ball as far as I can tell. Hasn’t done much. DSmith has been very impressive. Clean, involved, tackles hard and makes good decisions. Bowey struggled to get into it but has a beautiful foot. BBrown running laps. Won’t play next week.
  4. But they play matches just not for points. I don't see the issue. Practice matches might actually be better because they will have more flexibility. I'd understand if there were no matches but there are. We played an intra club with the Casey boys last week. All the players would have a good hit out. We play Willy this week. It's no different from a VFL match for points. It's a non issue as long as there are matches. The real issue is byes during the season. That's rubbish.
  5. What's the issue? We still get a game which is all we really want. That it doesn't count for VFL points doesn't really matter does it?
  6. Gawn Viney Pickett Hunt Langdon Salem Apologies to half a dozen.
  7. Imagine every club not wanting him when he was on the market.
  8. I'm a Trident Member and couldn't get a seat using my barcode but got GA seats. Did anyone else who is a Trident member have the same issue?
  9. I still can't get through. Says no entitlements for my barcode. I'm a trident member.
  10. ticketmaster but I can't get on
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