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  1. Explain to me why it's "nothing" and why it's "extremely poor". I've met Brad, had dinner with him and spoken to him at length about footy and the role of a director. He's an exceptional candidate given his qualifications. By the way "Dazzle", what is the role of a director? I"m genuine, what is it, I want to see if you know. IMO he's an absolute must on our Board and the first name I'll tick.
  2. The record needs to be set straight. JJ's "lack of grit" is a myth. I've watched him at Casey on numerous occasions and haven't once seen him "lack grit", in fact I've seen the opposite on many occasions. The claim by Dr. D is just silly.
  3. I’m surprised nobody has mentioned James McDonald. Captain, All Australian and a much underrated midfielder, Junior deserves to be in this discussion. Yze and Johnstone as well but they were perhaps not the pure midfielders for consideration. I think there is always a tendency to remember players as they were at the end of their careers and hence current players are favoured but McDonald was top shelf. Having said that I think Oliver wins but Petracca will challenge.
  4. Just a quick note of thanks to those who have put together phantom drafts, Goodoil and Gawndog. There is often not much discussion following these but that in just an indication that not many have knowledge of the draft and can't really comment. Hence this thankyou, you are giving us an insight we value. The player descriptions are fantastic because come draft night we will have an instant reference to the type of player we get and what we can look forward to. I'm sure I speak for many when I say we are very appreciative.
  5. Like many here I thought Oscar was better than many rated him but in a sense it's a relief to see him go because I hated the spiteful and unnecessary comment that followed him on here. I met Oscar once at training last year and couldn't have been more impressed. Articulate, thoughtful and intelligent he is in the process of finishing a science degree at Melbourne University. If he wants to be picked up then I hope he is but I suspect he might focus on his career after footy. Good luck Oscar in whatever you do, I wish you every success. You can be very proud of what you achieved, v
  6. There's a thousand page thread on Goody (which I haven't read) so I don't want to derail this one. But I'm "big picture". Goody has shot two Bambi's - Watts and Hogan. Both were excellent calls and both took a lot of guts from a young coach. And we've attracted so many good people - Burgess, Richardson, May, Lever, Langdon and others who all had opportunities to go elsewhere. They woundn't have come if they didn't have faith in Goodwin and the rest of the Club. And apart from 2019 our performances have reflected or exceeded our ability. 2019 was understandable if you take the view t
  7. I think this is a classic case of confirmation bias. Here is what I think: we are short of small backs. Jetts is cooked (sadly), Hibbo is very close to the end and beyond that we have Salem and Rivers who are AFL quality small backs and I suspect Rivers may well finish elsewhere. Lockhart is a WIP and I'm struggling to think of other small backs. we have an abundance of mids. Oliver, Viney, Brayshaw, Petracca are all ahead of Harmes for inside mid stuff so the FD decided that they should see how Harmes goes in the HB role. That's not mismanagement. He trained there all PS a
  8. Well we really don't know if there are any suitors and "not being worth a cracker" is not where the competition sees him. His contract in relation to what he provides is what is out of kilter. Are you suggesting that if he was a delisted FA he'd not find a home somewhere? We all know his history and his poor output is a disappointment but your tone seemed a bit disrespectful to a someone who, in your own words "has been a great servant and a credit to himself". And while you think it's necessary to correct those who think he has value I think it's important to stand up for someone
  9. I think many of you are underestimating the value of Preuss to GWS who are desperate for a ruck. He's a starting 22 quality ruck who has been competitive against the best (Grundy this year) and he's contracted which means we've got the whip hand. Why would we trade him to GWS and not look to get something substantial. They are not going to get better. And as has been discussed, we are weakening our own ruck situation and having to find a mature back up for Gawn. Why would we do that for a nothing pick? I'm hopeful of a good draft pick for him, but having said that, I'm often very wron
  10. I have no intel at all. I was just debating this with a friend.
  11. What if Oliver leaves next year?
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