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  1. I have no intel at all. I was just debating this with a friend.
  2. No, just a debate with a mate who thinks it's a likely outcome.
  3. I understand the attraction of this philosophy but I think for us it's flawed. We have some very good players. Petracca, Gawn, May and Oliver are very top shelf, they have few equals in the AFL system. We have some good support players - Langdon, Lever, Viney, Salem and Fritsch would walk into any AFL team. Harmes, Brayshaw, Weideman and Tomlinson are good players. We have some very promising youth - Jackson, Pickett, Rivers and Petty will all be long term and good players. But from here we fall off the cliff. Our last 6 or 7 players just don't contribute enough. Players like H
  4. You've got no idea what was offered, when it was offered and what the final contract offer is. If you believe media on this you're silly. Players, managers and clubs will fill this space with misinformation. Time to get smarter.
  5. As most of you will know I attended many of Melbourne's training sessions at Gosch's before we moved to Casey as a result of Covid. My main interest was the rehab group, I always like to see who's in rehab and how they are progressing and as a result I watched Harley on many occasions. I'll confess to being hard line when it comes to a failure of individual responsibilities and whilst I welcomed Harley's presence because I thought he had exactly the skills we needed I wasn't sold on him as a person for obvious reasons. But since then a couple of things have happened. The first was read
  6. Did The Suns travel to Adelaide today?
  7. 1. Gawn 2. Viney 3. Petracca 4. Oliver 5. Harmes (for his stopping job on Harbrow who hardly touched it) 6. Langdon
  8. Petracca Gawn Oliver Langdon Viney Salem Hunt had 7 possessions and only 3 after quarter time. Lucky he kicked the goals. Rivers was very good first up but Salem was better. Viney was good when we needed him and dragged us across the line, he’s not getting enough recognition here. What a disappointing performance. Bergo, what happened?
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